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Chapter 454: 454
New Plan (1)

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“ . . . . . . ”

Ye Lang observed the situation and deduced that the defenses were too strong . He knew it was impossible for him to obtain the Tianji Armour today .

Before coming here, he’d expected the place to be heavily guarded but not to this extent…

Did they find something? Everything should be perfectly concealed and no one should have noticed anything .

He then confirmed that the things here were untouched, thus there was no proof that the lab was revealed .

What he did not expect was that because this place was TOO flawless, it attracted attention . He also did not know that Zhao Yarou had given an order to demolish the place to uncover all his secrets here . However, they’d found it impossible to tear the place down . From every brick to tile, the place still looked virtually untouched .

Given the unusual situation surrounding the yard, even an idiot would know that this place hid some secrets . They also knew Ye Lang was an alchemy genius, so his products could potentially disrupt a country’s strength . Thus why Soaring Sky Empire would heavily guard this place!

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Even so, it was not until they deployed the dragon riders that the place became impenetrable .

“Seems like the news has spread . How many scouts have we caught today?” After capturing the scapegoat, the guards were neither shocked nor nervous, as if this was the norm .

“It was the sixth . . . ” Someone answered .

“Why can’t the thirteenth prince stop giving us trouble? He’s not even here . I wonder how long will this situation last,” another guard grumbled .

Originally, this place was already heavily guarded . But during these critical times, the heavily guarded place's security was tightened once more!

“Exactly! It’s getting so difficult protecting this place with so many experts coming to intrude these days . We can barely keep up! If not for the distractions they throw at us, they would have never been able to reach here!” The previous soldier boasted, confident in his defensive skills .

So it seems . No wonder it was so easy for me to enter just now . They didn’t even see me when we were just a wall apart… . . .

Ye Lang found it weird that, despite the changes, the defences had weakened to this degree . Even after he left, this should not be happening .

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“We can’t blame him entirely . If we didn’t want his treasures, we wouldn’t have that much trouble . In the end, we were just like those robbers!”

An alchemist who was busy cracking the formation said he was one of the alchemists who worked here . He was here to uncover the secrets behind the house’s sturdiness .

Of course, they did not know that underneath the house was an alchemy lab, and only believed that they could find something valuable there . So they kept on searching .

He was not the only alchemist there and obviously, he did not work for the entire day . They did it in shifts so that if anything were to happen, there would be someone guarding the place .

“Yeah, I guess we’re also stealing the thirteen prince’s stuff . But the difference between us and the other robbers is that he used to be one of us . . . ”

Many people wanted to lament as such, especially the last part . If only Ye Lang was still part of their team, how amazing would it be?

The discovery of the Holy Square and medical skills led people to understand that Ye Lang was an invaluable treasure . Whichever country has him would definitely enjoy many benefits!

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Ye Lang was truly the most precious treasure an empire could ever have!

. . . And this treasure used to belong to Soaring Sky Empire . However, due to political reasons, they had unfortunately gifted this treasure away, bringing with him a few other talents from the empire .

To most, this was a pity . But the empress Zhao Yarou did not care for it the slightest bit . She wouldn’t have been able to become empress if Ye Lang stayed, would she? And that, was her only agenda .

Political strifes caused many deaths, and sometimes, talents that can influence an entire generation may just cease to exist because of it!

Politicians did not care about their losses, just their gains . Neither they did not care for their country’s benefits, but rather only their own!

“Let’s stop discussing this . You’d be in danger if the empress heard you!” An alchemist who was working stated . People like him did not care to gossip about these matters and were only interested in alchemy .

“Yeah! Let’s stop discussing and get back to work!” Everyone nodded and continued whatever they were up to before .

After they returned to their positions, some people still did not understand: if Ye Lang was such a priceless treasure, why wasn’t anyone sent to catch him, but rather researching the belongings he left behind?

It was not like he died and behind these artefacts, did he? If he could invent them, won’t asking him directly the easiest way?

Everyone understood this simple theory . They wanted to obey their wishes and find the said person . But it was easier said than done!

To begin with, his identity was very mysterious . If bothered, it would involve many powerhouses!

As a member of the Ye family, many don’t even dare touch him . Add to that his affiliation with the Vermilion Bird Empire, MOST won’t even come near him . Though, to this day, only a handful of people knew he had a relationship with them .

But that didn’t matter! Because he was backed by the Secret Light Religion!

Just based on that, many had discarded thoughts of capturing him . This was very effective because not many people dare to invoke the wrath of the mysterious Sacred Light Religion!

It was already very difficult catching Ye Lang . And even is he was caught, no benefits came with it .

That was why, despite how easy it sounds, it was not as it seems . You might even incur some trouble too! Thus, most people just gave up the thought .

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