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Chapter 408
Catch Me If You Can (1)

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“I was saying goodbye to Xuan Yuanbing . She’s here to send me off since she doesn’t have anything else going on,” he explained slowly .

“Oh, you’re here too,” said Ye Lanyu very casually as if she’d just noticed Xuan Yuanbing’s presence .

Xuan Yuanbing didn’t care . Instead, she looked at the carriage and said, “Only one carriage? It’ll be very uncomfortable for him to squeeze in there with all of you . ”

“All of us? He’s the only one leaving . We’re all staying to network with the warriors and magicians and whatnot,” answered Ye Lanyu .

“??” Xuan Yuanbing was stunned for a moment . She thought Ye Lanyu and the rest would be leaving with him .

She didn’t know that all students would stay for approximately one month after the end of the competition . This was when students would network, make friends and talk about their interests .

Other than networking among the participants, this was also where powerful people recruited talents . They would target youth with potential and yet had no current affiliations with other powers and make negotiations .

However, this time it was held at Sheng City so they had to watch their boundaries . Headhunting was only done in a much quieter manner this year .

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At the same time, Sheng City was also in contact with people who had talents the city lacked for technical support .

No matter what, all this was unrelated to Ye Lang and he had zero interest in everything . The only thing he wanted was to quickly leave for the tiger race tribe lands . This time, he was determined to arrive and not get distracted by anything else .

“Remember to take care of yourself . Say hi to Tai Ya for us, and it would be best if you could bring her back . We’ll be less worried with her by your side . ” This was the last thing Ye Lanyu told Ye Lang .

“I know, I will,” Ye Lang nodded then entered the carriage . He was planning on upgrading Little Xin’s functions .

The journey would be long, he would be very bored if he had nothing to do . After reading books from the Sacred Religion’s library, he seemed to have gained inspiration and wanted to experiment on Little Xin .

What Ye Lang did attracted the attention of the coachman who thought Ye Lang and Little Xin were doing something inappropriate in there . However, he made no comments because that was their business and he was only there to do his job .

We can’t blame the coachman either . Ye Lang had taken off Little Xin’s clothes for his upgrading work, hence the lewd imagery .

In addition, the coachman did not see the entirety of Little Xin and what was going on inside, it was only something he vaguely noticed .

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Ye Lang’s attention was fully focused on working on Little Xin, hence he did not do anything else and they successfully made it to the beastmen tribelands . Their carriage threaded through various tribelands, approaching the tiger race’s tribe .

What Ye Lang didn’t know was that many people were surprised to know he had left Sheng City because there were no signs that he was leaving . Many regretted not being able to send him off and they didn’t know when they would meet him again .

This included the Light Doctors, Light Alchemists, Light Riders and many of the religious staff . A few girls were particularly upset about this .

“What? That sick bastard is gone?” Fei was stunned for a moment then raged, “We haven’t settled our fight yet, and he LEFT? I’ll never let him go the next time we meet . ”

“Sir left?” Arwen, who was still helping out at the House of Confusion was also stunned . She felt a surge of emotions, wondering when was the next time she would be able to see Ye Lang again . She knew the chances of it were very, very small .

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Ye Lang entered the carriage again like any other day, about to hurry on his journey ahead . However, today was different because he had already completed Little Xin’s upgrading work so there was nothing left for him to do .

“I’m so bored, why aren’t we there yet… I should take a look at my tools…” Ye Lang took out some of his alchemy tools for maintenance and repair, then making upgrades to kill time .

Just when he was bored, the carriage stopped suddenly .

“What’s going on?” Ye Lang opened the windows to check the outside . He saw a group of beastman surrounding his carriage .

This group wasn’t made up of just one tribe, many different kinds of beastmen were present . Although they looked different, they shared one thing in common--- they were all strong and muscular .

Strong, muscular beastman . What did they want? Was this a robbery?

This would be the first thing anyone would think . Although it was rare to hear of beastmen robbers, they existed too .

Was Ye Lang THAT unlucky to meet a group of robbers yet again?

“May I ask, what’s the matter?” Ye Lang asked politely as he got off the carriage . He had to ask about their intentions first and be courteous no matter what .

“Our sincere apologies to this gentleman of the human race, we are having a meeting here so outsiders are not allowed in . Please wait a few days, you may enter once the meeting is over,” the beastman replied respectfully .

The coachman confirmed that these were not robbers, he was just unfortunate enough to arrive when they were having a meeting and he had no choice but to stop .

He had heard of the beastman’s meetings too . There was one major meeting of tribes once every few years to discuss issues they had between themselves .

They were usually regional meets though, he had never heard of all the tribes present in a meeting before . There was only one possibility-- it was time for the Festival of the Beast Gods which happened once a century . This was when the head of every tribe met at the rumoured City of the Beast Gods .

Why rumoured? Well, no outsiders knew exactly where the city truly was and no humans had been either .

Only a small portion of the beastmen had been there and it was a well-kept secret .

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