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Chapter 373: The School Beauty had Changed

Before, Xia Qinghan felt that Xia Xibei was always targeting herself. Otherwise, why would Xia Xibei intervene no matter what she did?

In fact, Xia Qinghan’s feeling was correct. Xia Xibei was targeting her.

In a previous life, Xia Xibei had been targeted by Xia Qinghan for several years.

No matter what activities she participated in and what she did, Xia Qinghan would soon do the same thing.

Back then, Xia Xibei had nothing, knew nothing, and had no one to help. She could only grit her teeth and attempt to survive.

She was in a different world from Xia Qinghan, who was pampered, had famous teachers, and her parents backing. The contrast between the two was very tragic.

In her previous life, Xia Xibei had always been stepped on by Xia Qinghan, unable to move up.

A lot of opportunities that belonged to her were snatched away by Xia Qinghan.

Even now, Xia Xibei didn’t know why Xia Qinghan was targeting her, but that didn’t stop her from giving back everything she had experienced before.

Xia Qinghan hated it the most when others were better than her. If the other person was prettier than herself, then she tolerated it even less!

Xia Xibei understood Xia Qinghan’s thoughts; that’s why she stepped on everything she was involved in.

The more Xia Qinghan hated the fact that others were stronger than her, then the stronger she had to be!

This really made her feel good when she did it!

Every time she saw Xia Qinghan angry but unable to vent it out, Xia Xibei felt relieved, feeling as if she could eat two more bowls of rice.

“Oh yeah, there’s progress on Luo Shen (God Luo’s Streaming TV),” Tang Luo said to Xia Xibei.

“So fast?” Xia Xibei was surprised.

“Right,” Tang Luo nodded, “Juncheng and I are dividing up the work, so of course the progress is fast.”

Also, he had previous experience, so of course he was efficient.

“Great!” Xia Xibei was delighted. “When will it be online?”

“It will be a while.”

“Good. Remember to let me know if you need anything.”


In between classes, Xia Xibei went to the restroom, and when she came back, she ran into Xia Qinghan.

Both of them could not help but stop.

The people around them also stopped, holding their breath to watch them, anticipating a fight.

Of course they knew about the online drama.

They had previously condemned Tang Luo and complained that the school was protecting Tang Luo.

The evidence from last night hit them so hard that it almost didn’t swell their faces!

For this, they were mortified.

They were all wrong about Tang Luo, and the school was on the side of justice too!

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for things to happen, so no one had done anything violent or caused irreversible damage up till now.

However, they also felt apologetic toward Tang Luo.

Someone even wrote a special apology letter and put it in Tang Luo’s desk.

In addition to apologizing to Tang Luo, their impression of Xia Qinghan had also worsened.

People did not fully believe in the Internet, but Xia Qinghan and Miss Z were really friends!

And she even found online marketing accounts to smear Xia Xibei!

Although Xia Qinghan said that someone else hired people and was just dragging her down, who didn’t know the real story?

Whether the story about hiring people was true or false, there was one thing that could not be changed—the school beauty at Qing Ye High School had been replaced.

Previously, Xia Qinghan was good-looking and outstanding in all aspects, so she became the school beauty.

But now, Xia Xibei was better than her in all aspects, so of course she was the school beauty!

Now, looking at the two school beauties bumping into each other, the desire for gossip in everyone’s heart immediately flared up.

Were they going to fight? So nervous! So exciting!

Under everyone’s gaze, Xia Xibei did not look away. She acted as if Xia Qinghan did not exist in front of her, briskly walking past her.

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