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Chapter 133: First Time on Camera

Xia Xibei had rather complex feelings upon seeing her appearance in the video

This was the first time she was seeing herself on camera in this lifetime, wasn’t it?

This was a video uploaded this evening, yet it was already on the trending chart.

She took a look at the number of views. There had been more than 400,000 views by now, along with several thousand likes, shares, and comments.

“Pretty Babe + Freaking Cute Kitty, I’m Melted by the Cuteness!”

When she clicked on the video, Xia Xibei and Honey appeared together onscreen.

The video captured Xia Xibei’s interaction with Honey earlier during the day, even showing how Honey had climbed into the claw machine.

The ending was Honey’s reluctant farewell to Xia Xibei.

The comment section had exploded.

“So freaking cute! How could such an adorable kitten even exist?! I’m melting from the cuteness!”

“God! Has this cat become humanized? How did it know to climb inside to catch the dolls!”

“The cat owner is so handsome! Hottie, you’ve dropped your girlfriend here! When are you coming over to pick her up?”

“The cat is so cute! I wanna cuddle with it!”

“Have you guys not seen it? The girl is such a beauty! And that looks like her bare face!”

“Is the girl a celeb? She’s good-looking and slim! How unjust!”

“Despite being thin, she has boobs and a booty! I’m so envious!”

“165 pound me, bawling my eyes out in front of the computer. This world is so unfair!”

“So it’s true that beauties will be treated well… Even the snobby, regal cat has fallen for her!”

“Did the girl speak an alien language cats know? Or did the cat speak human?”

“Fair-skinned, good looks, and long legs. She’s my dream date!”

“I’ve only heard of people training dogs, never cats! This girl is a piece of work, ain’t she?!”

At the beginning, there were only positive comments.

Very soon however, some comments loaded with sarcasm started to appear.

“They’re attention-seekers, aren’t they? People are so clever nowadays. They even thought of using a cat as a feature!”

“That’s theft, ain’t it? They made the cat steal! I can’t believe what’s going on in your minds! Y’all, how could you even call that cute? If it was YOUR claw machine, would you still be laughing at this?”

“The editing skills are splendid, huh? Is that some newbie from some company who’s about to debut? Are you trying to make her popular now?”

These comments infuriated some of the other people.

“What do you mean by theft? Didn’t you see how the girl inserted two coins into the machine?”

“Are you blind? Can’t you see that the video wasn’t edited in any way?”

“Haha, so it’s not theft as long as you put two coins inside? Can you get two dolls with just two coins? How is that not theft?!”

“I’ve never seen a cat so close with humans, haha… This must have been edited! If this isn’t fake, I’mma eat sh*t!”

“Haha, you call that good-looking? You call that a bare-faced beauty? How about brushing up your knowledge on plastic surgery and nude make-up?”

As she went through all the strife and quarrels bubbling over the comment section, Xia Xibei remained unruffled.

These were all just small, friendly fights compared to the time she had been boycotted by the entire netizen community. What happened right now was nothing more than a light drizzle.

The negative comments below the video were pretty restrained.

These vicious remarks posed no impact on Xia Xibei’s mood.

However, the video made her affirm the thoughts she had in mind.

She searched the entire web page and typed in several keywords. The final result that came up put a smile on her face.

She took a look at the time. It was midnight.

After a moment of hesitation, she sent a message.

Initially, she hadn’t expected a response from the other party. Unexpectedly, her phone vibrated less than a minute later.

She unlocked it to see a reply from Tang Luo: 10 am tomorrow, at Oriental Parade. Talk in detail when we meet.

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