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Chapter 245: Been Searching for Months

In the car, Tang Luo and Mo Bonan were sitting in the backseats.

Mo Bonan shot a glance at Tang Luo and couldn’t help but scowl.

“Why are you sitting so far away from me? Am I that frightening?”

Tang Luo’s heart missed a beat and he nearly jumped. Swiftly, he turned to look at Mo Bonan, his expression rather awkward, “Of course not! It’s just that I enjoy leaning against the window and looking at the scenery.”

Before Mo Bonan could speak again, he added, “By the way, when are Auntie and Uncle coming back?”

Mo Bonan’s attention was diverted, replying, “I don’t know, perhaps in two weeks’ time.”

His answer put a dejected look on Tang Luo’s tiny face.

“Do you miss them that much?”

“Yes,” Tang Luo nodded, a sincere look on his face. “I haven’t seen them in a long while, and I miss them a lot.”

Mo Bonan scrutinized him with a profound look in his eyes, “They’ll be very pleased if they know you miss them that much.”

Tang Luo flashed a bashful smile, then hung his head low in silence.

Mo Bonan did not speak anymore either, silence present throughout the car.

Out of nowhere, the ringing of a phone broke the silence in the car.

“Hello,” Mo Bonan answered the call. The caller on the other end said something, and his face soon sank in dismay.

“Keep searching! How can you not find anything, even after all these months? Did I hire you just to waste my money?!”

Tang Luo’s body went stiff upon hearing his words, pricking up his ears discreetly.

“You’d gotten hold of the surveillance clip a long time ago, and you’re only telling me that it can’t be recovered just now?”

Mo Bonan became angrier the more he talked, the air around him growing cold as well.

Gingerly, Tang Luo moved further sideways and held his breath, trying his best to make himself invisible.

However, his face became paler and paler as he listened to what Mo Bonan was saying.

“How could a big living person vanish just like that? Keep searching!”

Mo Bonan hung up the call with an awful look on his face, the air around him freezing yet turbulent at the same time, making people afraid of going near him.

He had only asked them to search for one person but hadn’t heard any progress from them until today.

They had clearly obtained the surveillance clip, but it couldn’t seem to be recovered.

They even told him that the person was very skilled, and that they couldn’t handle the situation.

How dare they call themselves experts with such lousy skills?!

As he thought of what happened several months ago, Mo Bonan’s face turned dark.

He had managed to get rid of the fire of exasperation within him by exercising this morning, but it had now returned. He felt a ball of flames burning inside him, unable to cool it down.

He had lived for more than two decades now, and this was the very first time someone had to toy with him like that!

If he managed to find that woman, he would make sure she knew the consequences!

In the car, the air had become so thin, it almost felt suffocating.

Although he never directed his anger towards him, Tang Luo sat completely still to avoid drawing Mo Bonan’s anger

Luckily, the car soon arrived at its destination.

“Brother Bonan, thanks for sending me here, and sorry for disturbing you! Oh, by the way, I will get home a little late tonight. There’s no need to prepare my dinner.”

He reached into his pocket with one hand and pressed a button on his phone, after which it started ringing right away.

He fumbled to get the phone out with an anxious look on his face, exclaiming, “They’re hurrying me already, I have to go! Goodbye!”

Right after he finished talking, he took off running before Mo Bonan could even respond.

Mo Bonan’s expression turned even more awful, watching his back as he left in a hurry.

Could this brat really be in a relationship? Only young couples who had just gotten together would behave so eagerly.

However, Mo Bonan shook his head as he thought of how much Qiao Yanjue cared about Xia Xibei.

Even if Tang Luo had feelings for Xia Xibei, there was no way he would be able to surpass Qiao Yanjue.

“Let’s go,” he told the driver, still shaking his head.

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