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Chapter 569
Cultivation (1)

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No one dared speak out against them here, where they were the kings of the region . This was very unexpected .

A young man and woman had publicly found against the Tanlang military group, first killing the major at Muyang Town then the Lieutenant-General who’d chased them down from Muyang .

When they received news, the Tanlang soldiers stationed at Muyang were shocked and immediately launched a search for these two people . Fortunately, these two had no intentions to hide their tracks, plus brought with them a very recognisable lion .

Very soon, the Tanlang soldiers caught up to them once again but didn’t expect the young man and woman to be so determined to live . The ‘revolt’ continued, and then both sides soon fell into a stalemate .

The Tanlang military group aimed to kill them both but in the end, not only did they not succeed, they once again suffered major losses!

The pair was naturally Ye Lang and Li Yue, even they hadn’t expected the matter to escalate so quickly . However, they were not afraid . In fact, they seemed to be very determined to fight the Tanlang soldiers off too .

However, Li Yue was usually the one taking action . Ye Lang was just her support & logistics team--- he cheered her on while she fought . Of course, that was not the only thing he did, or Li Yue would’ve either died on the battlefield or from anger .

Ye Lang’s function as her support team was very important . He helped block off fatal shots and provided medical help .

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Along the journey, they had been attacked more than once . Li Yue had killed many people, now living up to her name as the ‘Sorceress’ . Although they made it out alive every time, Li Yue had sustained many injuries too, some of them so severe it looked as if she was going to die .

However, with Ye Lang present, not just people who looked like they were going to die-- people who were going to die immediately would also be saved!

After every battle, especially when she paced between life and death, her inner strength would increase . At this rate, she was approaching the Tian Heavenly Level and there were signs that she was going to have a breakthrough soon .

Li Yue was very lucky because this was a rare opportunity for cultivation . Many people would be jealous .

There was a sparring partner that would automatically show up to her doorstep- the Tanlang military group, and a powerful guardian angel--- Ye Lang . With this combination, her inner capabilities could only skyrocket .

Masters could probably save people from death, but only Ye Lang could save a person who was at his last breath, when he was about to lose the fight against death . This was a skill no one could replicate .

However, other than due to Ye Lang’s presence, Li Yue’s own body had strong potential too . A regular person might not be able to do the same .

Ye Lang was just a guide to support her in this journey, that was why there were more rumours surrounding Li Yue than Ye Lang . All focus was on the Sorceress, Ye Lang was just a secondary character .

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Of course, that was just relative . The Tanlang soldiers were not stupid, they were aware of Ye Lang’s role since the beginning . They knew that the Sorceress would continue to live if they did not kill this ‘medic’ .

However, killing Ye Lang was way more difficult than they imagined . It was more difficult than killing Li Yue! That was why it was now a stalemate .

Usually, when someone was about to attack Ye Lang, Li Yue would kill them immediately so it was also difficult to tell if Ye Lang himself was difficult to kill .

All everyone knew was that it was hard to even get to Ye Lang without killing Li Yue first .

In the end, it was an endless loop!

The Grey Wolf battalion had five to six thousand people had marched across the wastelands to surround one young man and one young woman-- and a fire-red lion .

At this moment, the young man and woman were sitting around a fire . The young man was holding a broken rifle to roast a very delicious-looking rabbit . Yep, he was using a broken gun .

This young man was Ye Lang, while the girl was naturally Li Yue . There was a roar but both of them seemed to be ignoring the lion, ignoring all the people who were coming to kill them .

Ye Lang was turning the rabbit over the fire, watching it intently . “Can you all please shut up, this is so annoying!” yelled Ye Lang casually at all the people surrounding him . They hadn’t dared come any closer .

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“I’m not holding any weapons though?” Li Yue was sitting cross-legged on a boulder, tearing the meat off a roasted chicken in both hands . It was overall very unladylike, her face was smeared with grease .

Li Yue was just exhausted, she wasn’t usually like that . She’d just gone through another battle that resulted in a brush with death when they were once again surrounded in Oscar City .

Right now, all she needed was more meat to replenish her energy to face life . At this point, who’s to say what’s lady-like and what’s not?

“No, they are probably afraid of me . ” Ye Lang said, “I have half a gun…”

“Oh…”Li Yue continued eating her chicken then gulped down some soup to replenish her strength .

“Sorceress, Ghost Doctor, who are you both? What do you both want?”

When they saw the two ignoring the entire crowd, a person dressed like a general stepped forward to talk to Ye Lang . This was indeed a general, though he was the lowest-ranked off all the generals and at the same time the leader of the battalion .

Ghost Doctor-- a nickname given by the soldiers of Tanlang group . This name stemmed from his miraculous medical abilities and also his fake name-- Li Gui .

[Note: Gui = ghost in chinese]

Ye Lang had dragged Li Yue back from the depths of hell again and again, then healed her back to normal in no time . Such medical skills were unheard of .

At the same time, they became increasingly suspicious of Ye Lang and Li Yue’s true intentions . They can not just be innocent passers-by! With her ruthlessness and his medical abilities, it must not be so simple .

Right now, they had lost interest in pursuing the truth because they felt like ‘travellers’ seemed like a dumb excuse .

What they didn’t know was that Ye Lang and Li Yue were indeed just travellers . They were no threats to society! If only they knew, then nothing would’ve happened .

They only found the truth later on, but by then, it would already be too late!

“I can’t tell you who we are, or you’ll start to have funny thoughts…” said Ye Lang casually .

Brother, at this point, we ALREADY have a lot of thoughts regarding you both . In fact, we can’t have any stronger opinions, even if you reveal yourself to be the emperor!

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