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Chapter 137: Little R

If it had been someone else, there was no way they would be able to resist Honey’s endearing attack!

But it wasn’t Xia Xibei’s fault that she wasn’t an ordinary person.

“Don’t try to get away by acting cute!” She acted firmly and pinched the tip of its ear. “If you don’t behave well and make your family worried, I won’t like you anymore!”

Honey froze for a second and let out a soft, lingering meow. Gingerly, it snuggled against Xia Xibei’s cheek, looking sad and aggrieved.

However, it had no choice but to nod despite its grievance.

That meant it knew that it had done something wrong and it wouldn’t repeat it again.

“Yes, good kitty.”

Xia Xibei was finally satisfied, stroking it a bit with her spiritual power.

Honey’s eyes lit up the moment it felt the soothing caress, snuggling Xia Xibei’s cheek with affection once again.

Watching how the human and cat pair were getting along very well, Ren Juncheng felt his heart breaking into a million pieces.

Who was really its owner now? Damn it!

At the side, Tang Luo was in shock as well. This was the first time he had seen Xia Xibei be so close with an animal.

If Ren Juncheng hadn’t been here, he would have thought that the cat belonged to Xia Xibei.

“Alright, get down now. Your big brother is getting anxious.”

Xia Xibei squatted and set Honey down.

Ren Juncheng would blow his top if she kept holding it, wouldn’t he?

Upon getting down, Honey returned to sit at Ren Juncheng’s feet, and snuggled his feet as it meowed. Then it raised its gaze to look at him. With those watery, sparkling eyes, it looked incredibly adorable.

“Fine, I forgive you.”

What more could Ren Juncheng say, when his baby kitten was acting so cute, begging for his forgiveness?

He bent down and scooped it up, and couldn’t help but nag, “If you throw tantrums again, I’m going to… I’m going to…”

He wanted to say that he was going to dump it, but he held back those words after a moment of thought.

He was afraid that Honey might turn around and leap into Xia Xibei’s embrace if he said those words. Then he would be making a joke out of himself!

“Don’t worry, Honey is a good cat,” Xia Xibei smiled and caressed Honey’s fur.


Honey nodded like it understood, blinking its big, shimmering eyes innocently.

It even snuggled Ren Juncheng’s face.

All of Ren Juncheng’s anger vanished after Honey’s action, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“By the way, can I get your contact information?” Ren Juncheng asked. “Rest assured, I won’t bother you on normal days!”

“Sure,” Xia Xibei nodded. She could certainly see that Ren Juncheng harbored no inappropriate intentions towards her.

Some guys used their pets as a means of knowing girls and vice versa, but Ren Juncheng clearly hadn’t gotten his head around that.

Furthermore, it was obvious that Ren Juncheng came from quite a reputable background and had a fair character. It shouldn’t be a problem to exchange means of contact with him.

“Your name is Little R?”

When Xia Xibei saw Ren Juncheng’s nickname, her thoughts wandered a little.

“Yes.” Ren Juncheng held his phone and keyed-in Xia Xibei’s contact. “My initial is R. I have an older sister who also has the same initial, so I’m Little R and she’s Big R.”

“I see,” Xia Xibei nodded in a daze.

Little R?

At the side, Tang Luo spoke up out of nowhere, “I seem to have heard this name somewhere. Have you taken part in any competition before?”

“Oh, I’ve been in some IT competitions before.” Ren Juncheng was taken aback. “Do you know me?”

“I’ve heard of you before.” Tang Luo remained unruffled. “I usually pay attention to IT-related news. Your results were pretty great, that’s why I remembered you.”

Ren Juncheng became a little bashful. “My results weren’t very good. In fact, there are many more experts out there.”

“Tang Luo is terrific at IT too!” Xia Xibei smiled. “You two might want to have a talk.”

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