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Published at 2nd of June 2020 05:00:04 PM
Chapter 556: 556
The Super Lion (3)

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“Hey Lion, I’ll pull out the arrows from your body now . Bear with me, it won’t hurt soon!” Ye Lang smiled as if it would soothe the lion .

Then, he started to pull the arrows out . .

“Roar… roar…” the lion cried, it was hurting so much it wanted to jump up . What did he mean by ‘soon’? Every arrow hurt a lot, it was agony .

But the lion could not do anything, for Ye Lang had a hand place gently on its head . It couldn’t believe how powerful this human was, to be able to trap it with just one hand .

It understood that the two humans it was chasing were both terrifying beings, it would never win them!

Especially that girl, she’s scary! She wanted to kill me immediately… At least this guy’s helping me with my wounds…

When Ye Lang was done pulling out all the arrows, he treated its wounds with alchemy so it healed very quickly . This way, it could return to its pride safely .

“Let’s go . I’m sorry I accidentally stepped on your tail and hurt you,” said Ye Lang with a pat on its head, bidding the lion farewell .

If someone saw this, they would’ve thought Ye Lang and the lion were friends, definitely not think of how the lion was practically a porcupine because of Li Yue .

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The lion was very confused too . What did this mean, you think you can just walk away just like that?


“Go away!”

The lion wanted to roar again to show indignantly that it would not leave matters unresolved . However, before it could start, Ye Lang had kicked it so hard the lion flew away from them- without a hint of friendliness .

Humans were scary…

When the lion was kicked, it had only one thought . If it could speak, it would’ve yelled at Ye Lang for being so shameless .

“Let’s go!” Ye Lang picked Li Yue in a familiar swoop, then prepared to sprint . At this moment, the lion he’d just kicked away returned before him again .

“ . . . ” Ye Lang and Li Yue fell silent .

“Ye Lang, since this lion keeps looking for death, we should do it a favour,” said Li Yue gently, unsheathing her sword .

“You keep asking for it, I’ve got no choice . Kill it!” Ye Lang had tried to let the lion go free but if this lion was still going to come back, he did not mind killing it .

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However, it did something that shocked the both of them .


With a gentle growl, it crouched on the ground, whipping its tail around .

“What… what is the meaning of this?” asked Ye Lang, confused .

Li Yue furrowed her brows . “I think it wants to follow us, it wants us to take it in . ”

“Roar, roar…”

The lion was still shaking its tail . While it did not understand humans, it still expressed itself through body language . It hadn’t met any humans in its life after all . After a while, perhaps it could even obey commands .

“Why does it want to follow us? Does it want to get cooked?” asked Ye Lang curiously, he didn’t know why it would want to do this .

“Tsk, all you talk about is food . I think it’s great the lion tags along, it’s rare to see a pet magical beast,” said Li Yue .

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“You can have it if you like it so much, I don’t want a pet,” said Ye Lang very directly, pushing the responsibility to Li Yue . If anyone else knew about it, they’d call him stupid . A magical beast like that would be a valuable battle partner, it would greatly increase your strengths in battle!

You would never have to be suspicious of a beast, for they would not betray you . All they had was unconditional loyalty .

That was why having a magical beast as a pet was a valuable addition, it was something many people wanted .

Li Yue didn’t want it either . “I don’t want a pet like that either, it’s too big and not suitable for a girl . I’d be okay if it were a big dog but not this . ”

Although she was a soldier, she didn’t like huge pets either .

“It doesn’t have to be just a pet, it’s great for riding too . You could ride the lion into battle in the frontlines, it would definitely scare away your enemy’s horses,” said Ye Lang casually, though very quickly, his eyes brightened .

“Why didn’t I think of this earlier, I want the lion now!”

“??” Li Yue looked at Ye Lang, puzzled, not because she wondered why he wanted the lion but why he changed his mind .

“Lion, be a good boy . ” Ye Lang leapt unto the lion . Li Yue understood now too, so he wanted the lion as a substitute to walking, but…

“Ye Lang, I thought you didn’t know how to ride?” said Li Yue, not giving him face . The entire Soaring Sky Empire knew Ye Lang could not ride a horse since the day he escaped the empire .

Ruffling its mane, Ye Lang said, “I don’t know how to ride a horse but I know how to sit . I’ll be okay with this if the lion’s smart . I think it’s a smart one and it can head to a destination on its own, I don’t need to control it . ”

“That makes sense too . This lion’s different from a horse anyway . We’ll test it out . ” Li Yue wanted to mount the lion but it instinctively dodged because it was afraid of her .

Anyone would’ve been terrified! Li Yue had shot so many arrows it looked like a porcupine, the lion had a very traumatic experience with her .

“What are you doing?” she said flatly, her eyes flashing . The lion crouched obediently on the ground, completely submissive to Li Yue’s authority .

Then, Li Yue sat on the lion calmly next to Ye Lang, one hand gripping lightly on Ye Lang’s clothes .

“Li Yue, you’re ready? Let’s go!” Ye Lang did not notice the interactions . All he did was pat the lion’s head then point in one direction . “Lion, let’s head in that direction!”

“Roar!” With a roar, it sprinted like mad .

“Stop!” One word from Li Yue was enough to make it stop immediately . It was very scared of her, the lion would never want to upset Li Yue .

Ye Lang stabilised himself immediately too- he was quick to react because he was no ordinary man . However, Li Yue did not have such a quick response time, slamming into Ye Lang .

“Ahhh…” Li Yue was flailing about because the part that slammed into him was sensitive… her boobs .

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