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Chapter 577
Flies (1)
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The crowd of less than a hundred watched as Ye Lang disappeared into the sunset, feeling a surge of emotion . They felt like they were in a dream, what next? 

In the morning, they were enjoying life in the city . The Grey Wolf battalion was bullying civilians as usual just that morning . Now, they were almost wiped out by two, no- more specifically, one Sorceress .  

What just happened felt like a dream . No one could believe it, they did not want to believe it! 

The entire Tanlang Group was shaken . This was the entire Grey Wolf battalion, their team of elites! Yet they were annihilated by two people .  

Were these two Tian Heavenly level fighters?

Ye Lang’s words reached their ears too . Their anger was enough to shake the skies, for they felt like Ye Lang was insulting the Tanlang Group . However, they did not want to fight because they were just two people . Like what Ye Lang said, what good would it do the Tanlang Group if they won?

Nothing, they’d gain nothing! 

However, even so, this did not mean the Tanlang group was going to let Ye Lang and Li Yue go just like that . They weren’t going to send large armies after them now, it was just not worth it .  

They were prepared to send their masters to deal with the two . There were many masters within their group specifically for this function, to fight other masters .  

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They would send people to track Ye Lang and Li Yue’s journey then arrange for traps . They would betray or cheat Ye Lang so their masters would have a chance to kill them! 

Fighting in broad daylight didn’t work, it was time to fight in the dark! 

However, it did not matter what the Tanlang Group planned to next, the news of the Grey Wolf battalion being wiped out had spread like wildfire . It was impossible to keep it under wraps, what happened was major .  

After receiving news, the people of Oscar City, initially ‘protected’ by the Grey Wolf battalion, secretly celebrated, having feasts behind closed doors to celebrate this glorious moment .  

In the other areas where the Tanlang Group oppressed the civilians, they too were praying that the Sorceress, the famed angel, would grace the city with her presence and wipe out the soldiers there too! 

However, Ye Lang and Li Yue were just passing . They weren’t going to fight without a reason . While they also knew of the Tanlang Group’s crimes, it was not up to them to help out, this was Zhao Yarou’s job .  

When he thought of this, Ye Lang thought Zhao Yarou was actually a good empress . While she was insane enough to kill her own father and family, under her rule, her empire was peaceful . The people prospered and there were no major conflicts between military groups . Everyone worked very well with each other .  

It did not matter what the emperor’s personality was . As long as his empire was prospering and his people were living peaceful, happy lives, he was a good emperor . Even if he was a pervert, a maniac, it was the same .  

Zhao Yarou…

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Zhao Yarou, who was sitting on the throne, sneezed . She rubbed her nose, confused . She wasn’t sick, was someone thinking about her? 

“Bless you, Your Majesty!” said a minister . It was not out of pretence he said that, he really cared .  

Of course they all cared about Zhao Yarou’s health . Not because they cared specifically about her, but because if she was sick, she’d be in a bad mood… and then they’d be punished for the most trivial things . “I’m fine, probably someone thinking of killing me again,” said Zhao Yarou casually .  

“ . . . ” The ministers were silent because they secretly agreed . There were many people who wanted to kill her .  

It was impossible for a person to sit on this throne and not have someone want to kill them . Plus, Zhao Yarou was ruthless in her decision-making, she’d angered many people during her rule .  

“Your Majesty, urgent report!” 

Reports like this often came, there were many urgent things to attend to in the empire .  

“Give it to me!” Zhao Yarou said out of habit .  

“Yes, Your Majesty!” 

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When she read the report, there was surprise on her face . The ministers were surprised too . In the past, no matter how serious the situation was, she would always be calm .  

What happened today that was serious enough to surprise her? 

Then, she laughed . This made them even more perplexed .  

“Your Majesty, what happened?” asked Li Tianjun .  

“Something very interesting . It’s sort of related to you,” she said calmly .  

“Related to me?” Li Tianjun was confused, thinking back for any mistakes he’d made . He was deeply afraid of Zhao Yarou punishing him .  

“Your Li Yue was captured by that bastard, Ye Lang, right?” said Zhao Yarou .  

“Yeah! You have news of them?” Li Tianjun nodded, looking at the report in her hand in anticipation .  

She nodded . “Yes! We have news of Li Yue . She has made a name for herself too, they call her Sorceress now . You may read it yourself!” 

Zhao Yarou passed the report to her handmaiden, who then passed it to Li Tianjun . This should’ve been done by a kingsguard but Zhao Yarou only let girls near her, and at the moment there were only handmaidens .  

However, this handmaiden was no ordinary girl . She was very powerful, trained by Zhao Yarou since a long time ago .  

“This… This is impossible! I know Li Yue very well, with her capabilities, how could she annihilate the entire Grey Wolf battalion? That is no ordinary group of soldiers . ”

Li Tianjun and the rest were sceptical of the news, suspecting the person mentioned in the report was not Li Yue from their family .  

“It must be true . It coincides with what happened here, plus the style of this incident matches Ye Lang’s personality . ” Zhao Yarou shook her head . She was very sure Li Gui was actually Ye Lang, and Li Yue was the girl who was kidnapped from this Li family .  

Other people might’ve been fooled but Zhao Yarou could tell the truth immediately!

“But Li Yue isn’t that powerful,” said Li Tianjun .

“You shouldn’t forget she has Ye Lang by her side!” Zhao Yarou smiled lightly, her expression changed when she mentioned Ye Lang .  

“The thirteenth master can help but this report says Li Yue did this alone . That Li Gui… Thirteenth master did not do anything . Plus he’s a magician! The thirteenth master is not a magician . ”

“That was alchemy . It’s likely no one saw the alchemy formations, he must have hidden them underground,” said Zhao Yarou . Although she was not present, from the results in the report, she knew everything . As if she was there .  

Other than the fact that she understood Ye Lang well, she was an intelligent and crazy empress! 

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