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Chapter 584
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“All you Tanlang trash, leave this place if you know what’s good for you! Don’t blame me if I start this massacre!” screamed Li Yue towards the outside .

“ . . . ”

You have already started a massacre inside!

However, Li Yue’s words had provoked many of them, itching to charge inside and fight her . Only some of them restrained themselves, the rest who had no control rushed inside on impulse .

In the end, these people never left this place . Or rather, their cold bodies left the place .

Li Yue had kicked these bodies out to lure more people inside . Provoked once again, another batch of people charged in .

After a few times, the Tanlang people realised their numbers were dwindling . This time, they realised they were tricked .

“Tear down the building!” yelled someone . This reminded everyone that the building was in the way . It was Li Yue’s fortress . Once this building was torn down, they would naturally be able to surround Li Yue .

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However, they got to work only to realise the building was very strong . A bit unbelievably strong . No one was able to destroy it, even the Di fighters could make little damage .

At this rate, this building might not be torn down even in ten days . They couldn’t come back to fight in ten days, could day? That was impossible .

However, that actually wouldn’t work because Ye Lang could just restore the building back to its original state . They would never be able to tear this building down, ever .

The building was strong because of the Moon Hotel’s original large-scale infrastructure plus Ye Lang’s alchemy formation reinforcements .

He had already expected them to do this . If the building was gone, he and Li Yue would lose this advantage . That was why he could not let them do so .

At the same time, he set up defense alchemy formations just in case . Just in case they could not ward off the attacks, he could seal this entire region and then use alchemy to open an underground tunnel for escape .

Underground tunnels were effective . This was what he used to escape when he fought the few hundred thousand soldiers, under the watchful eyes of the dragon riders .

“Report sir, we are unable to tear down the building . They might have alchemy formations there . Should we hire alchemists to help?” reported a soldier .

“ . . . Alright, bring one over! The Moon Hotel’s boss is weird, why did he have to use alchemy formations for his hotel,” said the general, frustrated .

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At this point, everyone had attributed Ye Lang’s alchemy formations to the hotel owner .

“There’s no need! This formation is not an ordinary one, not any alchemist would be able to crack it . We can only get an alchemist from the headquarters for help,” said one of the Di fighters .

He had come to this conclusion after attempting to crack it himself . An alchemy formation that could baffle a Di fighter was no ordinary formation .

“I want to take a nap first . Call me up if you all planned to come in again!” They heard Li Yue’s voice coming from inside the hotel . This showed how relaxed she was about the situation .

“Sorceress, you’d better not get caught! Or you will be… stripped naked… and you shall serve…” The soldiers were furious . These people were going to take their revenge, and they had no humanity .

Li Yue was beautiful, everyone agreed on that .

Li Yue actually fell asleep inside so all Ye Lang could do was keep watch . He could not sleep . It was only his turn after she woke .

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“What now? Do we just let them stay inside?” The number of soldiers outside grew to approximately ten thousand . It was also still increasing .

Yep, almost all the soldiers were here now . Many were on the way!

As the numbers increased, the number of opinions increased . Some people wanted to rush in because sacrificing themselves was better than waiting outside .

Some people said no because this would be sacrificing their own lives for nothing!

Both sides argued but unfortunately, it escalated into a fight . Li Yue hadn’t even made a move and they were fighting among themselves! Li Yue and Ye Lang were about to celebrate if this continued .

Of course, it would never continue . It was obvious one side had won very quickly .

Very soon, there was an answer!

“My brothers, charge! We are soldiers, we have all been prepared for this! I will not tolerate these imbeciles disrespecting us, we must guard our dignity with our lives!”

With such an emotionally-charged pep talk, a group of people rushed inside while more people followed behind . All of them squeezed into the Moon Hotel .

The entire situation was peculiar because a person watching from the outside would get the feeling that the hotel had infinite space inside . Many people rushed inside and yet they continued entering to no limit .

In fact, they did not know that these people were moving around quickly, filling up space inside so that more people could enter .

Very soon, Ye Lang and Li Yue were surrounded . They stood in the middle, with the Tanlang Group everywhere inside, standing up against the walls . There was still enough space for them to move .

In this situation, Li Yue and Ye Lang were still very relaxed with no hint of fear . Not even a rational reaction .

“Li Yue, what about I deal with a portion of them first?” Ye Lang bit into some beef steak and at the same time tossed on to the red lion next to them . The lion seemed to prefer cooked food now, it didn’t like raw meat as much .

“You don’t have to . I’ll deal with them first, you just wait for the right time . ” Li Yue shook her head . She knew Ye Lang was talking about his alchemy traps because there were many in the hotel .

These traps could deal with many people but that was just the best-case scenario . These traps required luck and timing .

It wasn’t because she didn’t want to use it early, she just wanted him to wait for the best time .

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