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Chapter 38: Yang Xuan’s Mom Fights Jin Yazhen


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Jin Yazhen was startled by Xia Xibei’s gaze, becoming even more flustered than before.

Xia Xibei was acting so weird today!

She had been so gullible and easily bullied before. It was as if she had changed into a completely different person…

However, she had no time to obsess over the changes in Xia Xibei, because right after class, she was grabbed by Yang Xuan’s mother as she was walking out of the school gate.

“Are you the girl who deceived our Xuan Xuan?”

Yang Xuan’s mom wasn’t very tall or sturdy, but she was stronger than Jin Yazhen, who might as well have been a baby chick between her hands.

“Who are you?” Jin Yazhen was shocked at her capture, twisting and turning as she struggled to get loose, but she couldn’t escape the older woman’s grasp.

“I’m Yang Xuan’s mother!” Yang Xuan’s mom informed her, a ferocious expression crossing her face. “You are Jin Yazhen, right? You swindled Xuan Xuan out of his money and feelings! Why does a b*tch like you even need to go to school?! Why don’t you sell yourself, huh? Well, with your mind and looks, it’s a pretty good deal…”


Yang Xuan’s mom grabbed Jin Yazhen, howling these words at her. The pain of being forcibly parted from 20 thousand yuan made her unable to control herself.

Other people were also taken back by the actions of this middle-aged woman, rushing over immediately to aid her victim.

“What are you doing? Let Jin Yazhen go immediately!”

But Yang Xuan’s mother wouldn’t give up so easily.

Yanking back Jin Yazhen’s long hair,she slapped the girl!


The action was so strong, it left a handprint on Jin Yazhen’s face, a clump of her hair also torn off in the process.



Fat tears rushed out of Jin Yazhen’s eyes as blinding pain overcame her.

“Don’t mess around! This is a school; we will call the police!” the other students hurriedly shouted.

As this had occurred around dismissal time, the commotion attracted other students. Some students even took out their phones and started recording.

Yang Xuan’s mother was so overwhelmed with anger that she slapped Jin Yazhen once again and yelled, “You made our Xuan Xuan borrow money, and then you spent all of it! You’re so young and you already want men?!? If you are so slutty, go and sell yourself! Your p*ssy must be worth a lot of money!”


Yang Xuan’s mother was a fierce middle-aged woman, almost invincible in her neighborhood. It would be too easy for her to deal with a young girl like Jin Yazhen.

All the grievances that she had suffered through the ordeal with Xia Xibei suddenly exploded at this moment.

The teachers had arrived by now, so she had to restrain herself. But that twenty thousand yuan hurt so much, she simply wanted to kill Jin Yazhen!

If it wasn’t for Jin Yazhen, Yang Xuan wouldn’t be in this mess now! Yang Xuan was even disliked by his teachers now!

Realizing this, Yang’s mom became even more angry. She wanted to strip all of Jin Yazhen’s clothes off, teach her a real lesson.


It was good that she had a few drops of reason left in her head, however. Aware that she was on school grounds and that couldn’t get too out of line, she only slapped the girl a few more times.

In just a short while, Jin Yazhen’s face was as puffy as a pig’s head.


Around Yang’s mom, other people were blushing due to her foul language. Everyone was a student here, but no one said things like this, not even while arguing. People looked really embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Jin Yazhen was anxious and in pain, pleading, “I didn’t! Let me go first!”

But Yang Xuan’s mom didn’t let her go so easily. When others rushed forward to save the girl, the older woman flicked her arm again, forcing Jin Yazhen to scream and move along with her, going wherever she went.

For a while, the scene was very comical, as if it was straight out of a cartoon.

“The dean is here!” someone shouted, instantly creating a space within the crowd.

The dean of teaching rushed over, along with a few teachers. When he saw Yang Xuan’s mother, his face changed immediately, turning red with outrage.

“Let go of our student right now!”

“Ms. Xie?” Teacher Zhang voiced, having come over too.

He was stunned at the scene, not having expected Yang Xuan’s mom to find Jin Yazhen so quickly, even if it was all to settle the score. What was even more unexpected was that she was so fierce and tough!

Yang Xuan’s father arrived soon after, almost fainting at the scene occurring before him.

It was all so embarrassing!


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