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Chapter 241: 241
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Ye Lang gave Edward a long look as if thinking hard . Perhaps he saw, hidden among Edward’s simple words, the gentle language, was an emotion . The kind that wouldn’t leave for the world!!

When Edward knew Kesha had disappeared, everyone else had already given up . They’d thought there wasn’t any hope of getting Kesha back alive, and at the same time no one would risk their lives to venture deep into the jungle for her!

There were many vicious beasts lurking in the depths of the Ai’er forest . Even if everyone banded together to fight them, it would still be very dangerous . One or two people wouldn’t stand a chance!

At the same time, even if the threat of these magical beasts didn’t exist, how would you find a lone girl, Kesha, in this vast forestlands? The chances were already very low!!

Edward ignored everyone’s warnings and objections, he didn’t care if he’d be in danger . Determined, he forged towards the depths of the forest .

In short, after countless trials, he finally found Kesha and brought her safely out of the dangerous forest .  Many people were very surprised by this result, and at the same time realised the relationship between both had changed .

In Edward and Kesha’s memories…

It was a moonlit but still very scary night . A teenage girl was curled up within a hole in a tree . Her clothes were a little tattered as if torn by the branches .

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The girl seemed to be waiting for someone because she was lightly muttering, “He’ll come for me! He’ll definitely come for me! We promised we’ll never abandon each other . He’d never abandon me…”

Time passed very slowly . The fire at the foot of the tree slowly died down…

The night grew colder, cold as ice . The girl was curled up so tight you wouldn’t be able to tell what she looked like!

“Kesha, Kesha…” A teenage boy appeared . He gently shook her shoulders, trying to wake her .

“Edward… I knew you’d come!!” The girl wasn’t fully awake when she immediately fell into his arms, her body shaking slightly- not from fear, but from emotion .

In the boy’s arms, the girl wasn’t afraid . She felt inexplicably safe!!

The boy was stunned for a moment, then asked softly, “How did you know I’d come? We haven’t talked in years . ”

“I just knew . I knew you’d never abandon me! You haven’t you talked to me these years? Did I do something wrong? Do you not like me anymore? Edward, I’ve been so afraid these years, afraid you’d never keep me company again . I like hanging out with you…” said the girl curled up in his arms .

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The girl didn’t stop talking, slowly describing what she felt these few years, as if to make up for all the conversation they’d lost .

The boy listened in silence . He’d just realised how stupid he was…

He was lucky to remember their promise . If anyone went missing, they’d make a special mark so the other person could find them!

That was a promise they made when they were very young . They were lost in the forest . Only a person who truly cared would remember a promise jokingly made such a long time ago!

“Then why would your Kesha want to have this matchmaking ceremony? Did you both fight?” asked Ye Lang after understanding his situation .

If their fire was re-ignited, then what was up with this matchmaking ceremony?

“That’s because…” Edward hesitated, then slowly said, “she wants to use this method for her father to agree . ”

“Oh, I understand! She’s the judge so she’d pick something you’re the best at, and help you cheat!” cried Ye Lang, pounding his fist .

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“…How did you understand so quickly? You’re not a clueless anymore?!” Edward was speechless . He noticed Ye Lang was suddenly very sharp, to be understanding of his situation .

“When have I ever been clueless?” sulked Ye Lang, “Not only your skin turned black, your eyes turned black too…”

“Can you not talk about that?!” frowned Edward . He was struggling because of this problem!

“Okay, I won’t talk about it! Since you have Kesha, the head judge’s help in cheating, why are you still so worried? You just need to show up!”

Ye Lang was very familiar with this situation . When he was the head judge, Zhen Xiaoyan passed because he wanted her to pass . No matter how dumb Zhen Xiaoyan was, he’d still find a way for her to pass .

“Because of you! You made me black, so now I can’t even pass the first test!!” whined Edward .

“???! What do you mean?” Ye Lang asked, puzzled . Would it affect anything?

“It’s a matchmaking ceremony . They’d first look at the person . If you can’t even pass the ‘looks’ test, then you don’t even need to consider anything else!”

“I see… That doesn’t matter . Just use whatever methods you used last time!” offered Ye Lang .

“What methods? What did I use… Fuck, do you really think I was ugly?” Edward didn’t understand at first but soon understood . Ye Lang was suggesting that he’d have to look for a way to pass the test even if he wasn’t black .

“You weren’t?” asked Ye Lang stupidly .

“You’re the ugly one! As I said, I’m very handsome- at least better-looking than you!!” Edward regarded Ye Lang . Although Ye Lang wasn’t handsome, he had a friendly, down-to-earth quality . Not everyone would notice this though .

“Pfft, I’ve never been good-looking, so that means you aren’t much either!” said Ye Lang very straightforwardly .

“…” Edward didn’t expect Ye Lang to say that, he was momentarily speechless .

“Let’s forget about what I looked like . Do you have a way for me to get better? I know you have some weird medicine, and you know peculiar medical techniques . Help me settle this!! Even if it’s just temporary!!” said Edward after a while . During their journey, Ye Lang had once prescribed medicine for a very sick patient .

In his words: since he saw the person, might as well save him . He wasn’t one of those people who won’t save a dying person, and it wasn’t going to affect himself either . In reality, even if it did, he’d still save the patient .

Of course, that was someone he saw . He didn’t deliberately seek out patients he couldn’t see . There are so many people on Earth, he’ll never treat them all!

The person he saved was a very pitiful orphan . He was so sick, he collapsed on the street! At the time, Ye Lang thought the orphan collapsed from hunger, so he brought some food over and gave him some gold coins .

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