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"It's a lie..."

Stride Kingdom.

A country where mysterious creatures such as fairies and demons survive, and the concept of magic remains strong.

Raja Nobles are all born with magical powers and maintain peace in the country with their powers. The surroundings of the kingdom are covered by the thick barriers that weave and there is little interaction with foreign countries. Occasionally, a lost person comes in. Surrounded by mountains and forests, the climate is also favorable and blessed.

Because there is no need to resist foreign aggression, the national character is calm, and a gap of boredom or entertainment are especially developed.

One of the aristocratic houses in such a country, Sylvia Rivelte, who was born as the eldest daughter of the Revelte family, is trembling in her body. The reason why she is trembling is not from fear, but from pure surprise.

Sylvia (Sylvie) will be nineteen this year (TL Note: I'm assuming Sylvie is her nickname). She's an impressive girl with blonde hair that flows slowly down her waist and green eyes that look like jewels. The dress she wears is a soft and sweet design that suits her pretty appearance. Her skin is spotless and well maintained to the tip of her nails, making her a proper figure to call Sylvie a proper daughter.

She was located in a large room which was gracefully decorating- appealing to the eye easily. Sylvie was given this room with a bedroom behind it (TL Note: I have no idea how to visualize this. Probably a mistake in the translation process but we'll just go with it for now). Sylvie was there to confirm the dress she would wear to the court of the royal palace which will be held tomorrow night. But suddenly, she remembered without any signs or warnings. The world she is in right now is alive- specifically, the game world.

Moreover, this game was an R18 maiden otome series. It was the world with the title, "Pants Indecently At Your Fingertips" (TL Note: Oh man, oh boy. This will be good).

"Oh, my God…"

Sitting on a four-poster bed, Silvie put her hand on her forehead. It was an unconscious action that came from shock, but it also represented her current mentality.

Take a deep breath slowly and calm down…

Silvie thought she had to figure out what exactly happened to herself.

"Uh, um...I mean, I was reincarnated, right?"

First of all, it was from there.

Being able to recognize that you are in the game world means that you are playing that game somewhere else.

In other worlds, it was natural to think that it came from the world that played the game- the world where science and technology of Japan developed.

And Sylvie has the memory of a 19 year old, who lived as a royal daughter.

Then it comes to the conclusion that she died in the other world within her memory and reincarnated here.

"...Well, I remembered all sorts of things, but I do not remember just how they died…"

---But, is it okay?

Silvie indeed gave up her quick thinking.

She could not help think that this is, in fact, the world that she lives in now. That's all.

Magic and common sense of this world were already familiar to her. The world in the previous life which she remembered remains strange to her now. So, she decided to think about more realistic issues.

"Mmm..But in the world of the Fingertip series...Reincarnation…"

--A fingertip series.

It was the series' name of the R18 maiden game represented by "Pants Indecently At Your Fingertips".

There are various things such as "his fingertips", "that person's fingertips", etc. However, it is the first work to commemorate that she was reborn.

Of course there was a reason for saying why she could say so.

"I'm the heroine.." (TL Note: The translation is "I'm the heroine positive…" but that sounded weird to me, so I just removed it).

It was a rainy heroine incarnation day.

Before reincarnation, she remembered the game, and Sylvie was keenly grunting. "It's not an exaggeration to say that there are only erotic events in the Fingertips series."

The game's heroine is Sylvia Rivelte (default name).

The Fingertips series is a royal palace love story interwoven by her and the six capture characters...It sounds great, but it's a game of eroticism. "Every woman is seeking for eroticism. It's not a story, like a traditional one. It's a story made in the pursuit of eroticism!"

A game made with a concept that is faithful to such a sense of desire.

Before the release, they were beaten as "Do Not Make A Fool of A Woman", "If You Give Priority To A Woman With Eroticism", or "If You Remake For Men", but if you put it on the market, the first ones are sold out in no time. It was a huge hit (TL Note: This whole sentence was a pain to translate. I'm really sorry).

Everyone on the Internet reviews it, and even some from Twitter write, "Too erotic. Who's going to play this game?", or "It's only ero. There is no story line. If you play it, you are a fool." (TL Note: Again, really sorry. I'm new to this. Please forgive me. TT).

It might be difficult to say that women are too into erotic games.

After all, despite the terribly low ratings of the game's average reviews (1.5), the game continues to sell for some reason. Sequels are announced one after another. The Fingertips series is such an amazing game.

Sylvie quietly thought. Of course, she was remembering how she used to play this game. Moreover, it's not the one where the character's life is easy to play.

However, Sylvie never thought that she would be reincarnated into such a tightly packed game world.

"...The story starts from the night of the ball. That's probably the ball that I will go to tomorrow."

Sylvie muttered with a straight face, "Lucky me. Isn't it the best without it?"

She's lucky. She's very lucky. Because here is the world of that favorable "Fingertip series". And she was the heroine. In other words, that means you can experience many plays in front of the screen.  

"It was just the last moment, but it's good to remember. It's a shock to know after it's all over."

Sylvie stood up with determination. Her eyes were on fire. What she remembers are the attractive capture characters. And a lot of erotic scenes that came with them.

Normally, it would be, "Kya! I'm going to reincarnate into such an erotic game. I can't wait to do anything!"

"I have to run away to avoid the flag somehow."

But for better or for worse, she was faithful to her desires. In her previous lie, Sylvie liked eroticism. She loved it, especially the Fingertip series. Such, there is no choice to flee to her who remembered her old days (TL Note: TT). She would have enjoyed it if she were playing it, but this world is no longer a game. It is understood to be reality.

Although it is a game where reverse harem exists, Sylvie did not think to aim at it. If you performed multiple captures of this otome game in the real world, you would be rumored to be a bitch (TL Note: Bitch as in whore, slut, etc. It's rough). Who would even do that if it wasn't a game? But- this is reality.

Most of the characters that players capture, of course, stand in a handsome uniform. It is impossible to think realistically. If you're a crazy woman, you would reach a bad end in reality.

Sylvie did not intend to do such a foolish thing.

The attacking characters consists of six people.

She will remember the characters in detail and focus on the capture of the person who wants to reach the ending the most.

Enjoy one route correctly. That's the best thing for everyone, and you don't have to bend the story in a strange way. It is a maiden game with happy erotic events. It is the happy end of a sweet love.

Even if you think of it as your own life, what more do you want than that?

Sylvie decided to ride the game event with all of her energy because she was a reincarnate. The goal was to experience all erotic events with your chosen character. It's exhausting.

It finally boils down to it. "Wow, it's getting fun. I have to decide who to go to!"

While she was excited, Sylvie was able to trace the memories of just remembering what kind of character her was.

This is reality.

She understand exactly that, but she does not know it in a true sense. It is a story that will soon come when she encounters an unexpected event.

Translator's Note: This. This was much more difficult than I thought it'd be. I respect other translators out there who update every day or ever week. I apologize for this confusing translation of Ōji-sama Ni Dekiai Sa Rete Komattemasu ~ Tensei Hiroin, Otome Gēmu Funtō-ki ~. But if you're used to reading reincarnation otome novels, then you should get some sort of sense of it. This website was also a lot more trickier to set up compared to WordPress since it's really used to showcase images. Oh well. Maybe my translating skills will improve one day- hopefully.

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