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Chapter 236
The Treatment (2)
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“Sir, there are three of you . Don’t you need three rooms?” asked someone, rubbing his palms with a grin .

To be fair, the three of them could even stay in one room . The best ones were luxury suites so they could even fit 6 people inside .

These people only wanted Ye Lang’s one thousand gold coins . It was very tempting indeed!

“Nope!” Ye Lang proceeded to ignore these people and let the staff bring him up . Even if they were rooms with single beds, he’d still only want 2 rooms .

Obviously, he wasn’t sleeping in one with Edward, but Little Xin!

In Edward’s words, Ye Lang and Little Xin are as close as each other’s shadows . Even a royal’s lady-in-waiting wouldn’t be this close .

They walked together, took baths together, even went to the toilet together!

If only Edward looked a little closer . Perhaps he’d have noticed she was different from a regular human . She never ate, and he hadn’t seen her do anything a human being would do, i . e . excrete…

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Then again, these were a girl’s secrets . No one would see a girl doing ‘it’, so it wasn’t a surprise Edward didn’t suspect .

What Edward found the most peculiar was that Little Xin never spoke . As if she was mute . He had asked Ye Lang about it but Ye Lang merely said no without further elaboration .

Ye Lang and Edward each took a room without much discussion, then entered . The bellboy tagged close to Ye Lang, leaving the others to follow Edward .

He thought Ye Lang’s tip would definitely be a lot more than Edward’s .

He was very confident because Edward had just entered his room and tipped his bellboy a silver coin . Not much .

Only a silver coin? Thank goodness I wasn’t there . This generous man will definitely give me a gold coin . Or much more!

His eyes glinted in delight as he locked eyes with his colleagues . The boy had brought Ye Lang The Generous to his room . He opened the door, gesturing for Ye Lang to enter with a grin .

Ye Lang didn’t care for things like that . He entered, then turned to the boy, “Quickly get the kitchen to start serving the food . I’ll take a shower now!”

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When he finished, Ye Lang closed the door . The boy was stunned . He didn’t expect Ye Lang would give him nothing .

“He must be paying after the food arrives! I’ll get the kitchen to hurry up…” He ran to the kitchen at top speed . Ye Lang must have been waiting to tip everything together . When he served later, he’d definitely get a huge reward .

He hurried the chefs in the kitchen, at the same time instructing them to make everything better . He had to serve the best to Ye Lang . That was how he could get the largest reward .

In the room, Ye Lang was taking a bath with Little Xin inside . He was of course, naked . Ye Lang had recently been getting Little Xin to massage his back . It felt so good .

Did he have any odd feelings towards Little Xin’s body? No, because Little Xin was a reanimated spirit made by him . He felt nothing .

Ye Lang didn’t have any fetish for objects . She was an animated spirit, he couldn’t pretend she was a real person!

Then again, Ye Lang was naturally a little innocent and slow . He wouldn’t have thought of treating Little Xin like a blow-up doll…

“This is not a bad hotel at all! Even its water heaters have so many custom functions! They sure are willing to spend on their customers!” praised Ye Lang after his shower .

Some of the hotels with hot water he’d stayed in only had public baths or a hot water pipe that ran into only the more expensive rooms .

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In the Jewel Moon Palace, every bathroom had its own small water heater . These heaters functioned alchemically, each requiring a large amount of magical energy .

In terms of daily life, alchemy has brought convenience to many people across the mainland, especially the aristocrats . Their lives were probably as comfortable as people in this modern era .

Ye Lang had recently been very interested in alchemy for weaponry and defence . As for its usage in daily life, he didn’t know much about it . Alchemy was a broad field, it was impossible for him to be an expert in everything .

Zhen Xiaoyan was more proficient in daily alchemy . It wasn’t a surprise anyway . Her hobby was eating, so she invented many peculiar alchemy tools for food .

Ring ring---

The doorbell rang . It wasn’t anything magical though, it was a small bell that can be pulled by a visitor . It was the most common kind of bell in the mainland .

“Who is it…” asked Ye Lang with a towel still in one hand . He was brushing Little Xin’s hair .

Every time water or dirt got on Little Xin, Ye Lang would personally help her with it . He was too lazy to deal with it through controlling Little Xin because it was troublesome and it didn’t do as great of a job as him personally doing it .

Spirit maintenance was very important to Ye Lang . Since young, he’d always treated his things well anyway, especially something as precious as Little Xin .

This confused many people, mistaking his gentle kindness towards Little Xin for something else!

“Sir, your food is here!” came the boy’s voice . It was obvious from his tone that he was very proud of this job, also sucking up to Ye Lang .

“Oh, in a moment!” said Ye Lang, getting up to open the door .

“Sir, your food…” he grinned as the door opened .

“Thank you, just put it on the table!” said Ye Lang politely . At this point, his polite aristocrat etiquette became very obvious .

Usually, his politeness would be covered by his prodigal behaviours so everyone wouldn’t be able to see this side of him . People close to him all knew he was actually very polite- he was just very clueless .

“Alright!” the boy put the dishes on the tables neatly, even laying down bowls and chopsticks for Ye Lang and Little Xin- then filling their bowls with rice!

That level of customer service was only something you’d see in a high-class hotel like the Jewel Moon Palace . Naturally, most of this theatrics was to suck up to Ye Lang .

“Thank you, you may go now . Please close the door behind you too!” Ye Lang continued to rub Little Xin’s hair dry, ignoring everything else .

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