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Published at 24th of March 2020 07:23:19 AM
Chapter 485
Death By A Single Arrow (1)
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When he saw Li Yue walking alone, Ye Lang ran forward immediately to give her a ‘surprise’! Well, let’s hope it’s a HAPPY surprise! 

As she left, there was another group of dumb aristocrats who were also charging in the same direction all headed towards Li Yue . They were Li Yue’s admirers who would never let go of an opportunity like this despite the fact that Li Yue never extended an invitation to them .  

Not just this bunch, some of the people who’d already entered the forest were also secretly eying Li Yue, formulating a plan to meet Li Yue during the hunt .  

Ye Lang had already expected all of this . Even the dumbest person would know, and Ye Lang wasn’t dumb, just slow . What he didn’t expect was the fact that the psychotic Zhao Yarou also had her group of fans .  

“What the fuck? Do they want to die? I can’t believe they WANT to get closer to her!” 

He watched as Zhao Yarou began her journey, noticing that her group of admirers was significantly larger than Li Yue’s .  

Ye Lang was shocked . Then again, the grudge between the both of them was very personal . In his eyes, she was insane, a ticking time bomb he should avoid at all costs . However, she was not like that to the rest of the people .  

Some people felt like although Zhao Yarou was dangerous, if they could get a hold of her heart, she would definitely turn as cute as a bunny . She’d be the most adorable, least threatening girl .  

And for that, Ye Lang’s response was: You’re insane, with the kind of psycho she is, she’d never be that . You’ll never know, one day she might just change her mind and kill the person she ‘loved’ .  

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However, they knew too . They knew they might die but they didn’t care! 

Of course, these people weren’t suicidal, the temptation of the power they’d wield if they wedded Zhao Yarou was just too strong! 

She was the empress of an empire! This reason alone was enough to justify everything! 

It was the peak of power . To some people, this was worth risking death for . To die in this position would be satisfying, they would have no regrets…

“These people don’t deserve pity at all! Ignore them!” came Coldblood Five’s message . She’d seen way too many people who had the same mentality .  

“Yep! I have no time for them, I’m already very busy!” Ye Lang frowned . “Little Five, what do you think I should do to make a better impression? Any ideas?” 

“Do whatever you want . You used a brick and it worked! Don’t worry!” Coldblood Five was not worried at all, although she was still cringing from what he did .  

“You’re right… Let’s use this leaf from this tree… But Little Five, I’ve already used this line before, do you think it’s appropriate for me to use it again?” frowned Ye Lang as he picked a leaf up from the ground hesitantly .  

“Wow, even you think that doesn’t sound appropriate at all . Well, I think it’s best you should use another line . Walk up to her slowly and say, ‘Miss Li Yue, we meet again! What a coincidence!’” said Coldblood Five . This was something a little more normal .  

“Give me something else!” said Ye Lang .  

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“??” Coldblood Five was confused . With his personality, why would he reject this idea? He should be accepting suggestions if they were very normal lines .  

Very soon, she understood why . There was a young aristocrat standing in front of Li Yue, and he was using this exact line .  

“Miss Li Yue, what a coincidence! Looks like we were fated to meet!” 

“Go away! You’re blocking me!” 

It was obvious that wasn’t going to work .  

“Miss Li Yue, it’s such a beautiful day today . . . ”

“ . . . ”

Another one bites the dust…

“Little Five, hurry! Any other ideas?” panicked Ye Lang as he watched Li Yue approach closer .  

“I don’t! I can’t believe she has this many admirers . They’ve used all the lines I can think of!” She’d given up completely .  

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They’d lost count of the number of people who faked coincidences along the way, and then attempted to make conversation . All of them used different lines, Coldblood Five couldn’t think of anything else to say . However, the outcome was all the same . Everyone failed .  

It was unbelievable .  

“Never mind, there’s no time!” replied Ye Lang . It wasn’t becaues he was disappointed in her but there really was no time because Li Yue was already here .  

“Mr Fox?” Li Yue spoke first when she saw him . She wanted to ask why she didn’t see him at the opening .  

“Hi! Miss Li Yue, you’re in the group hunt too? Me too! Let’s hunt together!” Ye Lang didn’t have anything else to say .  

“ . . . ” There was silence .  

Who isn’t?! I bet you’re here waiting for me too! Although I’m impressed by your efficiency in words!

“ . . . Hmph! Who are you asking now? Our agreement has long passed!” scoffed Li Yue . She was already offended when he rejected her, and although he’d made up for it afterwards, what was this? Why didn’t he meet her this morning? 

“No way, how could you break your promise? I’ve been waiting for you here!” said Ye Lang immediately, revealing that he’d been waiting for her .  

“You were waiting for me here?” Li Yue hadn’t thought about that .  

“Of course, why would I be here if that wasn’t true? Waiting for one of your admirers? . . . Sigh, I can’t believe I waited so long for nothing . I’ll go hunt alone…” Ye Lang looked very disappointed . He would have to make another plan to meet her again .  

Hey, didn’t Athena and the rest say they had plans for us? 

“Wait, wait! You didn’t leave with me this morning because you were already waiting here?” asked Li Yue .  

“Leave with you? Why? Did we ever agree to do that?” asked Ye Lang, confused .  

“ . . . No, we didn’t! Fine, since you’ve already spent time waiting for me, I’ll hunt with you,” said Li Yue without an expression .  

She would never admit she’d spent the morning waiting for him outside her house, at the same time realising they’d never agreed to leave together anyway, only to hunt together .  

“Okay, let’s go!” Ye Lang nodded, at the same time conveying a message to Coldblood Five because he had a thought .  

“Little Five, why did I worry so much about looking for a pickup line? Li Yue and I already agreed to hunt together, all I had to do was to say let’s go!”

“Yeah!” Coldblood Five was sweating .  

“Then why did we even have the conversation we had?!” 

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