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This was the very first time someone had so blatantly taken liberties with her. She was so surprised that she couldn't react immediately.

Jiang Luoshen's red lips trembled, preparing to admonish him. She just couldn't take this anymore.

At that time, Chu Feng placed his index finger to his mouth, gesturing her to be quiet.

What the hell?! Jiang Luoshen was startled.

But after a moment, she was even more infuriated. After taking advantage of her, this man wanted her to keep quiet?! How repulsive!

Xia Qianyu recovered from her dazed state. Very quickly, she grabbed a glass, prepared to smash the pervert when required.

The way she saw it, this man was just too gutsy. Even after Jiang Luoshen revealed her identity, he wasn't the least pressured and even took advantage of them. Preposterous!

This man's speed was fast to point of leaving her dazzled. In a flash, he had taken the cup off her hands and was gesturing with his index finger to keep quiet.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt a huge headache. Ye Qingrou and company were approaching fast. They were right by the door.

He dipped his finger into water and speedily wrote thus on the table: "The situation is dangerous, do not utter a word!"

Xia Qianyu saw him dip his finger into the water in her cup, and she suddenly raised her head. Then, seeing Chu Feng's written words, she was dazed.

Jiang Luoshen stared at him, showing considerable restraint. Her temper didn't immediately flare up. She wanted to see just what more would he dare to do with so many people around.

Besides, if she really took action, she had no need to fear this man in front of her. She was of noble birth and had long been accepted as a top expert among mutants.

"A number of assassins have entered the restaurant, don't move! Let's see how this plays out," wrote Chu Feng.

He had not choice but to dupe them thoroughly, making them believe they were in a serious situation, lest more troubles arise.

Xia Qianyu couldn't resist turning back to look. There was danger in the area?

Relatively, Jiang Luoshen was rather calm. Her fair demeanor was elevated by her perfectly shaped red lips. With a rather crude attempt at smile, she simply stared at him silently.

She was a very intelligent lady. Though Chu Feng was quick-witted, there was no way she'd fall for his tricks.

But, Jiang Luoshen was unperturbed. She leaned back on the chair in a relaxed manner and continued to observe this good looking but troublesome young man.

Chu Feng felt some degree of relief. At least for now, the two ladies had been convinced into temporary silence. This made things a bit easier.

But naturally, he felt like he needed to persist with the deception.

Only after calming down did Chu Feng become aware of a faint aroma—almost sweet and extremely pleasing.

He immediately realized! This fragrance belonged to Jiang Luoshen!

Obviously, the slight movement of his nose was detected by Jiang Luoshen. Her good looking brows were raised, and a murderous aura could be detected in her eyes.

"My apologies, it was not intentional!" Chu Feng wrote on the table. He added, "What brand of perfume is this?"

He wanted to defuse the awkward situation by pretending it was perfume, but of course, he wasn't too sure about the origin of the fragrance either.

However, to Jiang Luoshen, she felt even more harassed.

This was a mask worn by her, and it was closely fitted against her face, mouth and nose. Apart from her, where else could the smell come from? This guy was given an inch and now he wants a mile!

Xia Qianyu stared at him with her big clear eyes. She suddenly grabbed Jiang Luoshen's glass without a word, intending to smash this pervert!

"Are you tired of writing so many words?" Jiang Luoshen asked with an indifferent smile. She was still leaning back in her chair and watching him.

Her voice was not loud, but it caused panic in Chu Feng's heart. He stealthily glanced towards the distance.

"It seems you are acquainted with that group?" Jiang Luoshen inquired. Even though she wanted to beat him up immediately, she ultimately decided to give him additional mental distress first.

The more worried he was, the more she was bent on attracting the attention of those people.

"Those people are expert assassins, do not provoke them!" Chu Feng wrote a long sentence, trying his best to intimidate the two ladies.

Xia Qianyu felt a bit apprehensive. Seeing as how nervous this pervert was, it didn't seem like he was acting at all. Could it be that there were actually assassins here?

Jiang Luoshen rolled her eyes at her, saying, "If I really didn't come along, it's quite likely you would be deceived into following him to some remote place and be taken advantage of."

Xia Luoshen felt humiliated and angry as she retorted, "That's impossible! I'm not that foolish. On the contrary, today, it was you who was taken advantage of."

Chu Feng felt like they were done for. With these two ladies in this state, they were certain to be discovered.

But, what gave him some hope was that the Clairaudient. Just like him, the latter did not keep his ability active in the crowded city center so as to avoid terrifying amount of ambient noise.

He believed that as long as Jiang Luoshen did not bring up his name, the clairaudient would not notice them.

Chu Feng wiped the sweat off his brows and firmly decided that he needed to leave. He simply could not tarry any longer.

However, Jiang Luoshen had something else in mind. With a mischievous smile, she said, "Oh look at the time, it's almost noon. We haven't had anything to eat yet, let's order some food."

At this point, she called over a waiter and started to place her orders.

Chu Feng was momentarily frozen as she stared at the national goddess across the table. Didn't she just say she wasn't hungry? Now she wants to stay and cause mischief?

"Yeah, I'm definitely hungry now. In any case, we have someone treating us to good food. Let's order some of the best delicacies," Xia Qianyu chimed in.

Jiang Luoshen was very familiar with the menu. She quickly ordered some of the most expensive dishes on the menu, plus a bottle of choice wine.

Chu Feng sat there feeling suffocated. He wanted to leave, but he was afraid, not of receiving a beating from the two ladies, but of being recognized by his acquaintances.

"Don't move," reminded Jiang Luoshen, "or else I'll invite those people over." With a gentle smile complementing her fair and translucent complexion, she was as brilliant as she was bewitching.

Chu Feng knew this lady was intentionally torturing him after deducing that he was somehow related to the newly arrived group and that he was unwilling to be discovered by them.

He was quite surprised. This lady was not only a dazzling beauty, but also extremely sharp—truly hard to deal with.

"Won't you try some?" Jiang Luoshen's smile was increasingly sweet as she played with her hair. As she proposed a toast and clinked glasses with Xia Qingrou, she cast a sideways glance at Chu Feng.

"I'm not hungry!" Chu Feng replied, annoyed at their intentional torment. But actually, he really wanted to eat some. He was truly hungry.

"The dishes are really not bad!" Xia Qingrou laughed, feeling very satisfied. She was able to eat good food at the pervert's expense and infuriate him at the same time. It was truly a pleasure.

"Hmm, the red wine is also quite exquisite." Jiang Luoshen raised the crystalline wine glass with a gentle swirl. She took in the fragrance of the wine before taking a gentle sip. The wine moistened her red lips and gave them a lustrous shine, bringing about a truly enticing scenery.

Chu Feng clenched his teeth. The situation had reversed, and he was now the one being taken advantage of.

As he thought of this, he inhaled deeply, taking in the fragrance of the mask without reservation as a look of luxurious pleasure emerged on his face.

"Give it back to me!" Jiang Luoshen regained her senses and demanded the return of her items in a low voice.

She couldn't stand his actions any longer. It felt extremely awkward, like someone was breathing close to her face. It caused her hair to stand on end.

"I refuse!" Chu Feng wrote.

Jiang Luoshen laughed coldly, saying, "You really want me to invite them over?"

"Suit yourself. At most, I'll be laughed at for coming on a blind date. But, when I loudly announce that I'm here on a date with the nation's goddess, it's guaranteed that everyone will turn to look. Then we'll see who's miserable."

Chu Feng was thoroughly calm as he wrote those words slowly.

He had thrown caution to the wind. What's there to fear? It should be Jiang Luoshen's disadvantage.

"You…" Xia Qianyu was badly startled. This was too shameless. Only he would come up with something like that.

Jiang Luoshen's beautiful countenance frosted over. She was absolutely furious—no one has ever threatened her like this before.

She was Jiang Luoshen for god's sake! The national goddess, the young mistress of Bodhi Biogenetics. Who would have thought that there was someone who dared to constantly aggravate her—this was completely unacceptable!

"Then, I'll start shouting now. I'll say the goddess is my girlfriend," Chu Feng wrote.

"You… how despicable, shameless and vulgar!" Jiang Luoshen was always calm and collected, but now, she was severely agitated. How she wished she could smash the wine glass into his loathsome face.

"Calm down, you can't lose the graceful bearings of a goddess," Chu Feng reminded benevolently.

"Luoshen, don't stop me!" Xia Qianrou was even more upset, planning to smash him with the wine glass. However, she was stopped by Jiang Luoshen.

Jiang Luoshen wanted to leave just as much as Chu Feng did. They couldn't continue staying here. Once out of the restaurant, she would have many ways to deal with this man. He must be made to cry!

Similarly, Chu Feng couldn't wait to escape.

However, he realized that Ye Qingrou and company were seated fairly close to the exit.

He thought about how he should escape. Suddenly, he had an idea. With great dexterity, he flashed towards Jiang Luoshen's sunglasses and took them. He put them and recognized the familiar fragrance, not even showing any guilt at all.

Jiang Luoshen was as furious as she was astonished. This man's speed was so terrifying that even she could not react in time.

Xia Qianyu glared at Chu Feng, fuming at his unrestrained manner. It would appear there was really nothing he didn't dare to do.

Jiang Luoshen quickly removed the cute scarf that adorned Xia Qianyu's neck and wrapped it around her, hiding half her face. She was truly afraid people would recognize her.

At a distant table, the clairvoyant Du Huaijin was busy flattering Ye Qingrou.

"This restaurant is really hard to book. Even if one did so in advance, getting a table is not a certainty. Who would've thought with a simple word from Miss Ye, everything was settled."

The clairaudient Ouyang Qing was also praising her in a low voice, saying, "I agree, Sister Qingrou is truly awesome. This restaurant is definitely better than the one I booked earlier. It was a wise choice to switch places."

Suddenly, a look of suspicion flashed across Du Huaijin's face as he said, "Eh? Why does that man look like our boss?"

One had to know that the distance between them could not be considered close. Moreover, there were a lot of tables full of guests between them. Even Du Huaijin was only able to catch a short glimpse.

Even so, he was able to recognize Chu Feng.

Ye Qingrou was surprised. Did Du Huaijin really see Chu Feng?

"Let me listen," the clairaudient Ouyang Qing said, his large ears moving slightly. With a surprised expression, he exclaimed, "That's our boss alright. I can recognize the sound of his breathing."

In the distance, Chu Feng was almost in tears. With these two wacky subordinates, there can be no privacy to speak of.

He decided that in the future, he must "train" them quite a bit, forbidding them to use their powers to spy on him under any circumstance, on pain of a daily beating.

As expected, the three walked over, with Ye Qingrou in the lead. She was not the least hesitant after having received a double confirmation from the clairvoyant and clairaudient.

"Boss, it truly is you! You were actually dining with two absolute beauties?!" Du Huaijin exclaimed boisterously even before he had reached their table. The ladies were simply too beautiful.

Clairaudient Ouyang Qing cried, "You're going one vs two with such exquisite beauties. Indeed, a valiant lifestyle requires no justifications! I… I'm totally convinced!"

The innocent Xia Qianrou was so furious that her lungs were about the explode. Where did these people come from? They were indeed birds of a feather with that pervert!

One vs two? Jiang Luoshen's face was filled with several black lines as she was enraged.

"You two, nobody will claim you're deaf if you speak less!" Chu Feng reprimanded.

He could not pretend he didn't see them, so he could only stand up and admonish them while smiling uncomfortably at Ye Qingrou. The difference in treatment was evident.

However, Ye Qingrou did not appreciate the gesture. Her lithe figure approached as she played with her locks. She glanced at the three people at the table and directly inquired, "This looks like a blind date?"

"What?! The boss is on a blind date?!" Du Huaijin cried, almost as if he was afraid other people wouldn't know.

Ouyang Qing's eyes went round. Je stared unblinkingly at Chu Feng, saying: "Admirable, truly admirable! A one vs two blind date!"

"Shut up!" Chu Feng felt a big headache.

The reason was that he discovered Jiang Luoshen, at the opposite end of the table, was seething with rage, ready to explode any moment. Certainly, this would not end well.

"You two perverts are not allowed to make any more irresponsible remarks!" Xia Qianyu warned them.

"Boss, why are you wearing sunglasses and a mask? Were you trying to hide from us?" Ouyang Qing poked.

"Wait, something's not right. Oh my god! Guess who I spy?!" Du Huajin was suddenly excited as he stared at Jiang Luoshen.

Chu Feng felt that things are going out of hand. This guy with the Clairvoyance certainly had the power to recognize Jiang Luoshen through her veil.

"Oh god, I'm about to faint. It's actually… the national goddess!" Du Huajin was so excited that he was at a loss what to do.

Before his awakening, he was just a normal citizen who was a huge fan of Jiang Luoshen. Who would have thought he would have to chance to meet her in person today?

"What?! She's Jiang Luoshen?!" Ouyang Qing cried out in alarm, saying, "Boss, I actually underestimated you. You are truly a god! Going on a date with Jiang Luoshen. Even one vs two!"

Xia Qianyu was about to go crazy. She felt that this blind date was thoroughly terrible, sure to leave a black mark in her life.

Af for Jiang Luoshen, she wanted nothing more than to kill this person. Her fair countenance was invaded by a murderous air. Today's experience was simply too terrible. She had never imagined this kind of scenario.

On this side, Ye Qingrou was also in a daze as she discovered that the other party was truly Jiang Luoshen.

Du Huaijin excitedly ran over with a pen in his hand, asking Jiang Luoshen for an autograph.

Jiang Luoshen was in a mood to kill, yet she was being pestered for an autograph. At this point, it wasn't too hard to guess her mood with regards to why the pen was snapped in two.

"Goddess, please wait! I was too excited. Don't worry, I'll go find another pen!" the clairvoyant Du Huaijin pleaded.

"Boss, henceforth, you are now my idol!" at the side, clairaudient Ouyang Qing proclaimed: "on a date with the goddess, it was actually our boss who was wearing sunglasses and a mask. Even the goddess was not afraid of exposing her identity. One could imagine how active the goddess was in pursuing this meeting. Tho boss's charisma is truly not at a level us normal people can imagine."

Peng! Across the table, Jiang Luoshen had, with a single fist, sent him flying. She could bear it no longer.

Chu Feng knew things have absolutely gone south.

Between the two bastards causing ruckus and Jiang Luoshen flipping out, the whole restaurant had gone silent. Quite a few people stood up and started crowding over.

The national goddess had been exposed!

If this news was spread, the resulting storm would be unimaginable.

Sou! Sou!

Simultaneously, Chu Feng and Jiang Luoshen had run away, virtually alongside each other.

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