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Chapter 560
“Miss, do not be afraid . With us here, nothing will happen to you . I will catch this bastard who kidnapped you, he will be severely punished!” the soldiers suddenly spoke as if they were in the right, making the passersby a lot more disgusted!

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Everyone here knows what you all plan to do, why bother wearing the good guy mask?!

“Although he’s the kidnapper, he’s still very kind to me . I’d rather stay with him than with you all . ”

“ . . . ” It was very awkward . The girl implied they were worse than a kidnapper .

The commoners watching nearby were secretly cheering what Li Yue said . They all knew that the consequences would be dire if she fell into their hands .

“Miss, we are the Tanlang military group, you have to trust us!” someone still wanted to maintain their heroic image .

“You’re just one of you, you can’t represent the entire Tanlang group . There are many piles of trash in the group too, the bastards I mentioned before,” said Li Yue without a waver in her tone .

“Fuck, let’s not waste time on this bitch . Catch her, let her get a taste of us!” the soldier’s masks fell off as they prepared to take her by force .

“Li Yue, what taste are they referring to?” asked Ye Lang .

“Shut up! Just stay here and watched!” roared Li Yue . With a flip in the air, she hacked off the arm of the soldier who just spoke .


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The arm flew in the air as blood splattered, everyone else was stunned .

No one expected a quiet-looking girl to draw blood so quickly-- or slice off a man’s arm like that .

They wouldn’t know that Li Yue was a battle-hardened soldier, it was already merciful for her not to kill him . She was Captain of the Guard teaching a common soldier his place, even if this reached Zhao Yarou’s ears, there would not be a problem .

At the same time, they understood that this bitch in front was no ordinary person but they did not think much of it . They thought they could defeat her very quickly .

She was just a level 6 fighter, that guy was just not paying attention, she caught him by surprise!

“Li Yue, good luck! There are twelve… eleven more of them!” cheered Ye Lang as he counted the number of people loudly .

“I know, I don’t need you to remind me!” Li Yue said as she moved like lighting, appearing next to another soldier . She slashed her sword horizontally, cutting off another arm .

“Aahhh!” Another scream .

“What happened, did you see what happened?!” some of them grew nervous because they could not even see Li Yue’s movements . This meant that Li Yue’s capabilities were a lot higher than them .

“No, she’s too fast . This bitch isn’t just a level 6 warrior… Ahhhh…”

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“My leg!”

With another movement, Li Yue cut off a leg . Every movement she made was to break off an arm or a leg, it was gruesome . Perhaps it was because these people had been teasing her .

“This is going to be a problem . Get the boss…” After witnessing this, someone understood that the ten people here were not enough to stop Li Yue’s sword .

That was why they thought of their boss, who was just the leader of the small group . He wasn’t yet the commander of the entire Tanlang military group .

“Leaving so soon? I think you should stay!” Li Yue did not let them run, slashing here and there so they were all crippled .



There were consecutive screams of agony . The yellow soil beneath them was soon dyed red!

“This is horrible, the girl is terrifying…” the passersby grew increasingly anxious as they watched Li Yue cut the people up like she was chopping vegetables .

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“Let’s go! Don’t be too violent, it’ll ruin your image as a girl!” shouted Ye Lang .

“This IS my image!” Li Yue shook off the blood on her sword then leapt upon the lion, preparing to leave .

“Lion, let’s go . ” Ye Lang patted the lion . As usual, it hopped up and then sprinted into the town .

“You two should not be so happy . We, Tanlang military group, will be back for revenge!” screamed a soldier whose leg was chopped off . His expression was hysterical and he was growing pale .

He was losing a lot of blood, of course he was pale… “You all should seek treatment soon . You’ll die if you lose too much blood,” said Ye Lang casually without stopping . They were already gone, riding on the lion .

The remaining people looked at each other then intelligently decided to disperse . There were only twelve soldiers with various torn limbs remaining . If they stayed, there was going to be trouble .

Muyang Hotel- it was the only hotel in Muyang Town so Ye Lang could only stop here to rest .

This hotel could monopolise the area not because no one else was doing it-- the hotel was huge and as impressive as hotels found in large cities .

That was why Ye Lang was very excited to see it . He loved big hotels, these were great places to spend money .

Muyang Hotel didn’t disappoint either, they had prices from low to high . Anyone from any background would be able to find a suitable room for themselves here .

“This is my mount, look after it and feed it something…” Ye Lang instructed the bellboy then entered the hotel .

“Uh… Uh… H-how…” the bellboy, originally all smiles, was about to cry when he saw the lion . Could he say no now?

He had taken care of many peculiar pets here but the lion was a first!

Feed it? Would it eat me… Sigh, a job’s a job, I have no choice!

In the end, the bellboy had no choice but to bring the lion to the animal pen, shaking in fear .

The lion had adopted a calm mannerism now . With no direct provocation, it would not cause trouble .

Ye lang and Li Yue strolled into the hotel then found a quiet place to sit . They started to order food as if they were a pair of regular tourists .

Other people would’ve left town immediately after what just happened or it would come back to bite them in their asses . Yet these two were acting as if nothing happened .

Very quickly, their food arrived and they dined heartily . They had no reservations with each other, it was very natural, very relaxed .

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