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Published at 16th of February 2020 05:30:20 PM
Chapter 449
The Development of The Li Family (2)
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“While the Ye family’s strength halved when they split, they still had many businesses that could sustain the family--- it was still enough for the ones who stayed to call themselves king here! Logically speaking, the Li family should never have the power to even compete with the Ye’s but the problem was that Her Majesty the empress seemed to dislike the Ye family a lot . She made sure they didn’t survive!”

“Take this Romantic Floor as an example . This was a piece of property owned by the thirteenth prince . After he left, the Ye family was still supposed to own this but the empress confiscated the entire piece of land instead! And now, it has fallen into the hands of the Li family, don’t you think the empress is doing this to groom the Li family and make the Ye’s suffer?”

“I see, then I guess it all makes sense now . This is still the emperor’s playground, the rise and fall of a clan is still at the whim of the royal family,” sighed Ye Lang, nodding . “Once the Li family is no longer useful, or if they anger the empress, I’m sure they would suffer too- maybe even wiped out!”

“Everyone knows this, but what then? We still have to carry on with our lives! Then again, it is unrelated to us mere commoners, let’s not talk politics, let’s talk about something else…” she smiled as she attempted to grab Ye Lang’s hand .  

Ye Lang’s disguise made him irresistible, he was too attractive…

“Don’t you dare, or I’ll lodge a complaint!” warned Ye Lang cruelly .  

“You’re so mean! I’ll be at the counter then . Oh, I haven’t told you my name! I’m Ding Lin, you can call me Sister Lin!” she smiled and winked .  

“Okay . Sister Lin, get me a spot outside later alright? Tell the kitchen to lay my feast outside too, I want to watch the performances later and see which girls will be entering hell today!” said Ye Lang mildly .  

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The dancers and singers at Romantic Floor were famed for their talent, he wondered if they were still as good as the previous performers . Even if they weren’t, at least he had something to watch to pass the time .

“Alright! Hey, how could you say that? Hell? Hell is all you men!” she huffed .  

“It is their choice if they want to enter this hell . As long as they weren’t forced, they have a choice . I know many of you chose to walk this path on your own…”

“I guess! That is why I can never bear to meet the ones who were once forced to… Sigh, such is fate…” Ding Lin left the room shaking her head, trailing off . The worry on her face disappeared the instant she stepped out, the professional look of seduction now plastered on her face once again .  

Ye Lang fell deep in thought after she left . He could still see how hard Zhen Xiaoyan worked when they were here years ago, her plump body slowly slimming down . Although it was tough, she seemed so happy .  

Even Ye Lang didn’t understand how she could be happy, she was crazy! 

He thought about how Liu Feiyan always seemed like she had something to tell him but never got the chance to . She never told him what she wanted to .  

She was doing so well now, living her life without worry with many people caring and protecting her and many more admirers seeking her company .  

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Ye Lang was surprised to find her living her best life when he’d met her! 

He would never be able to re-live all these memories again, but if he could, would he? He still had happiness in his life now, there were surely many more happy times to come! 

Some memories are meant to be savoured but we should never forget we can always make more happy memories . Let’s not dwell in the past and focus on better times ahead! 

“Mr Fox, I see you’re done contemplating life? Have a seat, I’ve already reserved a spot for you but it might be a squeeze because there are many people here . I hope you don’t mind!” Ding Lin immediately saw him when he left his room . She was a keen observer .  

“It’s alright, as long as I can see the stage!” Ye Lang didn’t mind .  

“Then it won’t be a problem!” said Ding Lin as she called over one of the girls to accompany Ye Lang . The girl would be drinking with Ye Lang for the event .  

She wasn’t young, she was just petite .  

However, Ye Lang didn’t drink so he chased her away and told her to do something else .  

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“What’s the matter?” asked Ding Lin when she saw the girl again .  

“He said he doesn’t drink and told me to get him more rice . Sister Lin, he’s so different from other men, I think he doesn’t have any intention towards us!” The girl was exasperated .  

“Fine, just sit with him for a bit . Just act as if you’re eating with a friend, don’t treat him like a customer!” instructed Ding Lin . She felt like they didn’t need to flirt with Ye Lang like how they did with the rest, it might even drive Ye Lang away .  

She found that Ye Lang had a refreshing aura, like a cool spring in this muddy, dirty world…

“Alright, I understand!” The girl nodded, she knew faking laughter and flirting wasn’t necessary with Ye Lang .  

“Thank you! Would you like some too?” Ye Lang asked the girl when he took the bucket of rice from her .  

“Al---Alright!” The girl was stunned for a moment, then nodded . She scooped a small bowl of rice for herself then sat with him to eat .  

Clink, clank…

“ . . . ” The girl realised Ye Lang was almost done before she finished half of her food . He was wolfing down his food!

Ye Lang scooped another bowl and continued to eat…

The girl started to eat quickly too, afraid she might not get to eat much .  

This was one of the happiest meals the girl had in a while . Although it wasn’t the best food, she had never felt this relaxed . There was not even a hint of pressure or worry .  

“Not bad, the dance was amazing! Perhaps she could be a little softer in movement, maybe a little less seductive in her style…” he remarked suddenly .  

“??” The girl didn’t understand but soon realised he was watching the dancers on the stage .  

“Well, our customers are here to watch seductive dancers . Without dancing like this, we wouldn’t be able to attract this many customers! Look at the rest, they’re all cheering and some of them look like their eyes are going to pop out of their heads!” The girl pointed at the visibly excited crowd .  

“I guess that’s true . Liu Feiyan used to have a very pure, innocent beauty but she had to dress herself provocatively up for the job . ” Ye Lang nodded .  

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