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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 96 (Part 1)

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Chapter 96: Getting Closer (Part 1)

Shen Miao sat down for a while in Princess Rong Xin's residence, changed clothes and her hair was restyled by the maids. After drinking a cup of tea, Princess Rong Xin then walked in.

“Shen Young Lady should be alright?” Princess Rong Xin smiled, “Had already instructed the kitchens to bring over some ginger tea. In such a cold day, one must warm the body up else it would be easy to catch a cold.”

Shen Miao replied with a smile, “Many thanks to Your Princess Highness .” But there was still some doubts in her heart as Princess Rong Xin was never this pleasant to her before, and at the moment that face did not have any of the strictness and indifference of the past lifetime, making Shen Miao doubt if the person in front was truly Princess Rong Xin.

When she was pondering, Princess Rong Xin was also sizing her up and her gaze was very thoughtful. Even though Princess Rong Xin did not like to head outside but all the rumours in the Ding capital would flow to her ears, but because she did not often go outside the information she had not been updated, and it stopped at the point that the Di born Fifth Young Lady of the Shen residence of the Ding capital was an idiot.

In Princess Rong Xin’s impression, Shen Miao was timid and cowardly but only when pursuing a male she would become very bold. She did not have any talents or virtues and was very vulgar. How would she be worthy of Xie Jing Xing, whose appearance and studies were top-notch. However at this moment, the female looked delicate and attractive, eyes were as clear as water and even though she was only sitting, there was a rare magnificence and prestige for such an age that made her to could not help but change her point of view a little.

“Tonight the Wan Li Lake is too crowded and Shen Young Lady had strayed away from family, so one is presumably scared.” Princess Rong Xin smiled, “After finishing the ginger tea, Bengong will let the servants send you back.” There was a little probing on her face, “Today you met with a trouble, Bengong’s Zhi-er (aka nephew) unprecedentedly came to look for me for help.”

‘Zhi-er’ naturally referred to Xie Jing Xing. Shen Miao looked at Princess Rong Xin’s loaded expression and was unsure how to continue that line of words. After pausing she then said, “Little Xie Marquis is a brave and chivalrous person, one has made a disturbance.” Finishing she felt grieved with her own words. Xie Jing Xing brave and chivalrous? He was clearly black-hearted. Today she was actually implicated by Xie Jing Xing, but now it was like she had received a favour from him.

Princess Rong Xin saw that Shen Miao had used some distancing words, seemingly to deliberately clarify the relationship with Xie Jing Xing and was satisfied in her heart. If Shen Miao was one who climb all over someone, upon receiving Xie Jing Xing’s little help she would not wait to take advantage of Xie Jing Xing’s relationship with her, and pester him over and over again, If that was so, then Princess Rong Xin would look down on Shen Miao. Even though one looked favourably on young female and male relationships, but one after all came from the Royal family with strict etiquettes, thus one would look down on secret relationships.

“What disturbance?” Princess Rong Xin smiled cordially, “Jing Xing, that child, also said that you are his friend and there is no need to stay ceremonious between friends. Speaking of which, Jing Xing is Bengong’s Zhi-er and since you have a friendship with him, it is also possible to see of Bengong as your own YiMu.”

Shen Miao was holding the teacup and almost choked on the tea. To see Princess Rong Xin as one own YiMu? Even in the past life when she married to Fu Xiu Yi, Princess Rong Xin was really her Yi Mu, but when she wanted to privately fawn Princess Rong Xin, she however said coldly, “Let the matter drop. Bengong do not have such you as a Zhi-Nu (aka niece).”

That cold Princess Rong Xin that rejected her that time, now said warmly to her, “It is also possible to see of Bengong as your own YiMu.” Shen Miao felt that she was most likely dreaming.

Seeing her being somewhat startled, the more Princess Rong Xin felt that this child was honest and did not have those scheming intentions of the noble young ladies. She pulled her hands over, “Bengong do not have any children, in the future there is no harm for you to come over to Bengong here to visit.” She slipped the bracelet from her own wrist and put it in Shen Miao’s hands, “Take this as Bengong’s gift for the first meeting.”

“This is too valuable.” Shen Miao declined. This bracelet was a double loop sandblasted peony jade and there were a total of five gold rings that were interlocking. This was the late Great Imperial Concubine’s dowry, which was Princess Rong Xin’s birth mother’s dowry that was given to her when Princess Rong Xin got married. In her previous life, Shen Miao saw that Princess Rong Xin treasured this bracelet a lot.

“It is for you to wear.” Princess Rong Xin smiled, “It is only a small plaything. One believe that your family have various jewellery, gold and silver so do not despise this.”

“How would this official’s daughter despise Great Imperial Concubine’s bracelet.” Shen Miao said, “This is just too valuable…”

Princess Rong Xin was surprised for a moment, “How do you know that this is Great Imperial Concubine’s bracelet?”

Shen Miao also paused and cursed in her heart. Because she was the mistress of the Six Palaces in her past life, naturally she was familiar with the matters of the womenfolk of the Palace, but in this life she was only the daughter of an official, thus one would not know such a private matter of the Imperial family.

Seeing Princess Rong Xin’s sceptical gaze, Shen Miao had a sudden inspiration and smiled, “One heard Little Xie Marquis mentioning before. Little Xie Marquis and Your Princess Highness’s relationship is close and he would often mention about Your Princess Highness.”

“So it is like this.” Princess Rong Xin’s face softened down and said with gratification, “Bengong also treated him as one’s own child for all these years, it is good that he still have a conscience.” Speaking of that, her gaze towards Shen Miao was not the same, “But he actually told such a matter to you…”

Shen Miao’s body stiffened and heard Princess Rong Xin said, “It seemed that he had truly treat you has a ‘friend’.” Princess Rong Xin sighed, “Jing Xing, this child, even though he looked somewhat stubborn and obstreperous, he is a good one. After so many years, Bengong had not see him setting his heart on any young lady before.” She smiled delightedly at Shen Miao, “You are the first one .”

Shen Miao secretly thought that this appearance of Princess Rong Xin was like she was really Xie Jing Xing’s birth mother. But Xie Jing Xing picked her not because of what romance, one fear that Xie Jing Xing was suspicious of her. It was really a headache to take every step while having to deal with that kind of intelligent people.

Just at this moment the maid brought over the freshly brewed ginger tea. Princess Rong Xin was chatting with Shen Miao and was also watching her drink the ginger tea. The more she casually chatted with Shen Miao, the more Princess Rong Xin liked her. She discovered that not only that Shen Miao was not the idiot that was rumoured to be, but was also experienced and knowledgeable and even had great magnanimity. Even though it was simply chatting but with each of Shen Miao's actions and her look s, she wondered how did an unmarried female that was raised in the inner courtyard, have such a broad vision. Thinking of the previous matter of Shen Miao in love with Prince Ding, Princess Rong Xin’s was a little concerned in her heart. Even though Prince Ding was also her Zhi-er (aka nephew) but as compared to Fu Xiu Yi, Princess Rong Xin was more biased towards Xie Jing Xing. And with such a outstanding young lady like this, Princess Rong Xin did not wish her Zhi-er to miss the chance, and thus she kept praising Xie Jing Xing as she chatted with her.

Princess Rong Xin had a cold and old-fashioned character that let alone outsiders, even with relatives including Emperor Wen Hui, she would put on a cold appearance , but today to be actually talking pleasingly with an unfamiliar young lady, made everyone’s jaws in the Princess residence drop.

But one did not know that in the previous lifetime when Shen Miao married Fu Xiu Yi, she looked forward to please all of Fu Xiu Yi’s relatives, so she had inquired a lot on Princess Rong Xin and naturally knew to adapt to one’s fancy. There was little success in the previous life, but because of the layer of relationship with Xie Jing Xing this time, it happened to fit Princess Rong Xin appetite. If she knew that Princess Rong Xin was that easy to please, in her previous life she only needed to build a good relationship with Xie Jing Xing, why the extra trouble?

Talking till a stick of incense almost burned complete, Princess Rong Xin then got up and said, “The time is not early, if one do not send you back to the residence, one fear that General Shen and Shen Furen would be too anxious. Bengong had already prepared the horse carriage to send you back.” When she finished speaking, she stood up and called for others.

When Shen Miao followed Princess Rong Xin out, she was shocked with the disposition of forces. Princess Rong Xin’s horse carriage was incomparably gorgeous, but what made one shocked was the squad of guards that were wearing swords. Princes Rong Xin smiled, “There are lot of people on the streets today. With more people guarding, it would prevent any accidents from happening.”

There was no way for Shen Miao to refuse the other party’s kind intentions. Moreover by borrowing Princess Rong Xin’s prestigious disposition of forces, she could fix some people in the Shen residence. She accepted the goodwill and relayed her thanks to Princess Rong Xin before going up the horse carriage.

The crowds on the Ding capital’s street had not reduce even till now since the fireworks were really set off the entire night. And when such an ostentatious entourage of people and carriage appeared, it was indeed eye catching.

On the wall on the corner of the street, there was a youth with a fox coat who was standing on it, and there was a middle aged strong guy standing behind. The strong guy said, “Her Princess Highness actually sent so many guards to send Shen Young Lady back.”

“Aunt Rong is not a person that can been fawn easily.” That youth said with interest, “This Young Lady of the Shen family really have great ability.”

The middle-aged person remained silent until he suddenly heard that the youth beside spoke, “How about the survivors that were caught today?”

“Replying Master, all of them were locked in the tower prison. Three of those were suicide soldiers and had already committed suicide by consuming poison. The remaining three had their jaws unhinged and refused to say anything.”

“Then pick one and break his bones. Do not let a single inch of his body off. I do not need to teach the logic of killing the chicken to scare the monkeys.”

“Yes.” The strong man hesitated, “Those that sneaked into the city…”

“Find them out and kill without pardon.”

The flow of people in the Ding capital was bustling, but there was danger and unsettledness under the bustle. But there were no traces of all that in the General's residence.

Within the main hall of the Shen residence, everyone was standing solemnly. Shen Xin and wife were standing in the middle and could not conceal their worries while Shen Qiu was filled with annoyance.

After searching for the entire night they were unable to find Shen Miao’s whereabouts, Shen Xin and wife were not fools and knew that in such a situation, most likely she was not abducted by kidnappers. Who would not care that within a few steps the Shen family guards were present and still kidnapped Shen Miao. Normal kidnappers would not take such a big risk, thus one fear that someone was out for revenge.

Shen Xin and wife did not know the matter of Prince Yu's residence but Shen Qiu was well aware of it. Shen Miao was more or less involved with the extermination of Prince Yu's entire household and if Prince Yu's residence’s faction was determined to take revenge for their master, one could imagine what kind of ending would Shen Miao have if she fell into their hands.

Shen Xin even dispatched the Shen family's army and also secretly informed the city garrison to bring up their guards. They even searched house to house in the capital and were unable to find anything, thus as time passes, Shen Xin and the few of them almost went crazy.

Chen Rou Qiu gently and tenderly spoke, “Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao, the matter cannot go on like this. Why not… Report it to the authorities. If the authorities are aware, it would mean that the capital administrator could come forward to search instead of us. This is another way.”

“Correct.” Shen Wan also spoke, “Eldest Brother, the longer the matter drags on, the more disadvantageous it is to Little Five. The Shen family had been outside searching and others would be suspicious when they see them.”

Shen Yue stood behind Chen Rou Qiu and had her head lowered so that others would not be able to see her raised lips. She deserved it! The news of Shen Miao going missing was the happiest news she heard for the day. She did not need to think more and was only hoping that Shen Miao would be like Shen Qing and lose her innocence before being sent back . From then onwards she would be the only Di daughter of the Shen family. At that time, so what if Shen Xin and wife have military power in their hands and Shen Qiu that Older Brother is there to protect? Shen Miao’s reputation would be destroyed and would not be able to raise her head for the rest of her life!

“No way.” Luo Xue Yan’ brows tightened and looked fiercely at Chen Rou Qiu, “If one were to make a report to the authorities then Jiao Jiao’s reputation would be ruined!” The matter of Shen Miao’s disappearance, they actually wanted to hide it from the others but the other households of the Shen family were all very alert. Paper after all could not cover fire so Shen Miao’s disappearance at the end was uncovered.

And Shen Xin and Shen Qiu had searched for the entire night unsuccessfully, and could only order their subordinates to continue to search as they headed back to the residence to make plans.

“Eldest Sao,” Chen Rou Qiu had a sincere face on, “Is Jiao Jiao’s reputation more important that her life? If a girl lost her life because of her reputation, one fear that Eldest Sao would regret in the future.”

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