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Chapter 210: 210
The Assassination (2)

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The spirit girl was perfect, there wasn’t a flaw you could pick on . However, it couldn’t beat what Princess Longji had because she lacked the aura a real person would have . If she had that breath of life, then she would beat them .

Of course, although the spirit girl lacked this point, it was only this one point . Her perfection could still beat most, and the people above her were only a very small percentage, probably so few you could count them with your fingers!

“We don’t have time to contemplate on her beauty, I’m leaving!” said Coldblood Five, jumping onto the ground . She disappeared .

At this moment, all attention was on Princess Longji . No one would ever notice a little person running past their ankles . Then again, Coldblood Five’s camouflage abilities were powerful . She knew how to blend into different backgrounds . You wouldn’t believe that there was someone right before your eyes . Even if they stared, they still wouldn’t be able to spot her .

Coldblood Seven understood this too . She directed her attention to the general situation .

At this point, Coldblood Seven suddenly realised there wasn’t just her own team working in the field . There were many more working at the same time .

Although they didn’t know who was assigned, if Coldblood Group members met each other, they would know!

And Coldblood Seven, as a high-ranking member, how could she not know her own team?

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She didn’t know how her team entered . It seemed like they had used a very believable, honest identity . She only knew that these members, without other people knowing, had already formed a circle around the princess . They could act at any moment now .

She thought that since the Coldblood group had sent the three of them first, no other member would act first before they did .

To make backup plans was a normal thing, but these backup plans were always executed after the mission failed, not during the operations of the mission .

Forget it . Perhaps they were only going to operate after her team failed .

That was the only explanation . Looks like this mission had to be non-stop, and the organisation couldn’t rest if Princess Longji wasn’t dead . The group was willing to pay a huge price .

This was also Coldblood Seven’s mindset .

“Coldblood Seven…” Not long after she left, Coldblood Five was back .

“What happened? Did you succeed?” asked Coldblood Seven, puzzled .

“No, I’ve failed!” she said, exasperated .

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“?? Why?”

“I now understand why they need the spirit girl . Princess Longji has a very special Qi field around her . Anyone using Qi and magic would be expelled out!” Coldblood Five continued, “If only I had my original size, perhaps I could’ve tried . ”

The smaller the person, the larger the effect of the Qi field . Coldblood Five was repelled far away . If it weren’t for her size, someone would’ve seen her .

“The spirit can disrupt the field?” Coldblood Seven didn’t understand .

“The little idiot mentioned that the spirit was a very special entity . Its abilities aren’t related to Menqi and magic at all, so this field wouldn’t work on the spirit!”

“Oh . What does Princess Longji have on her to have this power?”

“I think it might be an ancient amulet with defensive powers!” Coldblood Five could only offer this explanation .

“Can’t you approach her without using Menqi?” asked Coldblood Seven . She knew the answer would be a no or Coldblood Five wouldn’t be here .

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“Nope . Princess Longji is an expert . She’d definitely notice if I approach!” Coldblood Five shook her head, “We have to look for another method now . Perhaps we could poison her . I’ll go look for other ways . If they don’t work, then we’ll have to look for a way to wake the idiot up!”

“If you need to poison her, then I can do it! I’ll trick her into drinking the poison like a good girl!” beamed Coldblood Seven proudly, smoothening her clothes . Coldblood Five had already disappeared .

“ . . . ”

“Sister Longji, you’re back! I’ve missed you!” whined the little princess, running to Princess Longji .

“You brat, I’ve missed you too! Have you been a good girl?” said Princess Longji warmly, smiling .

“I am a good girl! That’s why I was bullied by a mean woman!” The little princess was obviously taking the opportunity to get Princess Longji to teach the spirit girl a lesson .

Princess Longji was stunned for a moment . “This mean woman, who is she? Who dares bully my sister?” she asked immediately .

“It’s her…” The little princess immediately dragged Princess Longji towards the spirit girl . Princess Longji wasn’t interested in small talk with the rest of the guests anyway, so she tagged along .

“Uh…” Coldblood Seven and Five noticed that the heavens must have been helping themselves . Princess Longji herself was walking towards them, making it so much easier .

If only Ye Lang were awake, they thought . Then killing her would be so easy!

However, they also found it very odd . It had been weird since the beginning as if opportunities to assassinate her were showing up at their doorstep .

This mission was supposed to be the hardest mission ever, but it suddenly became very, very simple . As long as Ye Lang knew how to make use of his opportunities, killing her would be as simple as chopping vegetables . It was getting more and more peculiar as if there was another person guiding them! If someone close to Ye Lang heard of this, they’d only smile and say, “This is normal, it’s not peculiar at all! This is all arranged by his other mother . Who’s his other mother? Lady Luck of course!”

“You mean woman!” shrieked the little princess at the spirit girl, who was bent over the table . The spirit girl, naturally, didn’t respond .

“??”Princess Longji looked at the spirit girl, puzzled . They couldn’t believe someone would be able to sleep at an event like this . Even they themselves wouldn’t do something so uncultured .

“I’m sorry, Princess Longji, it’s my cousin’s narcolepsy . Sometimes she’d suddenly fall asleep like this . She’ll be awake soon . Let’s drink a glass while waiting for her!” said Coldblood Seven politely . She would never let this opportunity go .

“That’s odd! Can we wake her up?” Princess Longji, on the other hand, was being very straightforward instead of choosing to wait . She only wanted to speak to the little princess’ bully . It wouldn’t take too much time anyway .

“About that… We can’t wake her…” Coldblood Seven smirked . If she were awake, you would be dead . Do you think you’d still be talking to her?

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