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Chapter 165: Phoenix Destiny (Part 1)

Luo Xue Yan jumped in shock. She did not know why Su Furen said such terrifying words suddenly and her heart thought, it was just marriage it was not like female being fearful of taking a wrong step in life and Su Ming Feng's talents and looks were displayed for all to see so it was natural to be more picky. However seeing Su Furen's distressed appearance, she still comforted, "This is nothing. Furen do not need to worry too much, our residence's Qiu-er ist still like this till now without a wife. One must pick a wife well, a hasty heart would not get to eat hot tofu. If one were to hastily pick one for him and afterwards realise that it is not suitable, it would be harmful for self and others."

"Furen really said it correctly." Su Furen took Luo Xue Yan's hands and said with a smile, "I had initially thought that children would have the fortune of children. But Ming Feng, this child, is a closed mouth gourd and would not tell me a single thing so I am unable to know his thoughts at all."

When Luo listened halfheartedly. She had seen Su Ming Feng before and he had a good sense of eloquence that could debate with a group of students. Su Furen really dared to say that he has a close mouth gourd. She was really unwilling to talk about other family's matter with Su Furen and changed the topic, "Su Furen do not want to know how to raise this sparrow?"

Su Furen took a glance at the two sparrows in the cage but pretended not to have heard it and continued, "It is better to talk about my unworthy son."

Luo Xue Yan, "…"

"Ming Feng originally liked a painting that his Father had found and afterwards other paintings were not acceptable to him. Those that other people gave, he would not even take a look at it but that painting was gifted to others by his Father, thus Ming Feng thought about it for many years." Su Furen sighed, "Ming Feng is one who has unchanging emotions and the things that he fancies are of the best. It is because of that after fancying it, he would not be willing to settle for others."

Luo Xue Yan bewildered when she heard Su Furen voice, "It is the same for females. Once he likes a Young Lady, other young ladies would no longer be able to enter his heart."

Luo Xue Yan suddenly understood and smiled, "So Su Young Master already have a sweetheart. One do not know which family's young lady has such good fortune."

This words was just polite words and one had not thought that Su Furen was waiting for this sentence and immediately clapped her hands, "It is this noble residence's Young Lady."

Luo Xue Yan's face turned from green to white and from white to green suddenly.

Feeling were sent right to the doors and then turned into a corner and currently waiting for her response. Luo Xue Yan was thinking that the other party came with a pair of birds in a cage but did not even speak a word about the bird and kept on praising about what one's son did. Suddenly she understood.

This was coming to seek marriage.

Su Furen saw from Luo Xue Yan's expression that she was not very happy and her heart became worried. She knew that the Shen family had a big career and business that the Su family's little inheritance would not be able to enter their eyes. Moreover there were no short of families in Ding capital like the Su family, were willing to be in-laws with the Shen family and she did not see one bit of the rumored idiotic vulgar young lady. Just a dignified appearance that had a sense of propriety, was suitable to be married back and be the matriarch of the family. One was very satisfied internally and externally and now it was to see the Shen family's attitude.

Luo Xue Yan's face became cold, "Su Furen came here today because of this?"

Su Furen was somewhat stunned. She knew that it was wrong to take a look at one's daughter-in-law this way but she still said, "Shen Furen, don't be angry first. I know that I am abrupt today but you are also a mother and should be able to understand my mind."

Luo Xue Yan's expression slowly returned. Today when Su Furen came over, her attitude was indeed good and one did not reach out to beat a person who smiles thus she said, "Without any cause or reason, why did Su Furen came over to talk about this?" Luo Xue Yan's heart jumped. Could it be that Shen Miao and Su Ming Feng had secretly given one another things? Even though Ming Qi's customs were relatively open, it was not a glorious thing to privately give each other promise without both families knowledge.

Su Furen said, "I heard Ming Lang said that Ming Feng secretly liked Fifth Young Lady. Initally I also did not believe it as this son of mine has a wooden brain and till now was not gotten close to any young lady. I also did not know what kind of person Fifth Young Lady was thus I came over today. After seeing Fifth Young Lady today, one finally understood why Ming Feng liked her. Such a good appearance and character and her bearing was not at all inferior. I guess in the entire Ming Qi, only the Shen family could raise such a young lady. Not to hide from Shen Furen, not only Ming Feng, I too is very fond of her, thus one could not wait to talk to Furen about this matter. I know that Furen is a straightforward person and likes to go straight at things thus, one did not go around it."

The words said were extremely sincere and also praised Shen Miao without a trace. As a mother, how would one not like one's children being praised? Of course Luo Xue Yan's expression got a little better. But how would Shen Miaos marriage be settled with just one sentence? First the Shen family's position in Ming Qi was special and it was not idea if the in-law's power were higher or lower thus it was really difficult for one to decide on Shen Miao's marriage. Second was that even though Su Ming Feng's reputation was rather good outside but a few years back he was ill and thus did not enter officialdom. Luo Xue Feng was not willing to let Shen Miao marry a sick person. Moreover Luo Xue Yan had not seen Su Ming Feng before thus she did not know anything about his character. The third and most important point was that Su Ming Feng liked Shen Miao but one did not know if Shen Miao liked Su Ming Feng or not. Luo Xue Yan was an open minded mother and even though parents' would make the decision for children's marriages, Luo Xue Yan wanted Shen Miao to live happily and she had to like her own husband. Thus one could not make such a casual decision.

"One's daughter's marriage would not be fixed in a short time." Luo Xue Yan smiled, "I have to represent my Master and thank Furen's and Gentleman's fondness. It is just that in the process of marriage selection, there are many considerations and in such a short time, I would not be able to give Furen an answer as one feared it would need to be taken into consideration for some days. Just like what Furen mentioned, everyone are mothers and having a mother's heart, one would dote on one's children and hope Furen would understand." Luo Xue Yan did not dare to say any extreme words and left some room.

This had made Su Furen extremely satisfied and after speaking a little more, Su Furen then left.

After Su Furen left, Luo Xue Yan's gaze then became solemn and was somewhat heavy.

For a long time, Luo Xue Yan and Shen Xin had felt that Shen Miao was young of age and it was not a rush for marriage. However Su Furen coming to the residence to seek marriage had reminded Luo Xue Yan that at this age, Shen Miao could be engaged.

But who were the young handsome talents of Ding capital? Luo Xue Yan planned to wait for Shen Xin to return before discussing about this matter with him. Also she would let someone make a list for her so that she could go and check them out.

When Su Furen returned to the Su residences, Master Su for the first time did not went fishing or bird teasing and obediently stayed in the room. Upon seeing Su Furen's return, she quickly went forward to knead her shoulders and instructed the maids to pour some tea. Master Su was like a mouse who saw a cat when he looked at Su Furen and the servants around them were no stranger to it. Master Su asked, "How is it? What did Shen Furen say?"

"Did not agree but also did not disagree. Ought to think about it again." Su Furen said, "After all I went over hastily without careful consideration today and acted impudently to others. Moreover the Shen family is not an ordinary family so it is not a bad thing to think about it longer."

"Still need to think." Su Yu grimace with displeasure, "What is there to think about?"

Su Furen found it funny, "Could it be that you think that they would agree when I made the trip today?"

"Why not agree?" Su Yu asked, "What is wrong with Ming Feng? In this Ding capital, how can one find a second young handsome talent like Ming Feng? Whichever young lady that marry to Ming Feng would have blessings that was accumulated from one's past life." After finished speaking, he thought of something, "Wait a while. How is that Fifth Shen Young Lady?"

Finally he remembered to ask about this matter. The last time Master Su saw Shen Miao, it was during the Palace banquet and he felt that Shen Miao was not bad, it was just that her character was too strong. However it was not accurate for a male to judge a female and it was always better for female to take a look at female. Thus Su Furen would step in and take a look a this 'potential daughter-in-law'. Su Yu wanted to hear Su Furen's opinion of Shen Miao.

Su Furen drank a mouthful of tea and said, "Ming Feng's foresight is indeed not bad. I see that this Fifth Shen Young Lady is better than most of the well-bred young ladies in Ding capital. One do not need to say about the temperament since it is taught by Shen Xin, the character would not be that bad. That bearing was indeed rare and seemed to be like a noble person from the Palace. However there was just one point which was one fear that Ming Feng would not be able to tamed such a young lady like this. But it is also good. Ming Feng has a gentle character and with a stronger Furen to be the matriarch of the family, then this residence can be managed properly. This is excellent."

Su Yu rarely heard Su Furen praised a person like this and a whispered appeared in his heart. Wasn't it said that when a mother-in-law sees the daughter-in-law, one would be very picky? Could it be that his Furen is too gentle and soft?

Su Ming Feng just came back from outside and just about to take a step into the main hall when the corner of his clothes was held back by someone. Upon turning around, it was Su Ming Lang.

Su Ming Lang looked at him seriously, "Eldest Brother you cannot go in now to stir up a row else if would impact your lifelong matter."

"My lifelong matter?" Su Ming Feng was puzzled, "What of my lifelong matter?"

"Oh? Today I heard Older Sister Jin Feng saying to people beside that Mother went to take a look at a wife for you." Su Ming Lang said.

Su Ming Feng was shocked when he heard it, "What take a look for a wife? Who?"

Su Ming Lang said, "Isn't it the Older Sister of the Shen family?"

"Mother went to the Shen family to look for a wife for me?" Su Ming Feng's voice raise higher.

Su Ming Lang jumped in shock and said resentfully like hating iron for not becoming steel, "It is just marrying a wife. In the future when Older Shen Sister becomes my Eldest Sao, she would also not be about to watch you being like this." He then patted Su Ming Feng's arms, "I really envious of you."

On the surface the matter of the Su family coming over to the Shen mansion to look for a wife for Su Ming Feng, looked as though no one knew but in fact there were a number of insiders that knew of it. Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan discussed about it for a while and seriously started to discuss about the young handsome talents in the Ding capital. They even discussed if they needed to let Shen Miao participate a few flower banquets and stuff and Shen Xin even let Shen Qiu pay attention to the youths in the capital that were of the same age as him.

Such a big movement from the Shen mansion, if the residence of Prince Rui did not know about it, it would not be acceptable.

Once Xie Jing Xing returned to the residence of Prince Rui, he faced Ji Yu Shu's provocation. One did not know how he was able to con over the information that Cong Yang sent back and jumped around waving the letter, "Third Older Brother, the Su family people had already came to the doors and proposed marriage. What are you still waiting for?" After pausing, he then continued, "Still not heading to look for Su Ming Feng's trouble?"

Gao Yang had some worried look on his face, "Su Furen has a good reputation in the Ding capital and has a good relation with many Furens. The Su family's reputation is also not bad so if Shen Xin finds that Su Ming Feng is good, he could agree to this marriage."

Xie Jing Xing swept a glance at the letter and understood the contents of the letter and only felt his head ache.

The things that Su Ming Feng did was still relatively safe so why would one have a pair of parents who were so far off that now even went up to propose marriage? They may even do more shocking things.

Moreover Ji Yu Shu was still igniting fire at one side and had an angry face on, "What a good Su Ming Feng. In the beginning when he was with Third Older Brother claiming to be sworn brothers and have so many years of friendship. Now that Third Older Brother's identity has changed, he secretly started to undermine. Indeed one schemes is really deep. One always said that to know how strong a horse is, make it rung a long way and to get to know a man well, one must spend a long time with him. This Su Ming Feng is actually this kind of person. Third Older Brother, end your friendship with him."

Gao Yang could not carry on listening to Ji Yu Shu's nonsense and said, "It is better now to look for another way. Su family's matter is small but the matter of the Shen family that have already started to look for husbands for Fifth Shen Young Lady is big. We do not have much time in Ming Qi so it is better to resolve the matters that you want to do."

When those words were said, Xie Jing Xing looked cold.

Ji Yu Shu had not notice it yet and instead was hit upon an inspiration, "I have an idea."

The few people looked towards him as Ji Yu Shu said, "Since Third Older Brother is a dead person in their eyes, why not pretend to be a ghost at night and pretend to give Su Ming Feng a dream at night. Just say that Shen Young Lady is the person that Third Older Brother fancied and wanted Mohave ghost marriage with. Su Ming Feng would be scared and naturally would not have any ideas on Fifth Shen Young Lady… Third Older Brother, don't leave. Listen to what I say."

Gao Yang shook his head and sighed before spitting out a word, "Stupid."

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