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Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 68 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 68: Changing Marriage (Part 2)

In Rong Jing Tang.

Shen Yuan Bo snuggled up against Old Furen's side. These days Ren Wan Yun was busy taking care of Shen Qing and simply left Shen Yuan Bo in Rong Jing Tang. Old Shen Furen had originally showed tender affection for this grandson and naturally he was incredibly precious to her. Thus she treated Ren Wan Yun much better.

Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Yue were actually not there. After Ren Wan Yun started to take care of Shen Qing, Chen Rou Qiu temporarily took over the role of the matriarch of the family, and naturally the task of being the Shen family's representative to entertain other Furens fell on her. This kind of opportunity Chen Rou Qiu would naturally not let it go, and would bring Shen Yue out for social interactions everyday, as she wanted to expose Shen Yue to the various noble furens so that it would be more favourable for Shen Yue's future marriage.

Ren Wan Yun stood at the side of the main hall, seemingly thinking about something.

When Shen Miao was brought into Rong Jing Tang by Old Shen Furen's maid, Xi-er, she greeted Old Shen Furen.

These days she was confined and had to copy Buddhist scriptures and knelt in the Shen ancestral hall. Old Shen Furen did not want to see her so she did not let her come over for greetings. The last time she saw Old Shen Furen, was before the confinement.

"Fifth girl, is one's heart tranquil after copying Buddhist scriptures?" Old Shen Furen asked.

Upon hearing this old woman's erudite words, Shen Miao could not help but laugh in her heart. If one were to say that Shen residence's elderly were not respectful, Old Shen Furen would be the first to bear the brunt and why would she say such words of tranquillity. She smiled gently, "As grandmother wished."

"Then that is good." Old Shen Furen pretended to cough and Xi-er quickly brought over the hot tea. After opening the teacup cover for a sip, she looked at Shen Miao and said, "That matter previously, even though it was not your fault, it was caused by you, moreover your temper is overtly stubborn. I only punished you with copying Buddhist scriptures. Do you have any complaints about me in your heart?"

"Shen Miao does not dare."

"I know you are sensible." Old Shen Furen looked at her in satisfaction, "Since you are this sensible and also the young lady of our Shen family, naturally I will dote on you. It seems that you have reached the age of marriage, as Vice Minister of the Legislative Bureau's Wei family came over to propose marriage for the Di son of the Wei family. They proposed for you, do you think it is good?"

If this was not the time to do so, Shen Miao would have really laughed out loud. Old Shen Furen such a person, most likely only recognised this small dusty land. How would an elder in the family go ask one's grandchild loudly 'do you think it is good', really could not understand what Old Shen Furen was thinking.

"The orders of the parents are the promises of the matchmakers." Shen Miao smiled and said, "Naturally Father and Mother would need to worry about this granddaughter's marriage."

"This girl!" Old Shen Furen saw that she was tactfully rebuffed, she almost burst in anger. Hearing the soft reminder cough from Ren Wan Yun, she slowly adopted a calm look and said, "This girl is truly too headstrong. Originally you are in love with… Let that be. Now seeing that in these past days, things are cleared up and thought that you are aware of the propriety. This Vice Minister of the Legislative Bureau's family is considered to be well-matched in terms of social status and that Wei family' Young Master, Wei Qian, also have a magnificent bearing and is a literary and military genius. Even your Father would not have half a disagreement with this proposal. This is the first time such a person came over to propose since your birth, if one would not grab the opportunity, that Young Master from Wei family would become someone else's husband in a turn of a head."

Although Old Shen Furen was not befitting as an elder but her matchmaking skills were not bad. Most likely because she was a songstress, she knew that young ladies would be fond of looks and she described Wei Qian as an ideal husband for everyone. Although Shen Miao knew that what Old Shen Furen said was not a lie as that Wei Qian was indeed a good man.

Despite this, Shen Miao was still unmoved and lightly said, "Young Master Wei is rather good but is still not what I wish for, so Grandmother should let it pass. My marriage naturally would be decided upon by Father and Mother."

"You!" After being contradicted repeatedly, Old Shen Furen, who did not have patience, finally got angry, "You are criticizing that this grandmother is intervening in your marriage and stretched my hands too long?"

"This Granddaughter did not say that." The unspoken implication was that she said it herself.

Old Shen Furen was so angry she could almost go crazy. Now the arrogance and obstinateness of Shen Miao was out in full force, as though she was covered all over with thorns and one could not touch, which made one feel pain from holding the anger in. Old Shen Furen hated the First household but also feared Shen Xin. Even after so many years there was still anger in her heart, but she managed to held it in and even though she was not close with Shen Miao, put on a serious but impartial grandmother impression. She cannot beat up Shen Miao because Shen Xin would discover and would at the most reprimand a few words. She had coldly looked on as Ren Wan Yun and Chen Rou Qiu raised Shen Miao as a wastrel causing her to fail due to excessive praise. Even though there was much said but there were few things that were discovered.

At the end, for unknown reasons there was one day when that wastrel Shen Miao suddenly became clever and not only that, her temperament became unreadable. She angrily said, "Do you still have any respect for seniority!"

Shen Miao felt that it was boring. This kind of patience and determination of Old Shen Furen, if she was thrown into the Inner Palace, she would definitely not live more than two days. In her past life, she had seen too many powerful females and then there is Old Shen Furen, with this kind of short-sightedness who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth. Shen Miao really did not take her into consideration.

"I ask you again." Old Shen Furen still remembered the purpose today and asked Shen Miao heavily, "Do you agree to this marriage proposal?"

"I do not agree." Shen Miao answered.

"Good, good, good." After saying 'good' three times, Fu-er and Xi-er quickly approached Old Shen Furen and stroked her heart so that she would not faint in anger. Old Shen Furen was so angry that she laughed, "That being the case, it seems that you do not really regret your actions. From today onwards, you will move out of your courtyard and stay in the Shen family's ancestral hall to chant scriptures every day. Let see if this can grind your unyielding temperament down!"

To stay in the ancestral hall and face the ancestors' tablets daily was considered very fearful for a small delicate girl. Moreover the grounds of the ancestral hall were cold and if one were to stay a few days, one would definitely get sick. Old Shen Furen said those words in a fit of anger and looked at Shen Miao complacently as she was most likely waiting for Shen Miao to beg for mercy.

But Shen Miao did not even wrinkle her brows when she answered, "Yes. This Granddaughter will go and pack things up now and immediately head there."

This fluttering sentence made Old Shen Furen almost fall back in anger.

And after Shen Miao spoke that sentence, she really said her goodbyes to Old Shen Furen and left immediately.

"This bastard daughter! No laws in her eyes!" Old Shen Furen was exasperated in anger and because she was low-born and unable to say literary phrases, she used words the poor would use, "Little slut! Deserve to have that old slut's blood!"

The 'old slut' she was speaking about was naturally the real mother of Shen Xin and Shen Miao's blood grandmother.

Ren Wan Yun raised her head and looked darkly towards the door but Shen Miao's figure was no longer there.

"Did not you say that she would definitely agree with the matter?" Old Shen Furen directed the anger towards Ren Wan Yun, "She being like that, how is it an agreement? Now what can be done?"

Not to say that Old Shen Furen was puzzled, Ren Wan Yun also felt it was strange. With Wei Qian's conditions, it would be even difficult for Shen Qing to be unshakable. But Shen Miao actually rejected without even thinking or considering. She mumbled, "It must be that she has her heart still set on Prince Ding, thus on the surface she pretended not to care but in reality did not give up. Else for this kind of person, she would definitely not refuse." She was not even shy like other females who would be when they heard about their marriage.

"Now what to do?" Old Shen Furen said snappily, "If she does not relent here, how to write the letter to Shen Xin?"

Originally in both of their plans, as long as Shen Miao was coaxed, they would let Shen Miao write a letter to Shen Xin indicating her interest. Afterwards when Shen Xin returned to the capital, it would be easier to arrange the marriage and then substituting a raccoon for the crown prince (Chinese proverbs) by switching the brides of the two marriages. Afterwards placing all the fault onto Shen Miao and once a female got married, there would be no more disposition. Even though Shen Miao would be scared, she would not dare to make a big deal out of it. Shen Xin would not know that Shen Miao's and Shen Qing's marriages were exchanged, and would thought that Shen Miao was in love with the Young Master of the Huang family. Huang De Xing preferred men and this matter was only known to people who were close with the Huang family. To the public, Huang De Xing was a good catch.

But now Shen Miao herself showed dissatisfaction with the Wei family's marriage proposal and did not write a letter to Shen Xin. Shen Miao was not agreeing to it, and now there were a number of plans behind that were not able to be carried out and created unwanted trouble.

"Since soft methods fail then hard tactics will deployed." Ren Wan Yun ferociously said, "Did not Mother lock her up in the ancestral hall? Then whatever outside hears would be what we say. In short, the marriage proposal have to be settled as soon as possible, quickly conduct the marriage and change it to Qing-er." Otherwise, even if the wedding night could be deceived, Shen Qing's abdomen cannot be hidden. Taken advantage that nothing can be seen from Shen Qing, it must be quickly finished.

Old Shen Furen looked at Ren Wan Yun and did not speak. Although she really wanted the First household to land in misfortune, but if hard tactics were used and when Shen Xin found out about it, she will be implicated and would have to receive the consequences.

With one look Ren Wan Yun knew what was Old Shen Furen's thoughts. She gritted her teeth and said, "Mother, do not worry. I have plans after the events and it would not be investigated till Mother's end."

Words were already said to that level so Old Shen Furen did not carry on. She said, "Then do as you have said."

In Bai Hua Lou, with the Sizhu's music lingering, there was a handsome youth clad in purple walking slowly in the elevated pavilion, as if he was the shimmering light above the Ninth Heavens. His eyelashes were very long and that pair of peach blossoms eyes were exceptionally pretty, but when they were looking at others, it revealed a faintly discernible indifference and cruelty.

"Ke." A light cough broke the silence in the pavilion, and a gentleman clad with fine robes holding a fan across his chest made a gesture for forgiveness, "Pardon the lateness."

"You also know how to be late. Really refreshing." The purple clad youth glanced at him.

Su Ming Feng touched his nose. This good friend most hated people who were not punctual and thanks to his friendship with him, else if it was others, Xie Jing Xing would have brushed his sleeves and leave, and would not have waited for the time of a stick of incense.

"Actually, Wei Qian was out of norm today," Su Ming Feng laughed bitterly, "You are also acquainted with the Young Master of Vice Minister of the Legislative Bureau's family. He is rather pitiful. He already have someone that he liked but unexpectedly his family proposed marriage to another Young Lady and the other side also accepted his card. It would seem that this marriage would be set to stone quickly. Wei Qian was not in a good mood so he pulled me to drink." Su Ming Feng pointed to himself, "But since I am now 'seriously ill', I cannot drink and only consoled for half a Shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours)."

"Boring." Xie Jing Xing said with a cold face. Obviously Su Ming Feng had spent such a long time to do just a senseless thing and he was very unhappy for having to wait for such a long time.

Su Ming Feng felt helpless. Xie Jing Xin was one who despise worldly conventions and there was always a smile on his face, but in reality holds a grudge well and was particularly picky. Not sure what had happened for these few days, his mood was also indifferent. Whenever Xie Jing Xing looked at people this calmly, Su Ming Feng would feel all his hair stand on ends.

"In fact, Wei Qian has really bad luck. The wife that his family chose for him was an idiot and was well-known in Ming Qi for chasing Prince Ding. For Wei Qian to marry her, it was really helpless of him." He quickly changed the subject hoping that it would arouse Xie Jing Xing's interest. "You should know who is she right? Shen Xin's Di daughter, Shen Miao. To be able to marry to Wei Qian, it could be considered as a great fortune."

"You are saying," Xie Jing Xing suddenly opened his mouth and asked slowly, "Shen Miao?"

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