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Chapter 418: 418
Little Tiger Warrior Girl (2)

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“Alright, I understand! Master, are you interested in going to a place? It’s going to be fun,” asked Athena, nodding with a smile . Her smile brought with it a hint of sadness .

If only I was more decisive then, I could've blackmailed that tiger girl with him early in the battle . Maybe then it wouldn’t be as painful as this .

Ye Lang did not notice . He nodded, “Alright, I’m bored here anyway . Tigress, are you going?”

“Of course! You’re both going!” Athena interjected, dragging Taeya and Ye Lang together . She had to act quickly now . If this dragged on any longer, chances of trouble would be high .

They prepared the horses, then got on the horse…

“What? You don’t know how to ride a horse? Fine, I’ll ride with you!”

Athena had no time to ask why he didn’t, much less to care if it was appropriate for a girl and a guy to ride on the same horse . Their chances of winning the war were decreasing by the second!

“It’s fine, I have Tigress!” Ye Lang directly refused her offer . Athena was stunned for a second .

“No, she’s still too weak . She can’t ride with you, come up with me!” Athena dragged Ye Lang over, guided him up the horse then they rode off in a cloud of dust .

From Athena’s swift movement, she might be a warrior . This did not match her strategist role in the tribe, other people might’ve mistaken her for a magician .

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Just like that, Ye Lang and Athena rode off to the battlefield on the same horse . Taeya’s presence was not needed at this point because the truth would be revealed soon . However, for some reason, she decided to follow .

At the same time, Taeya could not bear to leave Ye Lang . She couldn’t help but wonder how her life would be if she had met a master like him .

Perhaps she would be like the tiger girl, the pride of her tribe and the fear of her enemies . Unlike her, useless as ever, unable to wield magic .

Perhaps this was just fate!

“Someone’s fighting in front!”

This was Ye Lang’s first comment when they arrived at the battlefield .

“My child, how can it be a fight…” sighed Athena .

“There are so many people fighting! It’s still a fight, no?”

“ . . . ”

The air was dense with the smoke from explosive, the area radiated violence and danger . How could he use such a word to describe a battlefield? JUST a ‘fight’?

“Red… Blue… Why these colours too?” There was a clear contrast between the different-coloured armours of the two armies .

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It was obvious these were the armies from the sand table, though Ye Lang did not seem to make that connection .


At the battlefront was a tiny masked figure charging ahead, leading the red army forward and spearing at her enemies .

Someone would collapse every time she lunged with her spear, as if it was a strike of lightning . The morale of her red army was hitting the roof, while her opponents were getting increasingly frantic .

Ye Lang did not look closer . If he did, he would’ve noticed something .

“This person is very similar to the person you were talking about! If it’s this one, then your army should have an aggressive general forward or you will lose this war! A decisive, aggressive general’s role is important here!” Ye Lang could tell that the blue army was going to lose .

“But we don’t have anyone else! Our top general was already easily defeated by her!” explained Athena, exasperated .

“Is she THAT good? There should be other people stronger than her . ” Ye Lang didn’t understand . He could tell the figure was powerful but there was still a huge gap in skills compared to experts he had seen . There were countless fighters who could defeat her easily .

“Yes but they’re not from my generation,” Athena sighed .

“Uh, what?” Ye Lang was more confused . This was a crucial moment, why would they care?

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“It’s a long story, I’ll explain later . The most important thing now is to stop her!” Athena said, her brows slightly furrowed .

“If you can stop her, what are you waiting for?”

“Alright, you said it, not me! Let’s go!” Athena brought her horse to a full gallop towards the tiger girl .

“Everyone! Stop!”

Athena used douqi to blast her voice across the battlefield . Her words covered the sounds of weapons and violence, calming the simmering chaos for a brief moment .

The little tiger girl stopped too, retreating a little along with everyone . The two armies consciously separated themselves into two sides . It was a temporary truce .

“What are you up to now, Athena?” asked the little tiger girl, watching Athena’s horse approach from afar .

“Nothing much, I’m just here to ask you to surrender!” Athena smiled . Everyone around her fell silent . Both the red and blue armies thought she must’ve gone mad from the stress of the war .

The tiger girl was winning the war, how could she surrender?

“Athena, I don’t remember you being this rash, you’re a calm person . Why are you saying this?” asked the little tiger girl . There was no sarcasm in her voice, only composure .

“I have my reasons, of course . I have a final trick up my sleeve!” Athena smiled . There was no hint of madness, just confidence .

Why was Athena so confident? Did she truly have a secret weapon? What was it?

Everyone, including the little tiger girl, was waiting to see what Athena was up to .

At the same time, she wondered who the person riding with Athena was . From this person’s build, he looked like a young man . She knew the fox tribe were a conservative, scholarly people in contrary to the myths .

If they were sitting so closely on a horse, they must share a very special relationship!

Everyone shared the same questions but there was no time for confusion .

“Show me then! Your move!” said the tiger girl calmly .

“Put down your weapon and walk over here,” Athena smiled, curling her finger at the tiger girl .

Huh? Did Athena think she was an idiot?!

The tiger girl would never yield, that would be the equivalent of surrendering and losing the war!

However, the most shocking thing happened: the tiger girl tossed her weapon away immediately and ran towards Athena .

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