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Chapter 372: The Aftermath

Mo Bonan had no idea what the Zhang family was up to.

After canceling the collaboration with the Zhang family, he originally wanted to go to Tang Luo.

He was a little angry.

Why didn’t Tang Luo tell him when something this serious had happened? Although Tang Luo had the ability to take care of it, he could have at least mentioned it, right?

It seemed like from that day on, Tang Luo’s attitude towards him was cold, and they didn’t talk much for a few days.

This made Mo Bonan a little depressed.

What was with this kid’s temper tantrum?

However, it was late, and Tang Luo was already resting, so he simply did not have time to find him.

However, when he got up early the next morning, Tang Luo had gone to school.

This turned Mo Bonan’s face grim.

He didn’t pay attention before, but now he was sure: Tang Luo was hiding from him!

Tang Luo, who was hiding from Mo Bonan, returned to school. He was in a happy mood after seeing Xia Xibei.


Xia Xibei also greeted him, “Good morning!”

Both of them were in a good mood, especially when they got up this morning and saw the comments online.

It was all angry curses against Miss Z and Li Yulin, as well as contempt for Xia Qinghan.

Oh yes, and sympathy for Tang Luo, with lots of compliments for Xia Xibei.

It could be said that in this encounter, both Tang Luo and Xia Xibei were the big winners.

Moreover, because Xia Xibei and Tang Luo were not in the same social position, the biggest winner in this matter was Xia Xibei.

Tang Luo was not in the entertainment industry and did not want to be famous, so he also lowered his profile and pushed Xia Xibei up.

People were still condemning Li Yulin and Miss Z for their viciousness, but more people were becoming enamored with Xia Xibei.

Many videos with Xia Xibei were spreading rapidly online, with many likes and comments and retweets.

The comments below also painted a very consistent picture.

[Ooh… Fairy sister is too good! She is smart and can fight, so how can we ordinary girls live?]

[It’s okay to be good-looking, but why is she so good at other things too?]

[Does she have a microblog? I want to follow her!]

[When is the fairy sister debuting?]

Oh yes, by the way, Xia Qinghan was wildly disparaged too.

[It’s not fun being compared!]

[She was treading on other people before, but now she’s the one who’s embarrassed, right? Doesn’t she know what she looks like? How dare she step on others to get to the top?!]

[If I were her, I would have to cover my face when I go out!]

[I heard that the two of them are trainees from the same company! It’s going to be a good show!]

[I wonder when the two will come out to act like sisters? If that’s the case, then I’m really convinced!]

[Whoa, they are from the same company? How can they see each other afterwards?! Would they grab hair and tear each other’s clothes?!]

Things had developed to this point in just one night.

Now, everyone knew that Xia Xibei and Xia Qinghan’s relationship was not good.

The relationship between the two was so rigid and bad, that many people tsked.

In the entertainment industry, it was rare to publicly have a fight.

Even if the relationship was not good in private, one had to put up a friendly appearance in public.

Even if everyone could see that it was a fake sisterhood/brotherhood, they had to grit their teeth and carry on.

It was rare to have two people who had not yet debuted be in such a mess.

Xia Xibei was happy to hear all of this.

She did not want to be on the news in the future with Xia Qinghan in some “sisterly love” scenario. That would make her sick!

Moreover, she preferred the feeling of crushing Xia Qinghan.

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