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Chapter 291
Ice and Fire (2)
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“Boss can’t hold it any longer!! We’ve got to help him!” 

As they watched the swordsman bearing the brunt of Ye Lanyu’s attacks, looking like he was struggling a lot, the rest of the men immediately rushed forward to attack Ye Lanyu .  

Looks like it wasn’t the first time these people had done something like this, for they expertly stood in an attack formation without shame . They must have done something like this many times .  

“ . . . Who said I couldn’t?! I haven’t shown her my secret weapon yet!!” shouted the swordsman . He didn’t seem embarrassed he needed his men to attack her for he didn’t actually stop them .  

His douqi blades had grown less frequent, and Ye Lanyu’s attacking style didn’t give him any room to retaliate . He struggled hard to defend himself, and if nothing changed it would exhaust him .  

As for Ye Lanyu, she looked very relaxed as both her hands were still releasing bouts of magic . Based on the current circumstances, it looked like she still had the strength to use new attack techniques if she wanted to . It was unbelievable .  

Who was this girl? Her capabilities could rival the top fighters, it didn’t match her age at all! 

Their shock level was about to increase for there was not one, but two awesome teenage girls on site .  

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“Meteor shower!” 

The seventh princess flicked a hand slightly, and a high-level magic phenomenon occurred before their eyes . It was as if the stars had fallen, like rain, right on the shameless group of soldiers .  


“Fuck, who was that? We’ve been ambushed!!” 

“That’s shameless!” 

Rumble rumble… 

Even if they were cursing her, they were still very skilful fighters- they easily dodged the seventh princess’ magic . However, their plan to attack Ye Lanyu was now foiled .  

“Shameless? YOU are the shameless ones! Do you really need THAT many men to attack us ladies?!” said the seventh princess demurely . However, the fireball in her palm reminded everyone she was not one they should mess with .  

“Little Seven, why are you interfering? You think I can’t win them?” huffed Ye Lanyu, who turned her head towards the seventh princess to express her displeasure instead of thanking her .  

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The seventh princess waved again, and another large-scale meteor shower rained on them again . However, she wasn’t even looking at the rain of fire she made, she was looking at Ye Lanyu with a grin, “Exactly, I don’t think you can beat them . You’ll probably lose if I don’t help you . ” 

“Get your ass out of here! You think I can’t beat them?! I can beat them all with just one hand!” roared Ye Lanyu .  

“ . . . Whatever . Don’t be too hard on yourself, Ye Lang will be very sad if you were hurt- and I don’t want him to worry!” huffed the seventh princess, implying she didn’t think Ye Lanyu was good enough . This infuriated Lanyu .  

“Get lost!” shrieked Ye Lanyu, then thrusting an arm so a spear of ice shot at the seventh princess .  

“ . . . ” What was going on with these two girls? Why were they fighting among themselves? Everyone was left confused, while Zhen Xiaoyan only shook her head with a sigh .

Ms Lanyu and Her Highness are fighting again! The people who knew them were not surprised at all . This was an old show . And because of how frequent this had happened, the princess didn’t panic when she saw Ye Lanyu’s attack . While the rest were worried for her, when the spear was about to hit her, she waved lightly to produce a fire dragon, swallowing the ice spear . The dragon didn’t stop there though, it charged on after it swallowed the spear, now charging straight at Ye Lanyu with its fiery claws and teeth .  

“Hmmph!” Ye Lanyu grunted, her dainty fingers drew a circle in the air . A ring of frost was left in the air . As for what the halo did, the audience would know soon .  

Ye Lanyu pushed, and an ice dragon as impressive as its fire counterpart emerged from the halo . It was as if it had come from another reality, as if the ring was the door to another dimension! 

The ice dragon didn’t charge towards the fire one in a straight line, but instead started to twist itself around the fire dragon… Even fire could be frozen dead .  

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The fight grew more impressive by the second as two twisting dragons appeared mid-air . Although they knew this was very dangerous, everyone couldn’t help but think…

It’s beautiful!! 


The seventh princess, like Ye Lanyu, snorted . She opened her arms calmly, then twisting a palm at the ice dragon as if she was going to use her hand to block it .  

The audience’s hearts were at their throats . They didn’t dare imagine what the seventh princess’ dainty lady hands would become if they touched the ice dragon .  

However, their worry was unnecessary . The seventh princess knew Ye Lanyu would never do anything to hurt her . If she did that, that meant she was confident the princess could defend herself .  


The ice dragon hit her palm… No… More specifically, it dissolved into mist after stopping mid-air near her palm .  

This… This was sublimation at high temperature! 

The seventh princess’ hand wasn’t up for nothing, she had focused a very, very hot ball of energy- so hot no one could see the colour of the flame! 

It was no wonder people started to see ripples in the air around her hand- because it was very, very hot there! 

However, no one had seen such a fighting style before . Both the ice and fire ladies were very scary . Who were they? Why were they so powerful for their age? 

More and more people started to wonder who they were .  

At the same time, the people started to stay far, far away from both of them in fear of getting into trouble . No one wanted to stand between them! 

There was a Chinese saying: it is never too stupid for a gentleman to stand behind a wall at a time of danger!

“Mom, they’re fighting again . Let’s go somewhere further!” Chen Pi picked the old woman up again to go to another spot further than the rest of them . He’d learned this lesson once!

Steam wrapped around the seventh princess, so thick no one could see her . It was a good opportunity for her to prepare her attack . It seemed like she had anticipated this to happen, so while she was still blocked by the thick veil of steam, she started to concentrate her powers again .  

… “Fire Phoenix attack!” 

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