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Chapter 371
The Seventh Princess's Flame Dance (1)
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“Don’t worry, you’re not the first to ask . Those who questioned us soon found their answer and the same will go for you! Little Seven, finish them!” yelled Ye Lanyu before casting a large ice bolt over .   This was just the start! 

“Mmph!” a hum of acknowledgement from the seventh princess . As soon as she was done with her reply, she promptly cast a Fire Rain, attacking their opponents from the sky . This usage of flame magic was compatible with Ye Lanyu’s attack .  

The battle soon began . Their magical aggression prompted the opponents to defend correspondingly .  

Unfortunately, all their efforts to return the girl’s attack were soon proven futile as it was swiftly hammered down by both Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess . The girls were unfazed though their attacks were continuous .

The opponents soon realized that the two were no small fry, the combined power of them both might even be more powerful than all five of them! 

Not to mention, the girls were so synchronized with one other despite their magic being polar opposites . The combined usage of ice and fire was shockingly impressive! 

The surprised gasp and expressions towards their combined magic were no strangers to the seventh princess and Ye Lanyu, both of the girls had shown the same shock towards this, however, this was the first time they lived in the moment .  

There was certainly a stark difference between being part of the audience and working with it firsthand .  

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Throughout the competition, It was clear that Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess never got along well but in battle, they made a great team . Their magic complimented each other well .  

However, no one was aware that their current attacks were just starters, they were merely trying to match each other’s attacks and weren’t even at their full capacity yet! They still had a combined element fatal attack up their sleeves .   

The Light Riders couldn’t even withstand that combined fatal attack of theirs, the students stood no chance against it at all! 

“Leader, we can’t hold on any longer!” screamed a student magician urgently .  

“Yeah, we’ve been too passive!” responded another magician through gritted teeth, trying their best to keep their magic shield together . If this went on without a change of plan, they’d be losing the battle soon .  

“We need to get closer! That way we can attack them!” yelled a combatant student while fighting back another attack . Their aggression was so far fruitless, unable to slow down the two girls .  

They had been trying to get closer into their radius but were quickly pushed back with magic .  

“You make it sound easy but how on earth are we supposed to do that?! They’re really brutal, there are literally no openings!” hissed another teammate . There was certainly no mercy in the face of competition .  

Everyone wanted to win .  

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“Sigh… honestly, it’s not totally impossible . We still have our killer skill but I wasn’t planning to use it so early in the battle . If we don’t use it now, we’ll have no chance to win this at all . Though I’m not sure if it’ll work on them both… but we could use it to create an opening for us!” 

A magician student shook their head helplessly, they were evidently powerless against such powerful opponents . The team also felt helpless at the fact that their ultimate technique had to be used earlier than planned .  




Three magician students yelled in respect to their different attributes, casting out corresponding spells to create a combined element attack .

Certainly, combined element attacks were not a special skill that Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess solely possessed, the skill was common throughout the mainland . There were many famous team or duos that got their fame through it .  

Suddenly, flame-enveloped rocks appeared in the sky… 

“Oh my, it’s the Meteor Shower of Fire!” shouted the audience in awe . The Meteor Shower of Fire was one of the most impactful combined element skill to date .  

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“I can’t believe we’d get to see such high-levelled magic in this competition!”

“Isn’t that too unnecessary?! This is just a competition, they might kill someone . . . ” 

Heated debates and discussions soon erupted among the audience . There were several disagreements but they all settled on one fact- the attack was potentially lethal! 

“Hmm, not bad . Little Seven, looks like our opponents are stronger this time!” commented Ye Lanyu with a smile before making a few hand gestures, preparing to cast out another spell .  

Though Ye Lanyu didn’t need hand gestures to use her magic, the action helped refine her magic for a more complete effect . Simply put, the longer the preparation, the stronger its impact! 

“Ye Lanyu, be careful!” shouted the seventh princess with furrowed brows . Was she actually worried about her? Yes, the seventh princess was worried- not for Ye Lanyu but instead, Ye Lang .  

Ye Lang may be further away but the seventh princess was worried that any harm on Ye Lanyu would allow the opponents to take advantage of him .  

“Don’t worry! They’ll be alright,” muttered Ye Lanyu softly, immediately picking up the seventh princess’s unsaid intention .  

Without any hesitation, Ye Lanyu waved both her arms and strengthened the defensive shield around Ye Lang, who was blissfully wolfing down a plate of teppanyaki within his protection .  

Zhen Xiaoyan was rather speechless at Ye Lang’s action in such a chaotic situation, though she was smiling gently at the sight of the boy stuffing food down his throat .  

The seventh princess smiled in relief, immediately stepping forward to go into position . Magic wafted from her body, and this layer of protection soon smelled burnt .

No one understood why Ye Lanyu was so adamant on protecting the boy .  

Surely, it made sense for a sister to want to protect her brother . However, no one would’ve attacked Ye Lang either way .

Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan were mere spectators, hence there was no way the contestants would attack them both . Such a lowly act was greatly frowned upon! 

Both Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan were technically uninvolved in the battles, attacking them would be almost equivalent to attacking the weak and vulnerable- though surely Ye Lang wouldn’t approve of that description .  

At the same time, the seventh princess’s stance was highly questionable . Why would they want to use fire magic for defence while using ice magic for attacks? That was utterly the opposite of the magic’s characteristics .  

Fire magic had always given the best attacks and was very aggressive in nature, its defence was rather weak . In contrast, ice magic was great when it came to defences and shields .  

There was obviously something amiss about their strategy! 

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