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Qin Dong's father was a moderate drinker and also the good friend of Le Yi, a renowned Bacchus in the heavens.

Le Yi was good at making liquor, and the liquor he made was excellent.

It was both perfect in taste and function.

Made of various spirit medicines from the heavens, it brought about the effect from building body to enhancing spiritual energy, healing and detoxifying. It was not exaggerated to call the monk's common liquor as cat urine if compared with Le Yi's.

Qin Dong smiled at the monk's craziness. His soul dipped into Qian Kun Sheng, looked for and found some jars of liquor made by Le Yi left from his father.

A kind of liquor named Happy was the best. With a fire-like burning taste, it refreshed and cooled its drinkers, removing negative emotions and breeding pleasure.

The liquor was produced from a rare flower named chaotic wonder flower in the heavens.

Common in appearance, it resembled the green bristle grass at roadside and existed from the beginning of the universe. It was said that only a tiny trace of the precious chaotic energy would help cultivators to transform endless vital energy.

Qin Dong's father thought some relationship must bear between the mystic chaos ring and the flower and asked a lot of the liquor—Happy from Le Yi.

The rapid advance of Qin Dong's cultivation base was attributed to his talent and the liquor.

"Brat! You dare to call my liquor cat urine. Do you have better one?" The monk's Heart Burning liquor had been cherished for dozens of years, but it was looked down upon by Qin Dong. Annoyed, he could not swallow the rage, bellowing and gazing at Qin Dong.

Qin Dong intended to fish out the liquor, but paused. Although Qian Kun Sheng was common in the heavens, it was a treasure in the mortal realm. His identity would be revealed if he took out liquor from it.

He frowned and laughed confidently, "Of course. Much better than yours."

"Brag!" The monk doubted when seeing Qin Dong's confidence.

Qin Dong answered, "I don't brag. And I can prove my words. But the liquor is not with me today. Tomorrow, I'll ask Miss Fang to send one jar to you. I dare to say, you'll abandon your liquor after drinking mine."


The monk did not know how to answer, but Jin Pingyue chuckled, "Monk, do you hear that? Collect your wine, don't lose your face here!"

Gritting teeth, the monk glared at her and took his liquor away.

Jin Pingyue grinned to Qin Dong after deliberation, "Boy, the monk's liquor is penniless. But I have a treasure, and you must like it."

"Really?" Qin Dong was curious.

She raised eyebrows to the monk, as if demonstrating, and presented the Icy Frost Sword to Qin Dong.

The monk was startled and murmured, "Are you insane? The sword is your favorite? You're gonna to give it to the boy? "

She replied seriously, "Exactly! I invite Qin Dong to be my disciple sincerely! The sword is indeed my favorite, but nothing, if compared with him. I would like to teach all I know to him, let alone a sword? Do I need it after retirement?"

The monk regretted. He should have given his purple gold bowl to Qin Dong at first. Now, Jin Pingyue took an advantage and he might fail.

Jin Pingyue's generosity astounded Lin Qingfeng, whose eyes widened. He had known her for dozens of years, but realized now that she was more beneficent than most men.

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