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Published at 13th of March 2020 06:25:04 PM
Chapter 475: 475
Nine Soaring Phoenixes (2)

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“It’s no trouble at all, taking care of him is our duty anyways . I still need to thank you for coming up with this plan!” said Coldblood Five coldly .

Athena’s previous words seem to mean that she and Ye Lang had an intimate relationship and that Coldblood Five and the rest were just outsiders . And she had to thank them for their help .

Of course, Ye Lang could not accept such an explanation . Ye Lang was part of the Coldblood Group after all . Although he was nothing more than a farce, he was still closely to Coldblood Five .

“Sorry, I’m not very good at words . Please forgive me if I offended you! Anyways, we have the same aim to help Young Master pursue Li Yue so we can retrieve her Tianji Armour!” Athena stated .

Although she knew she hadn’t known Ye Lang longer than Coldblood Five, she would never back down .

“Your plan’s good, I would supervise him to do follow it . However, during this time, I suggest that none of us are seen with him . We should only help him from the shadows,” said Coldblood Five impassively .

“Alright, I’ll take note of that . . . but what happened this afternoon was a bit too funny, I couldn’t help but laugh . . . ” said Athena while trying hard not to laugh .

“?? What happened? Coldblood Five, tell me! You were with him the entire day . ” Coldblood Seven was clueless . She was only in charge of organizing and wasn’t watching him .

The entire day? This sentence put Athena in shock, she’d instructed her people to keep an eye on Ye Lang and yet no one realized that Coldblood Five was following him too .

However, Athena felt happy because at least Ye Lang was always in the protection of a master assassin!

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“At the range, Ye Lang didn’t know how to shoot so he . . . ”

“Hahaha . . . It’s hilarious! Thirteen, that was funny as hell . Hahaha, I can’t take it anymore… . ” breathed Coldblood Seven while clutching her stomach .

The nickname, Thirteen, was actually given to Ye Lang by his family . At one point, he was also known as Coldblood Thirteen when he was still in the organisation . Besides being called an idiot or pervert, they would also call him Thirteen .

“Is it really that funny?” asked Ye Lang and Coldblood Five . One was oblivious to the joke while the other just lacked a sense of humour .

“Yep, but both of you weirdos won’t find it funny . . . Hahaha” said Coldblood Seven as she continued to laugh .

“Little Five, don’t beat her up!” Ye Lang warned Coldblood Five .

“I’ll definitely beat her up if she says something like that again!” said Coldblood Five apathetically .

“ . . . . ”

Athena was confused with the trio’s relationship . While they looked like comrades, they seemed serious about hurting one another .

“Eh… . I won’t laugh anymore . Pervert, looks like your plan had progressed well, Li Yue is probably interested in you by now . Just give it a little more push, she will definitely be in your arms . . . Haha… . ” Coldblood Seven wanted to laugh but quickly covered her mouth with her hands .

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I can’t laugh! Coldblood Five will knock me out! I know it!

“Yeah, I can’t believe this plan is going so smoothly . Young Master is definitely blessed by the Lady Luck,” Athena said . She’d already heard about how lucky the guy was .

“Yep! But pervert, I have to warn you . If you plan to do anything inappropriate with Li Yue, you better watch out! Remember that your aim is the Tianji Armour and that you’re only playing with her feelings!” Coldblood Seven warned Ye Lang as if playing with a maiden’s heart was not important to her .

Maybe she thought that he would only be tricking her feelings for a bit . Li Yue would probably forget after a while!

“Understood . I’ll just trick her and nothing else . Strange, what does this have to do with you? Why are you so tense?”Ye Lang said in realisation .

“It’s nothing, I just didn’t want a girl to be cheated of her body after you cheated her feelings…” said Coldblood Seven .

“Let’s go, I just want her Tianji Armour, not her body!” Ye Lang said while waving his hands .

“Let’s end the meeting here . He’d been training at the range for the entire afternoon . It must’ve been exhausting!” Coldblood Five said emotionlessly, implying that everyone should leave now .

“Alright, I’ll go then . The young master will be in your care now!” Athena stood up and headed for the exit .

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Coldbloood Seven did not say anything and left too . After Coldblood Five left too, only Ye Lang was left in the room .

With everyone gone, the place became calmer . Ye Lang took a shower and continued to study archery techniques before going to bed . In his dreams, he met the God of Sleep’s daughter . . . Xuan Yuanbing . With her occupying his dreams, he would never be able to see another girl in his dreams .

“Xuan Yuanbing, make me a shooting range and conjure a bow alongside infinite arrows . I want to practice archery!” Ye Lang said after seeing Xuan Yuanbing .

Ye Lang had another advantage when compared to others: he could practice any skill in his dreams . And the efficiency was comparable to practising in real life .


This request was nothing to Xuan Yuanbing but she couldn’t understand why Ye Lang would be so interested in archery all of a sudden .

“I’m pursuing Li Yue . And I can only do this through meeting her at archery practice!” Ye Lang replied immediately .

“So you’ve already started your operation today . How did it go?” Xuan Yuanbing already knew what was going on . There was no way Ye Lang could hide from her .

“I have no idea, I only ate dumplings and shot arrows today . While I didn’t manage to initiate a conversation with her, Athena said I will have many opportunities soon!”Ye Lang said as he fired an arrow .

“I have to warn you . When you succeed, you can’t . . ”

“Can’t do anything inappropriate to her . I’m only there to cheat her feelings and not her dignity . ”

“Yes, this is what I was trying to say . How did you know that?”

“Because Coldblood Seven already warned me about it… . . . ”

“ . . . . ”

… .

The morning the day after .

“Boss, give me three bowls of tofu and dumplings!” Ye Lang returned to the same stall . However, he ordered three sets from the beginning .

“Young man, are you eating this alone?”

“Yes . Hurry . . . ”

The stall owner rang up his order immediately . More bowls of food meant more business, he was more than delighted to oblige!

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