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Now, they were far away from there. Nobody knew what was happening back there, but they all felt as if the ground was shaking.

Many lowered their heads to look at their communicators. They were looking for news to find clues about what had happened.

However, there was no news about the ginkgo tree.

Despite that, there were many strange happenings reported. In some places, animals that were thought to have been extinct for thousands of years were discovered once again. Some ancient wells that had been dried up for hundreds of years began to sprout spring water.

All these omens, made it seem like world was trying to send some kind of message.

"Wang Wu Lake has purple clouds engulfing it, is this real?" someone gasped.

This piece of news left them surprised, but according to the many heated discussions in their communicators, most people did not believe it to be true.

Even after encountering so many bizarre events, the people on the train were still sceptical about it.

After that, there were reports about the Dong Ting Lake which had a shiny surface and was engulfed in mist. The place looked ethereal.

This started up a heated debate and many  arguments.

As time went by, they passed through the torrential rains and crossed to another boundary. There, it was sunny. When compared to the dark rainy area they had been previously, it was immensely different.

An hour later, there was news about the floating trees in space again. There was a clear satellite image of it and other countries were also reporting it.

Those trees grew fast and were confirmed by  botanist experts, that they belong to Earth. Which, os course, meant that they could be found on Earth.

But how come, they were floating above? How did they even grow there? This, anyhow, was unexplainable.

Undeniably, this train's journey wasn't smooth. The train, yet again stopped once more in the evening.

Not only that, it stopped in the middle of nowhere. There were no towns or shops nearby. It wasn't the train's usual stop.

That made people unsatisfied and they complained to the train attendants.

"We have received news that, for unknown reasons, this stretch of trail has many problems. Some of the trail are no longer runnable. We will have to stop all the train's operations in a bit."

With that, there was an uproar of complaints and then – chaos.

To the knowledge of the train attendants, the trail up front were in close inspection. They needed to make sure that the trail ahead is safe and stable to continue the journey.

At night, Chu Feng called his parents. They talked about the abnormal phenomenon in their areas. Chu Feng was worried for them.

In fact, his parents were also worried about him.

And as warned, the train did not depart again after stopping. They were afraid of the hidden dangers and the passengers' safety. And because of that, there was no hope in trying to get it to move again.

In the compartment, many were on their communicators, some panicked. Because of all the strange happenings, nowhere wad safe. They all wished to return to familiar territories.

The train attendants gave out food and water to all the passengers.

If it were not for the delay, stopping in mid-journey, they would have already reached their destination by nightfall.

That night, they were all restless and were discussing among themselves in soft murmurs.

It wasn't until late at night, when the train became quiet.

Outside, it was pitch black, one couldn't even see the stars. It was desolated and eerie.


Suddenly, a deafening sound was heard. Everyone's eyelids flew open at that instant. They then looked around in confusion.

What happened? What could make the train, which was so heavy, tremble?! Was possible that something had knocked against it?

Many were pale and kept staring out of the window.

However, outside was pitch black. They were deep in the mountains, where starlight couldn't reach them. One couldn't see anything at all. This made them feel nervous and frightened.

They were in the middle of a thick mountainous forest. Occasionally, one could hear the night owl and other creatures of night. That made them even more terrified.


Another deafening noise. Some screamed.

"What is out there?! How can it be so strong that it can rock the entire train?!"

Chaos ensued.

"Stop shouting!" Chu Feng shouted.

If a person  panicked before anything even happened, it could easily cause many problems.

"I know this part of the boundary. It's an ancient battlefield. Back then, many people died here!" a middle-aged woman claimed shakily.

"Shut up, stop making up stories!" Fatty Chou bellowed. However, his face was also pale.

He had often used this trail and he, of course, knew what this place was.

"There aren't any ghosts in this world. Even if there were, they would just be electromagnetic energy. They would quickly disperse and they wouldn’t able to rock the entire train." another chimed in, trying to stabilise the chaos.

After that, they discovered that their communicators were no longer working!

At that moment, they were stunned and chilled to the bone.

This night was destined to be a sleepless one. It was impossible for them to sleep now.

Many were terrified and kept peering out of their windows, hoping for daylight to come. It was because they thought some giant was circling the train.

Before dawn, a mist enshrouded the entire mountain.

"What's happening outside?" Chou Quan asked.

"Let's go down to take a look." Chu Feng replied.

"Don't go!" Chou Quan shook his head vehemently.

"I think it should be safe. If something were to happen, it would have already happened." Chu Feng responded.

At last, Chu Feng, Chou Quan and other young men decided to get down from the train to have a look at what was going on.

The white mist shrouded them and they couldn't see past a few meters ahead. It was both a mystifying and ghastly scene, it made people scared.

It was dead quiet.

"Oh my gosh, what….is this?!"

Suddenly a young man screamed. His scream was filled with horror and his eyes widened in fear as he stared at something in mid-air.

His sudden scream made their hairs stand on end. It also made the people aboard the train petrified and numb with fear.

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