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Chapter 498: 498
Test Me (2)

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“You think I’m afraid of you? Kill me if you dare, my father would be out for your head! He’s the First Swordsman of the empire, no one in the mainland is a match for him…” boasted Li Xiande loudly . In fact, him talking so much only showed how scared he actually was, he needed Ye Lang to know the consequences of killing him .

“Really? We’ll see about that . ” With a swift movement, Ye Lang’s dagger pierced through his heart .

“You… You really did it… You… Why…” There was a look of utter disbelief on Li Xiande’s face, and even at his last breath, he could not believe that Ye Lang was the one who killed him . Was this person not afraid of the First Swordsman’s wrath?

“ . . . ” Li Yue’s brows were tightly furrowed . She didn’t expect Ye Lang to actually kill him .

“Why? That’s simple, you tested me . And I want to see what kind of trouble killing you would bring me,” said Ye Lang with a small smile .

Some people were too reckless with their words . Why did he have to push Ye Lang? And it didn’t even matter if his father would avenge his death because he would already be dead .

The price was too high . Li Xiande had given his life because he was reckless .

So what if the First Swordsman actually succeeded in killing Ye Lang? He was already dead, he would never know . Also, was he sure that his father would be able to kill Ye lang?

Although Ye Lang might not be able to beat the First Swordsman in combat, he wouldn’t be able to catch Ye Lang either . That was why killing Ye Lang would be impossible .

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And after hearing Ye Lang’s words, Li Xiande did not die a peaceful death . He realised how dumb he was . Why did he want to test Ye Lang? What was the point of that?

If he could do it all again, he would choose to run . He would not care about his pride or dignity, nor would he insist on talking to this Ye Lang, who did not function based on reason .

“ . . . ” Li Yue was stunned for a moment after hearing Ye Lang’s reply . The only person she knew who would say that was the prodigal son of the Ye family . Was this Fox kid from the same species?

“What’s done is done . We should quickly get rid of all the bodies and cover our tracks, let’s not invite trouble,” reminded Li Yue, shaking her head .

“Mmm,” came his reply .

While he said ‘we’ll see’, that did not mean he wanted to go out of his way to invite trouble . He was still going to cover his tracks if he could .

Very quickly, Ye Lang buried all the bodies and cleaned up all evidence of battle . With Coldblood Five’s help, even if the next person arrived at this spot, they would not notice a problem with this place .

Li Xiande had been operating in secret since the beginning . Everyone else thought he was here for the group hunt and didn’t know about his motives with Li Yue- he didn’t want anyone to know about it either .

This was ironic too . Li Xiande himself helped keep his death a well-kept secret so no one even suspected a murder . After this event, everyone merely treated this as a missing person case, and even if they suspected he was dead, they wouldn’t think it would be related to Li Yue .

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After the fight, Ye Lang and Li Yue could only run as far as they could from this place through the night for neither wanted to sleep here tonight . They treated it as if they’d spent the night hunting .

“Li Yue, what did they use to track your location? It must be something on you . ” After a while, Ye Lang was still puzzled by the situation because he was sure they weren’t tracking him . If they were, Coldblood Five would’ve dealt with them a long time ago .

That was why the tracker must be on Li Yue .

“Something on me? I only have the Tianji Armour but… maybe… this horse…” Li Yue patted down the saddle . She was sure there was nothing on her but it would’ve been very easy for anyone to place a tracker on her horse .

“Let me check . ” Ye Lang started to search and soon found the problem . There was a tiny item on the saddle . A tracking tool .

However, this was a very expensive item despite being so tiny . Looks like Li Xiande paid a lot for today .

Ye Lang could care less, tossing it into a valley below . With his alchemy skills, he scanned the horse once again and confirmed there weren’t any more items .

“Hey, did you see something?” asked Li Yue, embarrassed, after a moment of silence .

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“Yeah, I did,” replied Ye Lang, staring ahead .

“What?” exclaimed Li Yue, flustered . However, she realised they were not talking about the same thing .

“Of course I saw it, that animal was huge! Wait, I’ll shoot it down . ” Ye Lang pulled his bowstring back and fired an arrow at the wild beast .

“ . . . ” Li Yue was silent, wanting to kick him when she saw him running to pick up the animal .

“Hey, this isn’t the time for jokes! Did you see anything?” asked Li Yue again when he returned .

“What? What are you talking about?” Ye Lang was confused now .

“Just now, when you threw the pice of clay at us, when the tent flew up, what did you see?” Li Yue was red, but her blushing only made her prettier .

“The piece of clay? Ahh, my supper! I forgot! Thank goodness it’s still here…” Ye Lang realised his chicken was still uneaten when she mentioned the piece of clay .

He searched for the piece of clay in his ring . At least he remembered to put it in his ring but not toss it aside . When he took it out, he realised it was already broken .

Nonsense, you hit two people with that thing, of course it’s broken!

After knocking off the layer of clay, he could smell the delicious piece of chicken underneath . Without a word, he tore off a drumstick for himself .

And just as he was about to put it in his mouth, a scream echoed across the mountains . Nothing happened, for the scream came from next to him .

“Ford! Fox!” Li Yue was furious now, she’d already asked him many times and yet he kept ignoring her questions .

“Ah? You’re talking to me?” Ye Lang didn’t react in time, only realising moments later that she was calling his name .

Li Yue was even more furious at this point . “I’m asking you a question! Did you see my body or not?”

“Yeah, I saw everything . ” Ye Lang initially wanted to say no . It was dark and he couldn’t really see her from the angle he arrived at . What he saw, at most, was a little skin and that was it .

However, Li Yue wasn’t really THAT exposed anyway . Even if he did see her clearly at that moment, it wouldn’t have mattered much .

Ye Lang gave this answer because this was his logic: if he said yes, that meant they would be even closer . Then they would be able to call themselves lovers very, very soon .

“You… You…” Li Yue was speechless . Well, she asked! What was she going to do with the answer now?

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