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Chapter 491: 491
Night Ambush (1)

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How did they record the points? Well, they obviously didn’t have enough crew to follow every participant around .

Every participant was given a small alchemy tool used specifically for recording hunt results . Every time they made a kill, they would have to record their score .

That night, Ye Lang and Li Yue found a spot to set up camp for the night…

“Miss Li Yue, did you bring a tent?” Ye Lang asked .

“Of course . ” Li Yue produced a tent then built it with a swift motion . She was Captain of the Guard, this was nothing to her .

“Uh, do you have a spare?”

“I don’t . You… You didn’t bring one?” Li Yue turned to Ye Lang, realising he wasn’t asking her out of concern but because he didn’t have one .

“Heh, uh, I forgot…”

“ . . . ” Li Yue was silent, even Coldblood Five, who was watching, was speechless . She realised everyone had forgotten about this . They’d sent Ye Lang to a group hunt without a tent!

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“How could you be so forgetful? This hunt will last more than ten days, how could you not bring a tent? I had one spare but my brother borrowed it . He’s here too,” replied Li Yue .

“What? What do we do? Can we sleep in the same tent?” Ye Lang’s words stunned both the girls . Wow, you’re very direct, huh?

“Did you not bring one on purpose?” Ye Lang’s direct question raised suspicion again .

“I forgot! Why would I not bring one on purpose? I’d have to squeeze in one tent with you now,” he said, frowning as if sharing a tent with her was the worst .

If any other admirer of hers heard this, they’d definitely yell at Ye Lang . You shameless bastard! You must’ve done it on purpose! Hmmph, you’ll never be able to win Miss Li Yue over1

“Go to hell, you think I want to squeeze in a tent with you? I don’t care if that was on purpose or you forgot, if you don’t have a tent, you’re still sleeping outside . ” Li Yue ignored him and continued to build her tent .

Ye Lang nodded . “Yeah, I also think it’s better for me to sleep outside . I’ll go get some firewood, what do you want to eat? Roasted meat?”

“Alright, roasted meat it is . Roast the rabbits from today,” answered Li Yue . She was not the kind to feel sorry for the cute rabbits . Then again, these rabbits had already died from her arrows .

“Great, you’re in charge of roasting them later,” nodded Ye Lang .

“Why is it me again?” Li Yue was exasperated . What was this guy trying to do? Why does he keep pushing work to me, is he really trying to date me?

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“Because… I boiled soup this afternoon . That’s why it’s your turn to cook now . You go clean the rabbits, we can roast them once I collect enough firewood . ” Ye Lang’s explanation made sense… but not really .

However, it didn’t matter because he left after speaking without giving her a chance to argue . Li Yue had no choice but to deal with the rabbits now- after she set up her tent .

“Cute little rabbit, open your doors…”

“They’re cooked, they can’t open the door . ”

When Ye Lang sang, the rabbit meat was already cooked . The second sentence was Li Yue’s response to his song . From this, we know that Li Yue was a very realistic girl and did not dream much .

“Hey, cooked ducks can fly, perhaps cooked rabbits can fly!” Ye Lang secretly tore off a rabbit’s thigh and took a bite . The taste was… memorable .

“Show me a cooked duck that can fly then…” said Li Yue .

“Throw it in the air, isn’t it flying then?” Ye Lang took another bite .

“ . . . ” Li Yue did not want to argue because it was meaningless to her .

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Very soon, she understood why he wanted her to cook… .

This happened when she insisted he should roast one rabbit…

“Mr Fox, what are you holding in your hands? Is that charcoal?” Ye Lang looked at the rabbit in his hands, it was so black it looked like a pice of charcoal .

“No, it’s rabbit . It’s just a little black, I think it’s a little burnt there…”

“A little? That’s not a little, it’s very burnt!” Li Yue was speechless . This was obviously a rich boy who’d never lived in the wild in his life .

“Is it? It’s not too bad . ” Ye Lang removed the meat from the fire .

“Not too bad? You call this not too bad?” Li Yue didn’t understand how he could say it ‘wasn’t too bad’ .

“Yeah, it isn’t . At least we know the meat’s cooked . ”

“ . . . ” Of course it is, it’s burnt black!

“All you have to do is remove the burnt parts, it’s still edible…” Ye Lang produced his dagger, heated it in the fire, then started to slice the piece of rabbit meat that looked like charcoal .

Although it was black on the outside, it was still edible inside .

“Next time, I’ll roast wild boar meat instead . That way, even if it’s burnt, at least there’ll still be a lot of meat left inside . The rabbit has too little meat . ” Ye Lang made a small decision after looking at his piece of rabbit meat .

“ . . . ” Li Yue and Coldblood Five had no comments . If they ever had to roast something with him, they’d definitely not let him do it, they’d rather do more work!

And just like that, dinner ended . Li Yue went into her tent to get some rest . And Ye Lang obviously wasn’t allowed to enter so all he could do was climb up a tree and maybe admire the moon .

Once he saw Li Yue enter her tent, he walked some distance away from her tent so he could get Coldblood Five to keep him company and admire the night sky with him .

“Little Five, do you want some rabbit?” Ye Lang gave her some meat, though not the black part but the edible section he’d sliced off .

“No thank you,” she said . How could she eat that?

“Then I’ll have it . It doesn’t taste too bad, it tastes like smoked meat…” Ye Lang bit into it . At this point, most of its moisture was gone and it was literally dried meat .

“Give me some . ” She took some of it from him and chewed . “Hmm, it is not too bad . It’s edible . ”

To be honest, she initially wanted to share the burden with Ye Lang so he didn’t have to eat so much of the disgusting meat . However, she hadn’t expected it to actually taste decent!

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