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Chapter 257: No Boyfriend

Huo Zijun’s eyes widened as he saw how Qiao Yanjue moved the chair skillfully and Xia Xibei sat down naturally.

What the…?!

How long had it been since he had last seen them? Why did it feel like a lot had happened since then?

“Let’s eat,” Qiao Yanjue said after they sat down.

Huo Zijun looked down and saw that there were several dishes on the table, the portions were quite large.

“There’s only three of us here. Why do we need so many dishes?”

Even though they had money, they shouldn’t be wasteful. There was enough food for at least five or six people here; how could they finish it all?

He knew Qiao Yanjue had a big appetite, but this was still too much food…

“It’s fine, we can finish it,” Qiao Yanjue shook his head, then began peeling shrimp.

Huo Zijun was taken aback for a moment, wondering, “Since when do you like to eat shrimp?”

“I don’t like eating shrimp.”

“If you don’t-”

Huo Zijun’s words stopped abruptly, seeing that the peeled shrimp had fallen into Xia Xibei’s bowl.

He took a deep breath, staring at the scene in amazement.

Was he hallucinating?! Qiao Yanjue would not even eat shrimp peeled by others, let alone take the initiative to help others!

Under his horrified gaze, Xia Xibei ate the shrimp in a casual manner, showing a satisfied smile.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Qiao Yanjue asked him. “Eat more.”

Huo Zijun’s expression was a little stiff. When he lowered his head and carefully looked at the food on the table, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

Qiao Yanjue invited him over for dinner today, which was a good thing.

However, after seeing the food on the table, he understood that Qiao Yanjue had ulterior motives!

Out of all the food on this table, only one dish was his favorite. Was this how you treated a guest?!

Looking at Qiao Yanjue’s care for Xia Xibei, Huo Zijun’s expression froze.

“Brother Huo, what’s wrong?” Xia Xibei looked up, finally noticing Huo Zijun’s odd reaction.

“I… Nothing.” Huo Zijun had wanted to say something, but stopped when he met Qiao Yanjue’s warning gaze.

What could he say?

He didn’t know cold-hearted Big Qiao had such a side!

“C’mon, let’s eat.”

Qiao Yanjue wiped his hands and gave a piece of fatty pork to Huo Zijun with the common chopsticks.

Looking at the piece of pork, Huo Zijun’s mouth twitched, wanting to throw it at Qiao Yanjue’s face.

This was too much! So he had invited him over for dinner today just to show off his relationship?!

At this moment, Huo Zijun was really angry.

He set aside the fatty pork, looking at Xia Xibei as he asked, “Little Xia, do you have a boyfriend?”

As soon as this question came up, Qiao Yanjue froze.

Xia Xibei was oblivious, answering, “No.”

Huo Zijun couldn’t help but laugh, glancing at Qiao Yanjue contemptuously.

Whoops! He thought that Qiao Yanjue was here to mark his territory, but the girl actually didn’t take him seriously!

Thinking of this, he wanted to look up at the sky and laugh.

He deserved it! An older guy should stop coveting younger girls, okay. So despicable!

“That’s good,” Huo Zijun smiled mildly, the perfect gentleman. “You’re only a junior in high school, you shouldn’t date so early.”

“Of course not,” Xia Xibe nodded. “I am not thinking about these things right now, anyway.”

“Oh? What are you thinking about now?” Qiao Yanjue asked calmly.

“Going to school, making money, becoming famous,” Xia Xibei said without hesitation.

Qiao Yanjue’s expression became even more rigid than before.

“That’s right!” Huo Zijun immediately applauded. “This is how women in this new era should think!”

Qiao Yanjue’s pupils shrunk suddenly, giving him a fierce look.

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