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Wang Bugui had cultivated the Acuity Limit for two months. Now, given his speed, he was able to run around the Yuxu Pure Land for three laps within half an hour, and did not make any sounds while running. Dressed in black, he swept across the entire Pure Land like a gust of black wind. The animals here ran with him every day, but now they couldn't keep up with him.

Wang Bugui came to the Ancient Forest again. The blue Qilin found him and intended to run with him. However, Wang Bugui, in a blink, ran to about 500 meters ahead of it, just like a ghost.


It stayed still and looked into the direction where Wang Bugui disappeared. Its blue eyes were full of confusion. But Wang Bugui was still rushing to the Ancient Forest.

Suddenly, the vines in the forest moved. Dozens of the spiritual vines seemed alive, swaying wildly toward Wang Bugui, trying to tie him. However, Wang Bugui had been used to them. He resorted to the Acuity Limit martial art to speed up, and leaped back and forth like shadows in the dense net of veins.

There were just shadows left where Wang Bugui passed. With only several flashes, he had successfully passed the spiritual veins. There were no extra movements and obstacles throughout the whole process, so smooth.

Then Wang Bugui jumped up to move forward on the branches and leaves at the top of the tree, and even so, his speed did not decrease. There was a mass of gravity made by the array in the forest, but he could still run out of it lightly and agilely. He intended to pass across the Deep Lake in the same way.

He came to the Jade Stair again, ready to rush to the ninth step. He released violent blood vigour, in the center which, the golden blood began to convey the Innate Prana Power to his whole body. His blood was stained with gold more, and his momentum continued to climb.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and two golden lights from his eyes pierced into the sky like two golden heavenly swords. Then, he began to rush to the stone stairs. He passed five steps without a break very lightly. At this time, he was under the pressure of six thousand pounds, but he did not fall down, which demonstrated how powerful his body had been. However, this was not over yet. He mobilized the prana blood, once again, to speed up, and struggled to move one step forward under the pressure of nine thousand pounds.

At this time, although he was full speed, he also looked very slow, because the gravity was too heavy and he had little strength, in addition, his prana blood began to fade. However, he refused to give up, and with a howl, he pushed himself past the limit and burst out his final strength. Thus the prana blood that was about to retreat broke out again, supporting his trembling legs to climb on the seventh step. But only after three seconds he was beaten out of the Jade Stair.

Full of regret, Wang Bugui gasped, lying on the ground. He thought that with the combination of speed and acuity, he could rush to the ninth step. But the gravity exceeded his ability to withstand, and he was forced to fall on the seventh step. Restoring strength again, he got up and began to meditate. At the same time, Yun Jinghong came over.

He glanced at Wang Bugui and said, "You have already been able to move to the seventh step, which means your speed has reached the late stage in the Prana Soul State. But it is still far from the real late stage. We are pressed for time, so come with me to prepare for cultivating the next limit explosion." After speaking, he enlarged one of his hands and carried Wang Bugui to leave quickly.

They came to the Immortal Hill on the left side of the Yuxu Palace. On this fairy mountain, there was stronger Spiritual Power lingering than the Yuxu Palace. A large variety of auras had gathered into colorful ribbons. Wang Bugui was shocked. Those auras surrounded the mountain. As Wang Bugui came in, he felt more auras and had some pressure.

Yun Jinghong took him on and went to the middle of the mountain. There were many weird boulders and big iron blocks. Yun Jinghong stopped here and turned to Wang Bugui. "This is an ancient array. As soon as you enter, it will start. The stones inside are meteorite outside the sky, and the irons are also from outside the sky."

"This array can be started by using the auras of this mountain to communicate with the heaven and the earth, and those meteorites will start attacking you once the array starts. I don't ask you to break anything, and it will be okay to you to hit them all at once and let them stop the offensive."

"What are the requirements for this time?" Wang Bugui asked, because every time the cultivation standards were different. He was now getting used to asking such a question.

Yun Jinghong shook his head and said, "No requirements and standards. I will not give you any upper limit to cultivate the explosion, because the limit varies from person to person. The offensive of those stones will be faster and faster, and the impact will increase with time. So, be careful. If you ask for requirements, I hope that you can gradually break the rocks with cracks, and then you will be able to crush them in the next state."

"Then I will set the target for the Perfect Realm as cracking half of the stone. Can I hit these irons?" Wang Bugui clenched his fist. He felt such a challenge was very interesting.

"You can do that only after you reach the Prana Soul State. The irons have been sacrificed, and they are extremely hard. With the help of the array and those auras, they are hard to destroy. What's more, in the evening, they will attract the power of the stars. If you'd like, you can have a try, and you will be given a harsh lesson."

Yun Jinghong looked disdainful. His words made Wang Bugui felt that the ancient cultivators were really too smart. Let alone attracting the natural auras, they could even attract the power of the stars. That was totally secretive. At the same time, he threw back a disdainful look to Yun Jinghong, for his Master did have little confidence in him.

"Alright, you can start now. Remember to go all out, otherwise, you will be seriously injured if you take one step wrongly. I will also inform the Zi Yuxiao. After you attack the water balls for a certain number of times, the offensive will be faster several times, and the number of the balls will double, so that you can practice strength while practicing explosion together."

Leaving the sentence, Yun Jinghong flew away. Wang Bugui began to prepare for the battle against those meteorites.

He resorted to the Endless Golden Body Manifestation, and the blood vigour in his body began to run and roll, arousing his fighting spirit to the extreme. At the next moment, he rushed into the battle with his fists. The meteorites sensed that someone broke in and floated up, releasing mysterious Taoism lines forward.


Wang Bugui did his best to resist. He had to admit that those rocks are indeed hard. He suffered a loss colliding with them. He almost fell down. Then he rushed to the meteorite group. After a few back and forth collision, his red hands could not stop shaking. Not to mention cracking, it was difficult to stop the meteorites' offensive.

Later, he covered his four limbs with prana power, and burst out blood vigour to fight against the meteorites again. Refusing to confront with all of them, he chose to avoid those he didn't want to deal with, and try to fight against some. Her cultivation was still low, so he couldn't think about cracking all the stones. He must be focused on attacking some certain meteorites.

"I can do it!" Wang Bugui performed the mystical skill to the limit he could control, and battled against the meteorites again with his teeth clenching.

Taking a few steps, he quickly escaped the first meteorites like a dragon. Then he hit the meteorite coming toward him with the Blood Sea Surge Fist. They collided into each other, and a powerful energy field was released, which forced the meteorites that were about to be approaching to slow down.

This full attack from him contained all the power of his prana blood, which could smash the one-meter-thick steel plate. But in the face of the meteorites, he could only stop them, without leaving any marks on them, which could tell how hard they were.

In the next second, the meteorites flew toward him again. Wang Bugui browned to face up with them. His blood vigour broke out in an instant, temporarily blocking the offensive of the meteorite group. Then he locked one meteorite, and made an attack toward it. But this time the explosion of his blood vigour did not stop the meteorite for a long time, and in less than three seconds, it rushed toward him again. Those colorful shining meteorites flashed through the sky, one by one, just like meteors falling from the heaven.


Wang Bugui snarled. The achievements of these months' cultivation had been shown. His strength had reached 6,000 kilograms! When his strength reached 1,500 kilograms, his Force Limit would ascend to the late stage of his present state. The cultivation road was indeed difficult. He was regarded as the stunning genius and possessed the help of the supreme pendant, and thus, the era of the late arts would leave no influence on him. In addition, Yun Jinghong offered him all resources, and he got the treasure herbs from the spirit of the array to temper himself.

Even so, none of his human limits had reached the late stage of the Prana Body State. How difficult would the following road be? And how difficult was it for the cultivators who were troubled by the late arts universe to break through?


Every time when his golden fist hit into a meteorite, a deafening sound would be released. The meteorites could sense the 5,000-kilogram power of Wang Bugui's punch, so they would release stronger and faster lines. He gradually couldn't keep up with the speed of the meteorites.

The end result was that once he couldn't keep up, he was immediately hit by several meteorites. Wang Bugui felt the blood in his throat, but he swallowed it back. After this round of cultivation, his hand bones were broken, his body was beaten with green and purple, and his face was deformed.

"Puff! Hahahaha!"

In the distance, the Qilin saw the plumping Wang Bugui and burst out laughs. He couldn't help patting on the ground, and then even rolling on the ground. What more irritating was that it even brought the little jade rabbit with it. The white guy began to laugh with the Qilin; they two were even in the same gesture.

"B*stard! Don't, uh, don't run. Let me catch you!" Wang Bugui was in great anger. His face was too plumping to speak, and he would feel painful when he was excited.

"Hey, king, we are here to cheer up for you! It is not terrible to be shameful in front of me. But if Xue Yu'er goes back to spread that, you will lose your brilliant image!" The Qilin Pretended. Wang Bugui immediately ate two grasses of old herbs to restore his physical strength. Before the herbs were swallowed into his stomach, he began to roll up his sleeves, and ran after the Qilin.


"I'm not a fool!"

"Don't let me catch you!"

"No way. I'm never afraid of you!"

The Qilin learned a Sichuan dialect, which irritated Wang Bugui more. The little jade rabbit saw this scene and began to roll on the ground to laugh again. In the end, the Qilin did not escape the pursuit of Wang Bugui, and was fixed on the ground by him to have a lesson.

"What do you want to do? Oh no! Big brother, I'm wrong. Do you want to drink Coca Cola on my treat Be soft! And don't beat my face!" The Qilin begged for mercy with Sichuan dialect, but that irritated Wang Bugui more. After the fight, the two were both squatting back.

Before leaving, Wang Bugui didn't forget to warn the little jade rabbit to not spread what happened today. The little guy blinked its big red eyes, nodded and patted its chest to promise. But the next day, the story had still been spread throughout the Pure Land.

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