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Chapter 165: Refused Again

Pan Yan returned to the company and told his manager what they had discussed.

“We can create a character along the lines of the Cute Pet Goddess, and then we can…”

Pan Yan spoke a little excitedly about the arrangements, as if he had already seen future developments occur.

However, his manager was not as happy as he was.

“This is indeed a new route which no one has done before, but… Can you guarantee it will work?”

“Of course!” Pan Yan nodded. “As long as…”

As he talked, someone knocked on the door.

“Little Pan, you’re here too?”

Bai Meixue opened the door to come in, and when she saw Pan Yan, her eyes flashed, revealing a gentle smile.

“Sister Xue.” Pan Yan immediately stood up straight. “I came to Mr. Li to talk about something.”

“Oh yeah? What is it? Can I listen in?”

When she said it like this, how could Pan Yan say no? She was an important figure in the company.

“Of course, you can listen in.” Pan Yan twitched the corner of his mouth. “I was just talking about Xia Xibei.”

“Xia Xibei?” Bai Meixue raised her brows. “The girl from last time?”


“What’s wrong? Didn’t you say that she can’t sign a contract?” Bai Meixue walked over. “Has she changed her mind?”


He wanted to say something else but was interrupted.

“If not, what else do you want to say?” Bai Meixue’s face was a little stern. “If we can’t sign a contract, we can’t do anything. You know that the company has regulations.”

“I know that.” Pan Yan was anxious. “However, Xia Xibei has a certain degree of online popularity now! As long as we seize the opportunity…”

“Online popularity?” Bai Meixue smiled. “You mean that cat and dog video?”

“You’ve seen it?”

“Of course I have seen it.” Bai Meixue’s smile remained fixed. “If that’s what you are talking about, there is no need.”


“Let me guess, are you going to follow the path of the Cute Pet Goddess mentioned online?”

“Yes!” Pan Yan was somewhat surprised. He didn’t think Bai Meixue had thought of his idea.

But this was normal. After all, she had been in this circle for so long, she was an experienced elder.

“But it won’t work,” Bai Meixue shook her head with a serious expression. “This is just a coincidence. If you really did this and the character didn’t work, can you imagine the consequences?”

“It won’t stop working!” Pan Yan was upset. “She has promised me that she has a strong affinity for animals!”

“Oh, Little Pan,” Bai Meixue smiled. “You are still too young.”

She shook her head and laughed.

“Of course she promised you, but can you be sure of her guarantee? I think her video this time must be self-directed and acted. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence? You have been in this circle for a long time now, don’t you understand this?”

The manager next to them also nodded, “Yes, I agree with Meixue.”

Pan Yan wanted to say something but was interrupted by the manager raising his hand. “You don’t need to say anything else. Even if it was possible, she still can’t sign a contract now. Whatever you say is pointless.”


“Alright,” Bai Meixue said with a frown. “Little Pan, our company has so many trainees now, you should really pay attention to them. Don’t think about random, meaningless things.”


Pan Yan’s mood suddenly changed from sunny to stormy. He didn’t understand why they were resisting Xia Xibei’s entry so much.

“Ok. You can leave now. We have things to discuss.”

The manager shook his hand. Pan Yan had no choice but to leave.

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