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Chapter 225: Get a Different Table

Zheng Xiaowen cried pitifully, which should have easily aroused sympathy from others.

However, very few of the people present fell for this—except for the silly Yu Ziqi.

Before Yu Ziqi spoke, Tang Luo started talking.

“Since you know it’s wrong, don’t do it again in the future.”

Upon hearing this, Zheng Xiaowen’s eyes widened a little in surprise. Was he speaking up for her?!

But Tang Luo’s next words made her face turn pale.

“These words make it easy to doubt your IQ, and that’s not good.”

Song Jiaren was a bit angry at first. Tang Luo couldn’t be mesmerized by this pretentious girl, right?

But in the blink of an eye, Tang Luo’s words almost made her spit.

Zheng Xiaowen’s face was both red and white; she was so ashamed by Tang Luo’s words, her whole body started to shake.

Tang Luo looked like a handsome guy, so why was he so vicious? She couldn’t stay here any longer!

Hurriedly, she said, “I understand. I have to go now!”

Before they could even answer, she had already rushed out.


Yu Ziqi looked at her retreating figure in bewilderment. He shouted out in vain but couldn’t get her to look back.

After Zheng Xiaowen left, the atmosphere in the room suddenly improved.

Shi Qinghui’s expression was also a bit complicated.

She didn’t know if it was simply an illusion, but she felt that Tang Luo’s attitude toward Zheng Xiaowen was a bit strange.

Thinking about it, she quickly shook her head. This couldn’t be real. Today was the first time they had met, so what issue could he have with her?

However, Tang Luo’s next words confirmed her initial guess.

“Little Qi, I think you’d better switch to another table,” Tang Luo suggested seriously.

“Why?” Yu Ziqi asked, puzzled.

“Just like Jiajia said, if she could say such things, she is either stupid or bad. In my opinion, her character isn’t that good.”

Tang Luo’s words were very straightforward, so straightforward that Yu Ziqi couldn’t help but frown.

“Why are you so sure that her character isn’t good? Maybe she is just stupid?”

When she heard these words, Xia Xibei’s mouth unconsciously started twitching. If Zheng Xiaowen was still here, she would be crying to death by now, right?

Tang Luo was very serious, replying, “Because I have seen her before!”

“You’ve seen her?” Yu Ziqi was taken aback.

“Yes,” Tang Luo nodded, “I’ve seen her several times.”

Xia Xibei noticed that when Tang Luo said this, his fingers couldn’t help but move.

Was this… A sign of sheepishness?

“You’ve seen her a few times?”

Tang Luo nodded, “We probably live close to each other, which is why I have seen her on the street several times. Every time I saw her, there would be a different guy with her.”

“What…” Yu Ziqi was stunned.

“And she was very close to those guys.” Tang Luo’s expression showed some embarrassment at that moment. “I have seen some of their more… Intimate actions.”

Yu Ziqi gasped, “No way?!”

The sweet and innocent Zheng Xiaowen was this bold? How many guys was she seeing?

“Moreover, the guys she was very close to seemed to be from pretty affluent backgrounds,” Tang Luo continued, his expression not changing.

“Change your table now!”

The more she listened to the conversation, the more uncomfortable Shi Qinghui became.

She could see that Zheng Xiaowen was interested in her stupid son.

It wouldn’t have mattered under normal circumstances, as she understood the emotions of young guys and girls; as long as it did not lead to bad things, she would not stop it.

But now, armed with the knowledge of Zheng Xiaowen’s bad character, how could she let Yu Ziqi continue to sit at the same table with her?

If this continued, her stupid son would be eaten alive!

“I’ll call your teacher. You will switch to a different table on Monday!” Shi Qinghui declared, having made her decision.

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