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Chapter 476: 476
Nine Soaring Phoenixes (3)

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Li Yue came as usual . She suppressed her torrent of laughter when she glanced at the three bowls of dumplings in front of Ye Lang as she felt that might be inappropriate .

“The usual . Got it!”

Li Yue ate her dumplings while peeking at Ye Lang . He wasn’t acting like a dignified person and was already gobbling up his third bowl .

“Little idiot, you’re eating too much . What if your stomach bloats?” Coldblood Five signalled with a worried expression . She thought that the three bowls were to impress Li Yue, and she would have to deal with the leftovers . She did not expect Ye Lang to actually finish them all!

“Don’t worry, it’s just three portions, I can handle it! I must show Li Yue that I am better than her!” Ye Lang replied .

“You’re holding a grudge because of this?” Coldblood Five asked .

“Yes!” To Coldblood Five’s shock, Ye Lang admitted without hesitation . However, she was relieved it was only over a small matter .

“ . . . ”

“Oh, I’m stuffed! …Wait, no… Just eighty percent full . Boss, another bowl to go please! “ Ye Lang ordered while patting his belly .

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“ . . . ” Coldblood Five was speechless . Li Yue dropped her dumpling, gaping in shock . She could tell Ye Lang was forcing himself to eat .

Leaving with his breakfast, Ye Lang walked in front of Li Yue but didn’t utter a single word . Li Yue went to the shooting range in the afternoon . The situation was similar compared to the the day before . But there was something different today: the empty zone around her slot was gone .

Does this mean he’s not here?

However, Ye Lang did come . It was just that he was no newbie anymore . Therefore, there were archers by his side, separating them both .

Despite that, she was observing Ye Lang closely . And this time, she was surprised once more .

It was clear he’d made huge improvements! With this progress, she was sure he could surpass her any day!

He merely took one day to turn from rookie to a master, then perhaps surpass his teacher too! This made Li Yue feel frustrated and helpless .

Did he secretly train last night? I will have to ask him later .

Coldblood Five did not know that Ye Lang practiced in his dreams . And when she got her answer later, she would think that Ye Lang was lying .

Ye Lang’s skills rose by leaps and bounds . Even he didn’t expect to improve so quickly after reading the secret archery manual from the treasury .

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He could now shoot spinning arrows, projectile shots, consecutive shots and he could even fire four shots simultaneously!

Others who originally thought they were masters in this skill felt as if they were a frog at the bottom of a well, oblivious to the wide sky above!

Ye Lang’s interest built up the following days as he made a bow for himself, along with some arrows with unique features .

Since he had nothing to do besides pursuing Li Yue, he decided to use the time wisely .

With the modifications I made to the bow, let’s not mention shooting a leaf from a hundred steps away- I’ll hit it even if it’s three hundred steps away!

Ye Lang’s bow shimmered and glowed golden each time he drew it as if showing off to others that it was no ordinary tool but a high-grade alchemy weapon .

Despite that, the weapon was allowed into the hunting grounds as it was considered a bow as well .

“Hey, are you getting too arrogant with this? Can’t you use an ordinary bow instead?” Athena was a little concerned . This bow, being an alchemy weapon, might arise suspicion .

Ye Lang shook his head . The bow’s alchemy formation could only enhance the user’s strength slightly and cause the arrows to fly further .

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In fact, anyone could make this bow with just a few items to increase their firing range and power!

Ye Lang’s skills heavily depended on his cultivation rather than the bow .

“Nine Soaring Phoenixes!”

In an instant, Ye Lang fired nine arrows which seemed to glide like phoenixes in the sky, leaving everyone amazed . Even Li Yue was at a loss for words .

Was he really just a rookie days ago? He can even go against a swordsman with this skill!

Ye Lang’s skills had become superb in the span of just seven days . But unbeknownst to others, he still had many secrets up his sleeve . If they did, they would hail Ye Lang as the Archery God!

Athena was delighted at his improvement . However, she was more concerned about the progress in the plan . The outcome of the plan would be determined by his performance at the Full Moon Festival!

I believe that with a few more encounters at the group hunt and the festival, he can play the hero and save the beauty at some point . Then our work here would be done!

Then again, the future was uncertain .

There was a full moon that night . Legends tell of strange things that happen under the full moon . . .

“Little fool, are you not going to the Full Moon Festival?” Coldblood Five realized that Ye Lang did not have any intention to move and was only staring at the moon .

“I don’t feel like going…” Ye Lang suddenly said .

“Why?” Coldblood Five felt something strange was on .

“I despise the moon!“ Ye Lang spoke randomly .

“?! What?” Coldblood Five was befuddled . If you hate it, why are you still admiring it? Isn’t it making you feel uncomfortable?

“Raise your head to view the moon, then lower it as you reminisce your hometown… Are you familiar with this verse?”

[T/L note: this is a line from the famous poem Quiet Thoughts by Li Bai used to indicate a longing for one’s hometown . ]

“No, and I can’t relate,” Coldblood Five answered indifferently . To her, the two verses were not outstanding despite being written by the mystical poet, Li Bai . Apart from expressing the longing for one’s hometown, she didn’t think it was anything impressive hence she was indifferent .

“It doesn’t matter if you never heard of it or don’t feel anything . It’s fine as long as you understand the meaning!” Ye Lang muttered unceremoniously .

“I understand . Staring at the moon reminds you of home . But as far as I can recall, weren’t you born here?” Coldblood Five said .

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