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Chapter 49: Who’s the Real Jinx

“As for that talk of me being a jinx, I’d better return it to you!”

Xia Xibei’s smile remained unfaltering. She took a step forward, which made Liu Zhijing recoil in fear.

Xia Qinghan and Tao Yueying retreated right alongside her.


Off to the side, Song Jiaren couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.

When she finally came to her senses, Xia Qinghan was angry and frustrated. How could she be frightened by Xia Xibei?!

“You are the jinx!” Liu Zhijing held her neck stiffly straight and cursed, her face flushed red. “You are the jinx!”

“I’m the jinx? Whom did I influence?” Xia Xibei asked, her lips curled into a smile.

“Your parents only became rich after getting divorced. you brought bad luck to them before!” Liu Zhijing declared in a loud voice.

However, Xia Xibei was only amused by her words.

“Hahaha… You are so much more foolish than I thought!” she laughed. “They got rich after the divorce because they weren’t meant to be together. What does their financial state have to do with me, a poor, little child? If what you said is true, aren’t you a worse jinx than I am? Your parents didn’t get rich either, after all.”

Song Jiaren laughed upon hearing Xia Xibei’s words, “This is the first time I have heard such a saying! If parents don’t get rich, it’s because the child has brought them bad luck! In that case, the best way to get rich quick is to not have children!”

Even strangers passing by laughed when they heard those words.

“They have done such careful research? Well, I have definitely learnt something!” a girl in her twenties told her companion. “There are so many poor people in our country, so all of their children must be jinxes.”

“Apologies, I’m also one of the jinxes,” the girl beside her mocked.

The taunting of the onlookers made Liu Zhijing extremely embarrassed, her face turning beet red.

She glared at Xia Xibei with anger and shame, fighting back the urge to bite her!

She didn’t know when Xia Xibei had become this quick-witted and eloquent, because before, you couldn’t get her to talk even if you beat her with a stick.

“I feel that you’re more of a jinx than I am. Your younger brother… he must have turned sick because of your influence, didn’t he?”

Her words made Liu Zhijing’s heart skip a beat, her face turning very pale.

Her brother was eight years younger than her, the baby of the family. After the birth of her younger brother, her parents and the elderly members of the family started to like him better, favoring him over her.

A few years ago, when her parents weren’t around, her young brother caught a very high fever. She didn’t report the matter to her parents, hiding herself away instead.

By the time her parents had noticed the situation, her brother’s fever had gotten so severe that his brain suffered irreversible damage. He was slightly mentally retarded now.

It was a disreputable matter. Her heart almost stopped beating when she heard Xia Xibei reveal it in public.

“You, you are talking nonsense!” she growled in anger.

“If it was all nonsense, why were you so afraid just now?” Xia Xibei’s smile turned even more innocent, even as her words dripped with poison.

“How does that saying go? ‘Fierce in appearance but faint at heart.’ Isn’t that it?” Song Jiaren added.

Xia Qinghan and Tao Yueying couldn’t help but look at Liu Zhijing, wondering what her next move would be.

“How dare you talk nonsense. I’m going to tear your mouth apart!” Liu Zhijing shouted with fury, panic radiating off of her. She was so furious that she dashed toward Xia Xibei immediately.

However, before she could get to Xia Xibei, she was stopped by Song Jiaren.

With a swing of her arm, Song Jiaren let a hard slap fly across her face.


She was clearly very strong! The imprint of her palm appeared on Liu Zhijing’s cheek right away, becoming more and more prominent as she swayed due to the force of the hit.

Liu Zhijing held her cheek and burst into tears.

“How could you hit her?!” Tao Yueying rebuked, panic evident in her voice. This situation had gotten out of control.

“Are you blind?” Song Jiaren dusted off her hands and stood with hands on her hips and disgust plainly showing on her face. “I’m standing right here and you’re trying to bully my people. Did you think I was dead or something?!”

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