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Chapter 371: Zhang and His Daughter (2/2)

Although they were all Zhang family members, the power in the Zhang family was with Zhang Kaiwei’s eldest brother, Zhang Kaile.

Zhang Yibin was Zhang Kaile’s eldest son, and he was 26 years old this year. He was eight years older than Zhang Yiqi, and ten years older than Zhang Yizhe, Zhang Kaiwei’s younger son.

If he gained strong achievements, in a few years, Zhang Yibin would be able to replace his father and take over the position of the head of the Zhang Group.

If Zhang Yibin had these achievements now, by the time Zhang Yizhe grew up, he would have firmly controlled the Zhang Group, which would not be a good thing for them.

“Besides, Qiqi didn’t do it on purpose.”

Wan Yunshan pulled her daughter behind, as if to protect her while speaking up for her.

“Doting mothers have many spoiled children!” Zhang Kaiwei was so angry that he pointed at the mother and daughter, “We are also part of the Zhang family!”

“I know!” Wan Yunshan justified, “But what cannot be denied is that right now, Yibin has not succeeded in connecting to the Mo family, and that is rather good for us, right?”

Zhang Kaiwei’s face was gloomy.

Of course he understood this, but what he was angry about was that Zhang Yiqi had used such tactics against Tang Luo!

Tang Luo was her brother!

Seeing his attitude, Wan Yunshan sneered, “Okay, you can stop acting like a doting father. That kid is not here. He can’t see it!”

“You!” Zhang Kaiwei was annoyed and angry.

“What?” Wan Yunshan shor back, “What we need to do now is to apologize, not argue here!”

“Apologize?” Zhang Yiqi looked up sharply, “Apologize to who? To that little bastard? I don’t want to!”

“What little bastard?!” Zhang Kaiwei got angry again, “What are you talking about?!”

If Tang Luo was a bastard, then what was he?

Zhang Yiqi shrank back her neck upon seeing her father so angry.

“All right, stop fighting!” Wan Yunshan interrupted the argument between father and daughter. “We’re not apologizing to that boy, but to young master Mo.”

“I don’t want to!” Zhang Yiqi screamed. “If I apologize, won’t that mean that I did it?!”

“Who said you did it?” Wan Yunshan had already learned everything from Zhang Yiqi, so of course she had figured out a solution.

“What do you mean?” Zhang Yiqi was confused.

“What you have to apologize for is that because of your momentary indiscretion, someone used your name to frame that boy, causing the relationship between the two families to deteriorate,” Wan Yunshan’s eyes flashed.

The father and daughter froze for a moment and couldn’t help but stare.

This was a powerful move, both to clear Zhang Yiqi of the charge of framing Tang Luo but also to deepen Mo Bonan’s impression of her.

“In that case, young master Mo will be very impressed with you,” Wan Yunshan said. “After a few more encounters, won’t it happen naturally?”

Zhang Yiqi’s eyes glowed, “Good idea!”

This was a great idea!

Wan Yunshan looked at Zhang Kaiwei again, “Wouldn’t it be good for you to have a son-in-law like this?”

The Mo family was much stronger than the Zhang family. Otherwise, it would not be so simple to cancel the collaboration.

“But the Mo family…” Zhang Kaiwei was a little hesitant.

He knew how much the Mo’s hated him.

“This is about the young people, so what can the elders say?” Wan Yunshan smiled, “Besides, if they really love each other, what can they say? Parents can’t refute their children in these matters.”

Zhang Yiqi nodded her head repeatedly, overjoyed, “Yes, yes! Just do it!”

Although Zhang Kaiwei felt that it was not right, the potential successful outcome was so tempting that he could only nod his head, “Then let’s try it!”

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