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Even Sun Yanglong did not know the secretive history of Clan Qin. He heard Qin Zongheng's narration with mouth wide open.

Entranced, Qin Dong could not deny Qin Zongheng's conclusion. First, his surname was Qin; second, there was another reason that Qin Dong had to consider Qin Zongheng's judgment carefully.

The border cliff separated the heavens and the mortal realm. In the heavens it was acknowledged that anyone jumping off the border cliff could reach the mortal realm. But it was also dangerous because the jumpers would lose their lives, otherwise the mortal realm would be brimming with the people from the heavens.

Qin Tailong knew the risks of leaping off the border cliff, but he still asked his son to do so. Was he insane? Apparently he was not. The only explanation was Qin Tailong was sure that Qin Dong would not die if he jumped. If Qin Dong died, no one would revenge on Fu Yanshan.

Qin Dong recalled that he had heard a great deal of stories about the mortal realm from his father. It was not hard to tell that his father was familiar with the mortal realm. Would the Clan Qin in the heavens be the one vanished in the mortal realm a thousand years ago? Qin Dong subconsciously felt that his guess was likely to be true.

Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong looked at each other and kneeled down before Qin Dong while he was contemplating.

Aghast, Qin Dong pulled them up by a trace of vital energy, "Elders, what are you doing? I can't accept that."

Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong were old men. Especially Qin Zongheng, his beard were all white. Qin Dong felt a bit down when he saw two old men going down on their knees before him.

Standing up spontaneously, Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong could not resist Qin Dong's vital energy. Staring at each other, Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong insisted their idea resolutely.

Gazing at Qin Dong, Qin Zongheng pled, "Dragon envoy doesn't come from our clan, but all of us are the offspring of Clan Qin. I beg you to help us! "

Qin Dong asked in confusement, "It is my first time to come to Clan Qin. But I find it wealthy and prosperous, enjoying a high status in Country Longyuan. Why do you need my help?"

Qin Zongheng winced, "Led by the dragon envoys appearing every a hundred years, Clan Qin is renowned and unconquerable all over the country. However, there is no dragon envoy in the recent five hundred years. Without the support of a dragon envoy, Clan Qin declines and is trapped in predicament. In Country Longyuan, Clan Gu is our strongest rival. In Country Jinxia, the Black-golden Mountain, the Asura Realm and Clan Chu are our enemies. In the Country Feitian, Clan Yuchi and Clan Wu eye us with hostility. Now, Clan Qin is besieged on all sides. If the dragon envoy doesn't appear and guide us to change the situation, I am afraid Clan Qin will disappear soon!"

Qin Dong realized that the condition of Clan Qin was not optimistic. It was not difficult to imagine why everyone chose to believe the birthmark of the second young master was the symbol of the dragon envoy. Clan Qin desired the envoy so much.

Smiling wryly, Qin Dong responded, "I want to help you, too. But now we can't make certain that I am the dragon envoy you are waiting for. "

Qin Zongheng hurried to explain, "How can't we make certain? With such a powerful cultivation base at a young age, you are stronger than any other dragon envoy we met. Is it not enough to explain our conclusion?"

Sun Yanglong added, "Dragon envoy, given you and his lordship belonging to the same ancestral Clan Qin, please help us!"

Qin Dong came to the mortal realm to release the seals of the mystic chaos ring and unchain its hidden energy, so that he could reach the stage of nine lotus flowers gathering at the top, return to the heavens, retaliate against Fu Yanshan--Lord Wanpeng, by exterminating his Wanpeng School. He did not want to find trouble for himself and inclined to reject Qin Zongheng's request.

On a second thought, Qin Feiyan was one of Clan Qin. She would suffer if Clan Qin collapsed. Besides, he was incapable of destroying Wanpeng School by himself even reaching the stage of nine lotus flowers gathering at the top. Obviously, he needed someone to assist him in killing Fu Yanshan.

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