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Chapter 495: 495
The Hero And The Damsel (2)

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“Then why are you running?” If he was going to save her, why was he running?

“What else can I do? Fight that whole group? They outnumber me! And I can’t use my alchemy or I’d reveal my identity,” said Ye Lang .

“You’re right…” Coldblood Five muttered .

“Go after him! What are you standing here for? He’s going to get help!” roared Li Xiande . He felt like there was no need for him to catch Ye Lang personally for he was not worth his time .

Ye Lang looked like he was merely running, a few men should be enough to get him . However, they were wrong . Yes, all Ye Lang was doing was running, but he wasn’t slow . In the blink of an eye, Ye Lang had disappeared among the trees, leaving them confused .

“Was he born in the year of the rabbit or something? Fuck, he’s fast!”

“He’s a fox, I don’t think they’re a slow race . ”

“ . . . ”

The people present explained away his abnormal speed with the fact that he had fox blood in him . It was probably one of the fox tribe’s special powers?

“Catch him and bring him to me!” roared Li Xiande . He’d forgotten about the golden rule: do not enter the dense forest in the deep of night .

Once the people entered the forest, one by one, he heard shrieks of agony . It was obvious something had happened to them .

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First, Ye Lang was firing arrows in the dark . Second, safe among the shadows, Coldblood Five could utilise her assassination skills enough to kill multiple people at once .

“What is going on?” Fear crept unto Li Xiande’s face . There was more than one shout and they were obviously not from Ye Lang, for that was only one person .

“Not bad, he knows how to use his surroundings to his advantage . He’s smart . ”

Li Yue’s expression changed again . She’d initially thought Ye Lang was escaping but looks like he was just utilising the forest .

Her impression of him went up a few ranks .

“Use Ocean of Fire!” commanded Li Xiande . He was smart now, not sending more men into the forest but instead would force Ye Lang out using magic .

“Yes, sir!” The magician gathered his magical energy, about to attack when…

There was a whistle .

An arrow flying at the speed of lightning shot at them, and before anyone could react, it pierced through the magician’s throat .

The spell stopped abruptly .

His archery skills are… terrifying… If that was me, could I have reacted in time?

Before they could gawk at such a terrifying shot, there was a looming threat they had to deal with first . At that moment, a violent spell had been brewing, its magical essence still present in the air . . .

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The magical energy the magician had gathered was about to explode . The sudden death of the magician meant no one was keeping the magical essence under control, and often that meant explosions would follow .

And usually, they were violent explosions .

“Hide!” shouted Li Xiande, escaping on his own . He did not care for Li Yue, who was on the ground, nor did he care for his men .


The sound of the explosion shook the skies, the magician’s body exploded in pieces . However, there was no blood or messy pieces because the magical energy was enough to disintegrate everything .


There were shrieks of pain, a few of them could not run in time while the rest were injured .

“Mr Fox, not bad…” cursed Li Xiande through clenched teeth, no longer able to contain his fury any longer . If Ye Lang appeared right now, he’d tear Ye Lang into pieces with his bare hands .

Li Yue, on the other hand, laughed . She was very impressed, surprised at his performance .

Right now, she was no longer worried about his safety . From that one arrow, she understood that not only was he amazing at archery, but he was also very good at timing too .

That one arrow wasn’t just to kill the magician, he’d fired it right when the magical energy was at its peak . With such perfect timing, the spell would explode upon the magician’s death .

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If he’d killed the magician right at the beginning, the magical energy would merely dissipate and nothing would happen . On the other hand, if the spell had already been cast, the spell would also dissolve if the magician died .

What just happened had to be at the perfect moment just before the spell was cast . This was the perfect moment where the spell would explode like a bomb .

At the same time, other than witnessing Ye Lang’s intelligence, this moment also exposed Li Xiande’s weaknesses .

Li Xiande hadn’t brought many men with him . He’d already lost a few to the forest, then to the explosion . Now, there were five or six left who were still strong enough to fight .

However, these were his best fighters too, the most difficult to deal with .

“Of course I’m not bad . Ah, you were baiting me to talk,” said Ye Lang, who was still hidden in the forest- though he immediately realised Li Xiande’s objective .

He had to know where Ye Lang was to be prepared against arrows and attack more accurately .

“Exactly . ” Li Xiande released a huge wave of douqi, flattening all the trees where Ye Lang supposedly was . And at this moment, all his men also focused their attention at that point .

They didn’t see Ye Lang though . Looks like he escaped .

That was too close, thought Ye Lang, warning himself not to make a sound again . They’d find him if they could hear him .

Wait… I could…

Ye Lang had an idea . He raised an eyebrow .


Ye Lang shot an arrow into the forest . Yep, towards the forest and not towards the people at the campsite . And after firing the arrow, he ran in the opposite direction .


An arrow flew at high speed near Li Xiande and his men . However, it did not hit anyone for he’d blocked it .

Although it hadn’t appeared in his field of vision, and it was almost as fast as the previous shot, it was still near enough for them to notice it .

And at this moment, their attention was fully in the arc around where the arrow came from . This was instinct . If the arrow came from this direction, that meant Ye Lang was there when he was shooting the arrow .

The campsite wasn’t small but it was normal for them to not think the threat would come from behind . No one could run that fast .

And that was why their defences from behind were weakened .



One man flew frontwards . He wasn’t running, it was just that the arrow that pierced through his back was so powerful it brought him with it .

How was this possible? He was supposed to be THERE, was there another person involved?

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