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Chapter 537: 537
Sister-In-Law (2)

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“You can try…” Zhao Yarou smiled .

“ . . . You’re very dangerous…” Ye Lang gave her one look and finally decided to run . He sprinted in one direction, though it really didn’t matter which because he was surrounded by people .

Many years later, everyone understood what Ye Lang did was very smart or the outcome would not have been the same . Zhao Yarou was a very dangerous person indeed!

“Ye Lang, did you know I actually really wanted to capture you as my hostage? Then we can escape and leave this place together… I won’t have to be the empress anymore, I’ll follow you everywhere you go…” Zhao Yarou sighed when she saw him run . It sounded as if she was not joking though .

“No, don’t follow me! I’d rather die here!” Ye Lang shouted as he leapt in fright .

“ . . . ”

“Catch that bastard, now! I will make him marry me, I will marry him!” roared Zhao Yarou .

“ . . . ”

No one knew what to feel about this, though they didn’t think Zhao Yarou actually liked him romantically . A person like her would most likely marry someone she didn’t love for necessity or because she could .

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Just like right now!

“You’re my sister-in-law! Don’t you think we will go to hell like this?” answered Ye Lang immediately . Thinking about it, Zhao Yarou was indeed his future sister-in-law, his betrothed’s little sister .

“You still admit I’m your sister-in-law?” she asked .

“It’s not up to me, it is the truth,” said Ye Lang . At this point, he was shoving himself through the ranks, breaking free with a swift movement and the help of alchemy tools . He was succeeding .

“Activate the formation!” Zhao Yarou shrieked, then said wistfully . “I’m a person who has killed people before this, I’m different from all of you…”

“I know, but that does not change the fact that we are related through family . I don’t want that either, to be honest, but I have no choice . So please stop thinking about marriage, that is very unethical of you!” scolded Ye Lang solemnly .

“Are you afraid of me actually marrying you? That’s why you have no choice but to admit I’m just your sister-in-law?” she asked with a smile, guessing what he was thinking .

“I’m not talking… Oh fuck, it’s another anti-magic formation! Don’t you know this is useless against me?” Ye Lang suddenly realised he could not use his alchemy tools because there was a loss of magical essence in the environment . This meant an anti-magic formation had been activated .

She had ordered the activation of specifically this formation!

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“I know, you have very special powers . No one can defeat you within an anti-magic formation!” she said gently .

At this point, there were only royal guards near Ye Lang and top-ranked guards . Everywhere else was emptied . There was not much one could do within an anti-magic formation, it was effective even against a Tian Heavenly Level fighter .

Then you might say it would be easy to defeat Tian level fighters just by using the anti-magic formation . This might not be true, for the formation could only be set up as a trap . If the person was not in the trap, the formation would be useless .

And if the setup of the formation was not done properly, the person trapped inside could easily get out .

“Then why are you still using it? Are you as dumb as me?” asked Ye Lang .

“ . . . Who uses themselves as a measurement of stupidity, you’re an idiot! Let me tell you, if I have activated a formation to catch you, it means I have thoroughly considered your strengths . I have my methods to catch you! I’m more afraid of your alchemy abilities, at least this will make them useless!” Zhao Yarou said gently, telling him what she thought, at the same time triggering the next sequence of events .

“Fuck, you think I’m a fish? Why are you using so many tricks to catch me?!” Ye Lang understood what she meant . At the same time as activating the anti-magic formation, she had other ways to trap him .

He knew this strategy was used to catch masters and experts, there was a high chance of him getting captured!

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And that was why he sprinted off immediately, running like a madman!

“You’re a fish, a huge fish!”

At this point, almost everyone thought the same thing: Ye Lang was a priceless, precious fish!

“You think you can escape my Tian formation? I have trained my men for a long time just to catch you!” Zhao Yarou was very confident in her traps, she was not nervous at all when she saw him approach the boundary of her anti-magic formation .

Even if Ye Lang could escape this formation, there were many layers of defence outside too . This was not like the last time . He was alone and she was well-prepared!

Ye Lang knew this too . That was why he had an idea, something Zhao Yarou did not expect!

He tossed something in the air . It shot high up into the sky and exploded like fireworks .

A signal flare? thought Zhao Yarou . Right now, she could confirm he had partners . This was a signal for them .

But what could they do? This was the Soaring Sky palace, who would be able to break in?

Ye Lang did not stop running like a madman while he hurled his flare . He was very fast, her people could barely catch up .

But Zhao Yarou was ready, she had trained them for this!

One Tian formation, two, three…

No matter where he ran, the borders of the Tian formations were closing in . He was truly trapped!

If he maintained his current speed, even if the people in the front did not move or he escaped the formation, he would still crash into them . Zhao Yarou had calculated his speed . Even if he tried to slow down, he should not be able to stop in time .

But Ye Lang did not slow down gradually, he merely stopped immediately, on the spot . The people in front caught nothing .

At this moment, Ye Lang was expected to charge directly through them but he did not, for there was a second layer of defence behind these people .

Zhao Yarou had done her calculations . Using her advantage with more men on her side, she arranged for heavy protection in every direction . One layer was not enough, there were two, three layers!

Ye Lang’s stopped . The borders of the Tian formation were approaching him from all directions, trapping him in the centre .


They tossed something at him, which wrapped around him tightly . Once he was trapped, a second and third layer were tossed at him once again from behind him

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