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Chapter 369

Mixed Category (2)

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Ye Lang’s appearance was out of anyone’s expectations . Well, who else would Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess pick? It was still logical .

If you asked Ye Lang if he was surprised, his current answer was no- because he didn’t realise he was on the same team as Ye Lanyu, he didn’t know he was a participant!

“Oh, the mixed category? I’ve made a mistake, apologies, I’m going back to the stands! You all have fun!” Ye Lang turned around, about to leave .

Since it wasn’t the alchemy category, then he must’ve made a mistake . Ye Lang wondered when the alchemy event was starting .

“Come back here!” Ye Lanyu grabbed him before he left .

“What?” he asked, confused .

“Heh . You’re also one of our team members!” she said very directly . She thought it was still best to be straightforward when dealing with a person like Ye Lang .

Ye Lang fell silent for a moment . He looked at the grinning Ye Lanyu, then his scary opponents in front, then to Zhen Xiaoyan and made a decision .

“Alright . You and Little Seven have fun, I’ll be cheering for you!”

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Ye Lang’s reaction was expected . He wasn’t surprised at all, rather calmly chose to stand with Zhen Xiaoyan to cheer the girls on .

The ones who saw this thought Ye Lang was being irresponsible . How could he sit and watch?

Many people were waiting for Ye Lanyu to rage at him . If they were in her position, they’d definitely yell!

However, they were all wrong once again .

She didn’t rage at all, instead saying gently, “Alright . Stay far away and don’t hurt yourself . ”

Was this reverse psychology? Nope, it wasn’t!

Ye Lanyu dragged him here not because she wanted him to fight too . She could never push him into a fight . If anyone attempted to challenge him, she would be the first to stop them!

She signed him up so Ye Lang would accompany her and he wouldn’t have an excuse to say he had no time .

Ye Lang once told them that the alchemy team wouldn’t be with the magician’s team . That was why Lanyu and the princess decided on this as an excuse to spend time with him .

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In reality, they only had to ask Ye Lang to come watch them compete, and Ye Lang would’ve agreed . He’d always liked his sister and his fiancee .

This was good too, at least it could even count as them teaming up . It was better than having him watch from far away . Everyone had time and it was a great opportunity to have some fun .

Yeah, this competition was only something they signed up for fun! Although it sounded as if they didn’t respect their opponents, it was true .

Four? Isn’t that five?

Hey, why were there five people for a team with four members? That’s cheating!

While the audience was surprised with his appearance, they were next stunned by the fifth person— Little Xin .

However, Little Xin didn’t look deadly at all . She seemed to be only present as a supporter too, like Zhen Xiaoyan, to bring up the atmosphere . It didn’t matter as much since they still totalled up to five members and that wasn’t against the rules .

“Fatty, do you have any food?” asked Ye Lang lazily . He sat down next to her, drinking some tea she boiled .

The not-at-all deadly supporter, Little Xin, stood quietly next to Ye Lang as always .

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“I do, I just baked cookies!” Zhen Xiaoyan passed him a plate of cookies .

“Baked? Oh, so you were using that thing to bake cookies…” Ye Lang had seen an alchemy item next to Zhen Xiaoyan . He didn’t know what it was at first, but now he understood .

What would people think if they knew Zhen Xiaoyan was baking cookies now? They would only be able to say…

“She’s a little TOO relaxed!”

It was already ridiculous for her to be sipping tea at this moment, but to bake cookies…

Zhen Xiaoyan nodded, “Yep! I don’t have anything to do anyway . How is it? Is it good?” she watched him with anticipating, waiting for him to give a compliment .

“Mmph! It’s delicious!” he replied, his mouth stuffed full of cookies as if wanting to show her how good it was .

In fact, as long as Zhen Xiaoyan made the food, Ye Lang would say the same thing even if it wasn’t good . He wasn’t picky and with her skills, it was impossible for her to cook anything too bad .

That was why she always got the answer she wanted . She was the happiest when he complimented her cooking!

“Slow down, no one’s stealing your food! Come, have some tea first!” Zhen Xiaoyan said with a smile, handing him a cup of tea .

After Ye Lang finished his platter of cookies, he was looking at the ‘oven’ when he had a thought, “Fatty, do you have a grill too? I want barbeque!”

“Grill? Oh, I do!” Zhen Xiaoyan pulled something out of her space pouch . It was a long, rectangular object, one surface was flat, the other had four legs .

Other people would’ve been very confused, wondering if she’d taken the wrong item . Not Ye Lang though .

It wasn’t because he trusted Zhen Xiaoyan, but rather he knew what it was .

It was an alchemy grill! When the alchemy formations on it were activated, its surface would heat up and hence it could be used to cook .

“I think it would be great for teppanyaki too!” Ye Lang said as he knocked on the clean, well-maintained grill .

“Teppanyaki?” Zhen Xiaoyan wasn’t familiar with the name .

“Yeah, you put food on a heated metal plate . It’s the same concept as cooking in a wok, but you use different condiments, and the way you cook is different…”

“Oh, what condiments? And how do I cook it?” she asked . She wanted to know everything related to cooking .

“I don’t know either… I only know how it tastes like…” Ye Lang started to describe its taste, telling her everything he knew and what it felt like to eat teppanyaki food…

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