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Chapter 390: 390
The Roar of War Drums (3)

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Fei descended from the skies on her fire clouds . Once her clouds touched the ground, she immediately charged at Ye Lanyu and the princess . She was running at an angle aiming for their sides- a very sneaky tactic indeed .

Ye Lanyu and the princess were now standing back to back, so attacking them from the side was the best . Of course they’d still see her, but when they did, she would be too close and it would be too late to react .

That’s right . Fei was calculating the time they’d need to react in her head and the probability of success . In fact, she was likely going to win if there were only two people in their team .

Right at the most important moment, something happened that caused Fei to stop- or more accurately, everyone present was stunned for a second .

Thump .

The roar of a drum echoed, everyone could feel their bones shaking . Perhaps this was a lot more dramatic than it actually was because they initially had their attention on the fight .

The sound came from the centre of the arena where Ye Lang had already set up a huge drum but never decided on when to hit . He was thinking of a good rhythm to play, and he’d just decided on a tune . This was his first note .

The drum saved Ye Lanyu and the princess’ fight because Ye Lanyu quickly noticed Fei’s position . Taking advantage of Fei’s hesitation, razor-sharp spikes of ice rose from the ground near Lanyu’s feet all the way to Fei .

Fei spun, her sword sending a blade of fire to shatter the spikes .

“Ice Shield . ”

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Ye Lanyu threw up an ice shield, but this shield wasn’t for defence . She hurled the shield right at Fei so it would throw Fei up in the air .

“Flight of a Hundred Birds . ”

The seventh princess cast a powerful spell but it wasn’t sent directly at Fei because she was already on fire . The princess’ fire attack wouldn’t inflict much damage . Instead, the princess was aiming at Edward and Kesha who were already nearby .

Edward and Kesha would never be sitting ducks, and they were also skilled in combination attacks . Although their chemistry wasn’t as strong as Ye Lanyu and the princess’, they were strong enough fighters to cause a headache .

Edward and Kesha’s swords touched, sending a gust of douqi that resembled a sandstorm . It first countered the seventh princess’ magic, then came charging ahead to continue with its destruction .

Fei’s proximity was already a threat to Lanyu’s safety . With the sandstorm nearing, they were now in a very dangerous position . Any mistake would result in them losing the battle .

At this very moment, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess felt a sense of helplessness . If this went on, they could do nothing other than struggle to defend themselves . They considered giving up .


“Thump thump…”

“Thump thump thump thump…”

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Ye Lang hit his drum again, every thump shaking every person’s heart . There was now an obvious rhythm, a beat that got blood boiling and spirits up .

The sound of drums had always been the sound of passion . War drums were always involved during ancient Chinese wars, it was an important component of the military .

Ye Lang was now beating the most bone-shaking war cry on the drums he knew . With every perfect strike, the audience was filled with awe at every beat .

Even the heavens were shaken .

“Sister, Little Seven, Fight!”

“Alright! Watch me! Your cheers will not be wasted on me!”

Ye Lanyu and the princess’ spirits were lifted upon hearing his cries and his drum .

“YES! MY CHEERS ARE POWERFUL!” Ye Lang continued banging on his drum as if two huge armies were about to engage in warfare . The violence in the rhythm matched Ye Lanyu and the princess’ heartbeats, triggering their true potential .

The opponents suddenly felt like their power was muffled . They didn’t know what it was, but something was suppressing their power .

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They didn’t realise that Ye Lang’s drums not only could lift spirits but depending on your attitude towards the fight, it could dampen your spirits too .

Ye Lang unconsciously demonstrated how sound could affect the entire atmosphere of a battle, there was something magical about how it could turn the tables .

Very few people could master the skill of using sound . Ye Lang had learned about the concept of sound and psychology during his time in the martial arts treasury, he’d read about using rhythm to control battle dynamics .

That was also why the rhythm was so impressive . He’d practised some time ago .

He was now a participant, a fighter alongside Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess . He’d officially participated in the fight the first time he hit the drum .

Why did he decide to fight?

Nonsense, would he choose to watch Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess suffer? He would never .

The fight was now favouring Ye Lanyu and the princess, while Fei and her four teammates grew wearier as the fight dragged on . Edward and the rest grew more frustrated but Fei still maintained her composure . Only a small portion of her power was suppressed by Ye Lang’s war drums .

You could tell from only this part that Fei had worked very hard to be this skilled in fighting . There was such a huge difference in skills compared to her teammates .

“You sick bastard, you and your dirty tricks!”

Fei quickly realised where the problem was . Although she wasn’t sure how, she was certain her teammates were reacting to Ye Lang’s drums .

Not bad, this kid was very sensitive to power struggles on the battlefield .

“Ye Lang! So it’s you! …” Edward glared daggers at Ye Lang . He was now very frustrated with the fight, barely suppressing his rage .

“Huh? Don’t you know me?” Ye Lang responded calmly while still hitting the drum .

“ . . . ” Hey, kid . He wasn’t asking about you, he was referring to what you’re doing!

“Can you stop that…” asked Fei although she already knew what the answer would be . They were a team, of course he could hit the drums if he wanted to . He had the right to help his teammates .

“No, I’ve still got to cheer them on,” rejected Ye Lang, increasing his rhythm . Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess grew more and more aggressive in their attacks .

Fei was worried . “We can’t continue like this . We should just surrender . ”

While Fei was a stubborn person, she was still reasonable enough to face reality . She didn’t consider physically stopping Ye Lang herself either because attacking a person who wasn’t directly engaged in battle, especially a person who didn’t look like he could fight, was not honourable .

“No, we can’t lose . As long as we are willing to let go of everything, we will win,” Edward refused to give up . He would never admit defeat .

“Then I hope you can do that,” Fei shrugged then continued to fight . With her personality, she was likely willing to lose herself in a battle for victory .

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