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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 85 (Part 1)

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Chapter 85: The Day of Marriage (Part 1)

Time quickly past like it was flying by and in a twinkling of an eye it was the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.

On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, it was an auspicious day and was good to go get married and it was the day the long widowed Prince Yu to marry a Wangfei. After Prince Yu had been widowed for so many years, the residence of Prince Yu is finally welcoming a new mistress. However everyone was well aware that this was not something to be happy about. Just like the previous Prince Yu’s Wangfei, who could know when will the happy occasion become a funeral.

The target that was marrying into Prince Yu residence is the Shen family's Di daughter of the second household in the capital. There were three Di daughters in the Formidable Great General residence, Shen Miao was famous for being an idiot, Shen Yue’s talented reputation was well known and Shen Qing was considered to be beautiful, generous and capable, and this last such good female was going to get married to Prince Yu kind of person. This made others unable to bear but to let a sigh go.

“That Shen Gui has gone crazy.” There was someone who was speaking softly in the crowd that was looking at the commotion. “Is not this watching one’s daughter jumping into the fire pit? This is sinful.”

“What do you know.” Another person disapproved, “I heard from my official Biao Older Brother, that this Eldest Shen Young Lady had illicit sexual relations with Prince Yu and is already pregnant. If it was not because that is a Royal flesh and blood, she would be drown.”

“Ah. What you said is real?” The surrounding people heard that and all of them were surprised as they did not know about this before.

That person shook his head proudly, “It is so. Heard that during the returning banquet in the Palace, hundreds of civil and military officials had witnessed it, and heard that this Shen family Eldest Young Lady was not pitiful at all and brought trouble to herself.”

“Indeed if it is like this. To be pregnant before marriage, this offend the public morals.”

“Really, does not know what shame is.”

“How did the Shen family's Second household taught such a daughter that harmed General Shen’s noble and benevolent character. Really she is humiliating the family status.”

“What does this got to do with General Shen? General Shen is not in the Ding capital all year and even his daughter was raised by the two other households.”

Everyone’s lively discussion and comments were diverse and all the conversation were words of despise for Shen Qing. From the initial sympathy to the later spitting and cursing, seemed to have passed only a short moment of time. Even Shen Gui’s and Ren Wan Yun’s bones were picked.

That person who initially said that Shen Qing was pregnant, only quietly smiled and disappeared into the crowd.

In the Shen residence, the matchmaker was putting makeup on Shen Qing.

Ren Wan Yun stood behind Shen Qing and tightly twisted the handkerchief in her hands and could not wait to shred it into pieces. She raised her daughter up well but now had to watch as Shen Qing jumped into the fire pit. No mother would not love their own daughter and to Ren Wan Yun, everything that had happened felt like someone cutting into her flesh with a knife.

What was different was that Shen Qing did not have such strong emotions as Ren Wan Yun. She sat quietly at the seat and let the matchmaker move around and that matchmaker smiled and said, “Eldest Young Lady, this old one will thread one’s face. Face threading is somewhat painful, Eldest Young Lady must tolerate and after it, one will be able to be a beautiful bride.”

It was still alright if these words were not said but when these words were said, Ren Wan Yun only felt pain in her heart and she almost fainted. Shen Qing only looked woodenly at herself in the bronze mirror. If it was not for her blinking eyes, one would think that she was a corpse.

The matchmaker also grew apprehensive towards Shen Qing’s expression as she took a thin cotton thread from a box and started threading. This face threading made one's face fair and clean but it was very painful and normally a noble young lady would delicately cry out with some pain. But when they were doing the threading, Shen Qing was still expressionless as if she was dead.

“Qing-er.” Ren Wan Yun could not help but shed tears.

When the matchmaker saw such a scene, of the bride not having the joy of being one, but her whole body was filled with despair, she understood a little in her heart. She did not say any auspicious words and quickly put Shen Qing's makeup on and found an excuse to depart.

Only Ren Wan Yun and Shen Qing were left in the room with a few maids.

Ren Wan Yun’s tears could not stop, it was only a short few months but she has aged so much that she had now the looks like those of an older woman, her face was much older and her white hairs have increased. How could one see that previous plump gorgeously wearingly smart lady.

“Mother, do not worry.” It was Shen Qing who spoke first. Her voice was hoarse and it sounded strange, she seemed to cry yet as if she was laughing, “Today what I have suffered would not be in vain. I will take revenge myself.

“Qing-er, Mother let you down.” Ren Wan Yun went up and hugged her.

Shen Qing woodenly let her mother hug her and said in a hoarse voice, “Father and Mother cannot help but even so I will take my own revenge.” Her tone was gloomy but that burst of grievances could be felt by everyone. Shen Gui looking on coldly by the side, Ren Wan Yun’s apprehension, their inability to face up to Shen Qing’s marriage, and finally Shen Qing hate of her own parents.

It was like a strike of lighting for Ren Wan Yun to be hated by her own daughter. But she knew how the matter came to this step and it was not necessarily without her reasons. If she had not schemed against Shen Miao in the beginning, if she went out and took a look in Wo Long Temple or perhaps if she had not written to Prince Yu about the wrong person, perhaps then Shen Qing would not have fallen into such a desperate situation like now.

She reluctantly smiled, “Qing-er must not be afraid, Mother swear to definitely take revenge for you. And your Second Older Brother would definitely not let that little slut off.”

In the big hall of the Shen residence, Old Shen Furen’s expression was serious as she sat on the seat in the middle, and Shen Yuan Bo was half laying in her arms as if he feared Old Shen Furen’s ruthless expression and obediently dared not move.

“Make what up.” Old Shen Furen said, “After doing such a shameless thing, she still have face to increase the trousseau. Number Two, you have raise a good daughter.” Old Shen Furen was vain and superficial and loved to have face outside. This time what happened to Shen Qing could not be hidden from her, and knowing that all the civil and military officials were aware of Shen Qing’s shameful deed, Old Shen Furen felt that her old face was lost and naturally hated Shen Qing and her mother.

Shen Gui quickly consented and could not wait to divorce Ren Wan Yun on the spot.

Shen Qiu expression upon hearing this was weird, seemingly like he wanted to laugh. Most likely Old Shen Furen herself had forgotten that she was originally a songstress, and speaking of which how much better could she be comparing to Shen Qing. She really thought that she was an unmarried daughter of a noble house who was as clear as ice and as clean as jade.

Shen Wan did not make any sound and Chen Rou Qiu would not take the initiative to attack when Old Shen Furen was that angry. As for Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan, they stood largely on the spot as if they had not heard Old Shen Furen’s words.

Old Shen Furen finished throwing out her temper, “The dowry cannot be too much. This kind of daughter is not worth my Shen family’s money.”

When such words were spoken, Luo Xue Yan had a layer of contempt in her eyes. Old Shen Furen was most biased against Eldest household and even if one valued males and belittled females, but Shen Qing grew up under Shen Old Furen. One obviously knew that Shen Qing's marriage into Prince Yu’s residence was a tragic start, by giving more money perhaps Shen Qing could live more comfortable, but one did not think that Old Shen Furen would be so stingy to that level and be that ruthless. Indeed a female born from the lowest level that could not be seen in public.

Shen Gui agreed, he had always had the attitude of a filial son and Old Shen Furen upon seeing him obedient, her expression was much warmer. When her eyes fell onto Shen Xin, she was about to say something when suddenly Shen Yue exclaimed, “Second Older Brother.”

Everyone looked at the direction of Shen Yue’s eyes and there from the door walked in a young male, wearing a stone green long robe. This male looked upright and upon closer inspection, looked a sixth or seventh similar to Shen Hui but there was a touch of pride in his brows.

This was not anyone else but the Shen family’s Second household’s eldest Di son, Shen Yuan.

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