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The family of Mu had once deduced that Angel Ox might seem a lot tougher than he really was, but in fact, he was only relying on that mysterious bow to help him win an edge over his opponent. Without it, Angel Ox would have just been a nobody.

Therefore, so long as the threats posed by the bow and arrow were neutralized, Angel Ox was a figure unworthy of being feared for.

Chen Hai was a boxing fighter-turned mutant. His expertise in martial arts coupled by the supplemental power granted by the strange fruit had turned him into a beast who could easily overcome all his opponents!

He could rush into a crowd of mutants and march over unhindered. He was an unstoppable beast.

The consumption of an average strange fruit would not have granted anyone else the level of evolution Chen Hai had achieved. He was a freak and an aberration to the laws of nature!

"You're too puffed up with pride and arrogance!" Chu Feng gazed at his opponent.

At the same time, Chu Feng frowned. He knew that he was being a little too careless. The fact that he had travelled on an open highway under broad daylight had made him all the more susceptible to others' pursuit.

There was a bit of indifference written on Chen Hai's face as he stood there like a lance. Once he started to attack, he would pierce through everything unhindered. He had great confidence in himself.

"You are not being serious here, are you? Are you actually the man behind the mask in the Mountain of White Snake on the other day?" the woman who was standing amidst the cluster of vines smiled and said. She looked at Chu Feng with a peculiar expression.

According to information she had gathered, Chu Feng was only an ordinary person. However, the reality seemed to have been running in antithesis to the info. Chu Feng had clearly evolved.

However, this woman was not quite convinced that Chu Feng was the man who had disguised as Angel Ox. She witnessed with her own eyes in the Mountain of White Snake the ruthlessness of that man behind the mask. He was a cold-blooded butcher who had killed Mu and slaughtered the rest of the mutant gang. Even an attack helicopter would not stand a chance in front of that bestial monster.

The young man standing in front of her eyes lacked the kind of domineering manner that Angel Ox boasted. Chu Feng looked a tad too mild and gentle. Even when anger struck him, the young man still looked composed and collected.

"What do you think?" Chu Feng asked. He had never thought that this day would come this quickly. It seemed like a conflict between him and the opposing group was inevitable, regardless of whether he chose to admit his identity.

Just as Chu Feng had expected, these people would rather kill thousands of innocent than to let off their enemy scot free. This had always been how they did things.

"Hell! Like I really care who you are. You're as good as dead in my hand regardless of who you are!" Chen Hai said. He clutched to his alloy shield while speaking in an unfeeling and indifferent tone.

He was a rather conceited man who had always been holding every other mutant in contempt.

Unless his opponent was someone like Kong Kim, he would not even raise his eyes for his enemy.

Chu Feng did not retort. Without a word, he drew a giant bow from a huge baggage on his back. It was the thunderous bow—the very bow that had served Chu Feng as his ultimate amulet.

The thunderous bow was a dazzling piece of artefact in the eyes of others. The image of this bow had been circulating on the internet for quite some time!

Chen Hai's eyes widened and sparkled. He gazed at Chu Feng. Although he had already realized who he was, the moment when his suspicion finally got confirmed still shocked him a little.

The woman, meanwhile, had been completely dumbstruck. Astonishment and disbelief were written all over her face. He was Angel Ox?

"Angel Ox" had long been a character that only lived in people's legends and fables. Shooting down several choppers with only the most primitive tools coupled with the unparalleled prowess he showed in the battle of White Snake had made "Angel Ox" a household name.

"You…" the woman was at a loss for words. She still found this moment of revelation hard to believe.

Chu Feng was way too young to be even remotely associated with someone wild and savage. Angel Ox was someone fond of sadistic killings, while Chu Feng was only an elegant scholar at most.

She still remembered how mighty Angel Ox was on the day of the battle. He could traverse through space between mountains while dodging homing missiles left and right. With only a deafening roar, he could make a whole team of empowered mutants die a sudden death.

How imperious of a fight Angel Ox was!

The woman could not associate these two distinctively different figures no matter what. For her, Angel Ox and Chu Feng had always been two completely different persons, and it would perhaps always stay that way.

Although she was in disbelief, she still thought it was necessary for her to report this to her superiors. She needed to spread this sensational news and to let the world know who was the man behind the mask.

This revelation would surely cause a mighty uproar in the world!

"No!" Chen Hai stopped her, "don't report anything yet."

The woman was astounded and a little dumbfounded; however, she dared not to disobey Chen Hai's order.

Chen Hai gazed at Chu Feng and said, "Take out whatever you're hiding. Let me have a look."

Chu Feng could see the voracious gaze in Chen Hai's fervent eyes. He looked like a feral animal ravenous for its first meal after just being released from its cavity into the wild. In order to maximize the chance to acquire the object that had grabbed his interest, Chen Hai could even stand to pay for the cost of failing to report to his superiors of what he knew.

Chu Feng did nothing to cover up the presence of that stone box. He took out a stone box from a side pocket then opened the lid to let the three pairs of eager eyes to see clearly what was inside.

The box was full of lights that were glittering green. This was a sign of flourishing vitality as well as a telltale indication that whatever was inside the box were nothing out of the ordinary.

"Give it to me!"

Chen Hai was certain that the things in there would help him tremendously in the future, because he could feel that the blood within his body was flowing at a much greater speed after only casting a single glimpse at the content inside the box. This was his instinct telling him that the things inside the box would make him evolve.

The sharpness of his instinct proved that Chen Hai's boxing style had truly reached the acme of perfection.

"What should I give it to you?" Chu Feng coldly asked.

He put away the stone box and tugged at the bowstring. There was already an arrow trained on the bow.

"Shouldn't we report to our superiors now?" the woman said. She looked at Chen Hai, believing that having known Chu Feng was the man behind the mask of Angel Ox could already be counted as a great achievement. Therefore, she insisted that they should report this immediately.

The family of Mu had offered an exorbitant price for information about Angel Ox.

"Shut up! I said, we're not saying anything to them yet!" Chen Hai coldly cast a sidelong glance at the woman, looking overbearing and domineering.

Chu Feng laughed out loud. It was just as he had expected. Chen Hai was a man full of ambition, but he was corrupted by greed. He wanted to pocket all the extraordinary things he could find without letting the family of Mu know about it.

The woman fell into silence. She was a bit terrified, worrying that Chen Hai might do away with a witness to prevent leakage of information, and that meant that she might die in his hand any minute now.


Chen Hai soon started to take actions. He was sure enough a terrifying man who was no weaker than either Kong Kim or Silver Wing. He was rapidly closing in on Chu Feng. With a single spring, Chen Hai was only a hair away from Chu Feng.

He held the shield in one hand and a fist position in the other. The explosive power he delivered was almost unparalleled by any fighters.


Chu Feng pulled back the string of his bow, waiting for Chen Hai to leap into the air so that it would be harder for him to dodge the arrow.

In the company of a blinding electric arc and a deafening sequence of muffled rumble, the first arrow of the night was shot to lit up the night sky.

Any arrows that left the very string of the thunderous bow contained a substantial amount of electric charge. This magical electric component of the arrow supplemented the arrow with power and might, rendering it powerful enough to pulverize the biggest boulder that could be found on earth.


This first arrow was trained on Chen Hai's skull, but Chen Hai reacted fast enough to block off the piercing arrow with his shield. Boom! The clash of the metals made a deafening noise.

The shield had been pounded on by the arrow, but it remained intact. It was shockingly firm and durable.

Chen Hai clutched to his shield, but he had lost control of his body. It seemed as if he had been struck by a powerful force, pushing him miles back across the field.

Seeing that Chen Hai was falling back, the woman hastily summoned thousands of clusters of vines to form around her, offering herself layers of impenetrable protection.

The falcon soared into the sky. It looked terrified and fearful.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Chu Feng was shooting arrows in rapid succession, aiming solely at Chen Hai.

Clonk! Clonk! Clonk!

One had to admit that Chen Hai was indeed a terrifying fighter. Having the background as a skilful boxer, he was a lot more powerful than the other mutants. He wavered his shield incessantly and tirelessly, hiding himself safe and sound behind the protection of his shield.

His reaction was unmatched, and his instinct was sharp and accurate.

Arrows were shot one after another, but they had been either blocked by his shield or missed him completely. Not even one of these raining arrows had managed to injure him.

Chu Feng frowned. The shield was so firm that even arrows made of dragon teeth could not pierce through it.

However, the power of the arrows was not exerted by just the iron arrowheads but also the magical electric arc charged alongside these flying arrows. Thunders rumbled; lightning struck. Even though Chen Hai had not been injured by arrowheads, the electricity in the air had been constantly shocking him with great charges. His arms both looked charred; the part of his hand between the thumb and the index finger had been torn apart. Blood was spurting out from the wounds.

He had been injured but far from being incapacitated.

At last, Chen Hai plummeted to the ground. He was still clutching his shield in his hand. He tottered and staggered, then suddenly he drew himself up to his full height like a lance while coldly glowering at Chu Feng.

"Your bow is powerful alright, but if this is all you've got, you won't kill me!" A slight sneer crept over Chen Hai's face.

He had his shield in hand, so the arrows posed almost no threat to him. As a boxer, his skills had made him invincible and almost god-like.


Another arrow flew across the field with bolts of lightning. It landed on the ground not far from where Chu Feng was standing. Then with a boom, the earth shattered, and through the cracks formed on the earth, a string of blood spurted out like water from the mouth of a spring.


"Tuxing Sun" gave a blood-curdling scream. He sprung out of the earth then writhed on the ground in agony, but his suffering was not long before he kicked the bucket. The arrow had penetrated his chest, tearing apart his body and splitting him right in the middle.

Chu Feng had failed to subdue Chen Hai, so he acted with decision and aimed his arrow at "Tuxing Sun" just as he tried to make a surprise attack from underneath the earth once again. Chu Feng took advantage of the situation and delivered a deadly counterblow against "Tuxing Sun".

The man's ability to blend with the earth and to come and go without leaving any trace had been a real headache for Chu Feng.

However, the elimination of one enemy was not enough. The strongest and the most powerful enemy was still standing strong.

Chen Hai sneered. He rapidly closed in on Chu Feng with big strides. "Give me the stone box!" he demanded.

Chu Feng drew the bow, starting to shoot at Chen Hai once again.

"You should be clear by now. I'm way above your league in terms of actual strength and power. You have been solely relying on that bow to do your killings, but haven't you seen how ineffective it is against me? You're dead today!" Chen Hai clutched the shield in his hand, closing in on Chu Feng with an expression that screamed murder on his face.

Clonk! Clonk!

The arrows and the shield clashed violently against one another. Neither could the sounds of metal striking nor the rumble of thunder's roaring could stop Chen Hai from pacing forward.

Although he detested his opponent, Chu Feng admitted that Chen Hai's words were somewhat reasonable.

With regards to battle effectiveness, Chu Feng had once compared himself with Kong Kim

If his thunderous bow was taken out of the equation and only hand-to-hand combat is being considered, Chu Feng would not stand a chance when fighting against Kong Kim.

Yellow Ox had tried to make a surprise attack on Kong Kim for several times. The calf dealt Kong Kim the deadliest blow it could deliver, yet the man was still not incapacitated. This had clearly exemplified how powerful Kong Kim really was.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was far inferior to Yellow Ox in terms of power and strength, making it even more impossible for Chu Feng to fight someone like Kong Kim or Chen Hai without the bow to exert its full deadly potential.


Another arrow flew from its string and landed in the thick growth of grass.


The dog gave a blood-curdling scream. Its body had been torn apart by some great force. It had died a violent death.

Chu Feng was ready to escape the battleground for his life, but he was afraid that his trail might be detected by this dog's sensitive smell. So, to prevent the others from following his trail, Chu Feng shot the dog dead.

That woman and that falcon were even more terrified. They escaped into the distance like two mad men running.

"What are you running for? Come back! We can't allow him to live any longer!" Chen Hai shouted.

Meanwhile, Chen Hai took actions as well. He moved like a glimpse of light, traversing across the field and bringing himself a hair away from Chu Feng. He had readied himself to punch his enemy with his own unique boxing style.

The chant of a dragon and the roar of a tiger suddenly began to resound. The terrifying sounds were the result of Chen Hai's boxing style. The air vibrated with intense cyclone as the man spread his arm, wavering his fist madly but in a perceivable pattern.

Suddenly, the image of a tiger and a dragon formed in the air. They roared and chanted then began crushing down upon Chu Feng!

Gales of wind whistled; the trees in the surrounding places were all rocking like a canoe on a billowing ocean. Leaves detached from the branches before being torn apart into millions of fine fibres.

Chen Hai's boxing style had twelves styles in total. Right now, Chen Hai was performing the twelfth style to result in the formation of the image of tiger and dragon. The two bestial animals merged into one and began to make a concerted attack on their enemy. The might and power this could exert was immense.

Chu Feng was taken aback. Chen Hai had clearly reached the acme of perfection in terms of his boxing skills. All his moves were earth-shattering.

Chu Feng evaded the attack. Suddenly, a black glint of light took shape in his right hand. It was a black dagger. Chu Feng wavered the dagger and darted towards Chen Hai.


Chen Hai was way too powerful. With a mere flick of his finger on the back of the black dagger, Chen Hai made Chu Feng's palm trembled. Almost immediately after the impact, Chu Feng's right palm began dripping with blood while almost losing the grip of that black dagger.

Chen Hai was a monster! He was impossible to defeat!

Chu Feng was certain that this man was no weaker than Kong Kim. With what he was only capable of so far, Chu Feng was certainly not a match for this man. Even if he resolved to use the special breathing rhythm and Demon Ox Boxing Style, he was still miles behind the strength of this man.

Decisively, Chu Feng turned around and tried to make a run for his life towards those deep mountains.

"You will not run away from me today!" Chen Hai sneered.

At the same time, he also shouted over his shoulder at the woman, "Come back and chase him!"

"Roger!" the woman was astounded by the terrifying power Chen Hai had displayed. Chen Hai was sure enough a horrific monster. She was certain that he could stand shoulder to shoulder with the "Big Four" on the acme of the pyramid.

If he could eat the fruit borne on the strange tree, Chen Hai would highly likely become the sole ruler of the whole mutant world.

The young woman hurried over; meanwhile, the falcon lowered in altitude as well, waiting for the two to hop on.


Suddenly, Chen Hai came to blows. With just a single slap of his hand, the woman's body fell apart. It imploded like a deflated balloon, showcasing how terrifying his strengths were.

The woman was a powerful mutant herself but was turned into a despicable lump of limp meat after just a slap across the face.

The woman was angry and indignant. Her eyes were filled with despair, but she could not prevent the inevitable. In resentment and refusal to reconcile to such fate, she died a violent death.

The falcon was terrified, but just as it was about to run for its life, Chen Hai caught it in his hand. He clambered onto the falcon's back and said, "Go chase that man!"

His overly domineering voice made the falcon tremble with fright. The bird dared not to disobey its master's order, heading straight into the mountain.

Chu Feng had seen everything that had happened just then. He palpitated with fear. Chen Hai was sure enough a cold-blooded man. He had even killed his own man.

Obviously, Chen Hai had his eye on the stone box. He wanted to seize it for himself, so in order to prevent anyone from divulging the secret, he killed the woman in cold blood!

"You are not going anywhere, son! That box is mine!" Chen Hai coldly exclaimed in the air.

Chu Feng dove into a primitive mountain. Nowadays, mountains like this were not rare to find. Chu Feng was relatively familiar with the environment inside such a mountain. After all, he had been trained in such environments before.


Chen Hai frowned when he entered the realm of the primitive mountains on the back of his falcon. The place was tainted with thick miasma filling the air, and his line of vision had been severely compromised.

At the same time, the falcon was trembling with fright as well. The bird had been quite on edge.

Because there were too many monstrous beasts residing in this mountain. Their endless string of roars coupled with occasional sightings of monstrous birds soaring into the air made the falcon shiver with fear.


A twenty-meter bird of prey suddenly appeared out of void. It had a striped body, posing as a great threat to all those who stood near it. The falcon was so terrified that it suddenly began to rapidly descend to the bushy forest below. It dared not to stay in the air to rival all the other huge birds that were already dominating the sky.

"Useless f*cking trash!'

Chen Hai had grown furious. Just as the falcon was about to land, he trampled on the poor bird's skull and made it crumble. The bird had died a tragic death.

At the same time, that twenty-meter bird of prey was also diving for its food. Its silver feathers glittered in the misty air, and the bird itself was fierce and ruthless. In the twinkling of an eye, the bird had closed in on Chen Hai.

"You're just a pathetic bird. How dare you throw your weight about and act so disrespectfully!"

He stored away his shield and began to form the virtual image of a grizzly bear. This was one of the twelve styles that his boxing style could achieve. It represented the maximum of strength. With a boom, Chen Hai thumped his fist into the sky.


In an instant, the body of the twenty-meter falcon exploded. Its body was disintegrated into a grisly mixture of meat and blood. Huge chunks of meat plummeted to the earth while blood rained down. Feathers were drifting aimlessly in the air.

This bird could prove to be a formidable foe to many mutants out there. Even a group of ten would not have been enough to encircle and annihilate it. However, for Chen Hai, killing it was only a matter of seconds.

This had truly underlined the horrific power this man possessed!

"Let me see where you bastard is!" Chen Hai sneered. He walked with big strides in the mountain.


A giant beast emerged from the thick miasma. It looked like a violent ape whose body was covered with golden fur. The beast was at least fifteen meters tall. It had clearly smelled the stink of blood before it hurried its way over here.

"You're courting death!"

Chen Hai showed no intention to evade the rampaging beast at all. Instead, he ran straight towards it. Meanwhile, he formed the dragon style with his fists, then with a boom, he ran straight through the body of this beast.

Behind his back, blood was spurting out like water from a leaked hose. That golden-fur giant ape cried an unearthly cry, then its whole body erupted into a mess of blood and torn meat. It was a truly atrocious scene to behold.

Chen Hai finally started to loosen up in this new eerie environment. He hastily scurried forward while looking for Chu Feng. The occasional appearance of a monstrous beast could only stop the man for seconds before they all died a violent death. This degree of combat effectiveness could strike terror into anyone's heart.

No matter how powerful the beast was, their power all looked so pale when compared to the man's boxing style. Every beast was executed in seconds with body breaking into pieces.

For the ferocious beasts who resided in this mountain, Chen Hai was a demon. A demon from the man's world who had come here to claim their lives. Those who had the misfortune to stand in his way must have had a death wish.

In the end, the entire mountain had become silent. Not even a single beast dared to come out from their cribs and hidings. They were all hidden in the dark, shivering in fear and terror.

In the end, the whole forest had become so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Chu Feng had escaped into the depth of the primitive mountain. He was setting off for the Multi-verse.

"It seems like I've got no choice but to eat these pine nuts!"

Up until, Chu Feng had been hesitant. He had been disinclined to eating these nuts, because Yellow Ox had once said that although these seeds had their benefits, but they also came with unavoidable disadvantages.

Later, when Chu Feng noticed the pleasing development of those seeds in the stone box, he was determined to wait for the seeds to flower before taking any more action!

However, when the situation had spiralled to just a matter of life and death, Chu Feng was left with no time to hesitate.

"Twelve pine nuts. I wanted to save it for my parents, but now it seems I will have to be the one to take them!" Chu Feng sighed.

But before he ate them, Chu Feng needed to find somewhere quiet to escape Chen Hai's pursuit.

Because it took time for the nuts to take effect in his body.

"What?!" Suddenly, Chu Feng widened his eyes. He looked rather shocked.

In his arms, the stone box opened by some mysterious force.

Then, he sensed a refreshing and vigorous sense of vitality suffusing the air around him.

He cradled the stone box in his hands, noticing that the lid had fallen off from its initial position. The seed in the stone box was taking root and sprouting. Then, a hint of green emerged from underneath the soil!

It was rapidly growing. It grew so fast that it seemed almost as if the seed wanted to flower and bear fruit in just a day's effort!

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