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Chapter 161: Troubled Waters (Part 1)

A Heavens shocking secret burst forth in Ding capital.

Early in the morning before the skies brighten, there was a middle-aged man who knelt in front of the government offices and crying injustice, saying that the Third Master of the Shen residence had forcefully snatched commoners and kidnaped one's wife to be a concubine and it was condemn in Heavens and Earth. Even though that man looked like a lowlife but one did not know where he had inherited a smooth tongue. Not only he talk about it, he also sang about it, making it so exciting that it attracted a lot of commoners who came to watch the show and in less than half a shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours), the entire Ding capital knew of the matter.

A little while back the news about the Chen and Shen family fighting a lawsuit was a legendary matter that made the commoners in the Ding capital become aware of the GuiQie, Cang Zai Qing. Shen Wan divorced his wife of many years for her and really did all the things without any emotions thus everyone would discuss about it. Everyone could inquire about the good things, Cang Zai Qing was the daughter of Old General Shen's old friend and was educated, gentle and elegant. Her temperament was comparable to Chen Rou Qiu and because she was carrying Shen Wan's child, everyone would tend to go to Cang Zai Qing's side.

One said that Shen Wan snatched others wife but everyone was not a fool. Liu Province was not near to Ding capital and initially Cang Zai Qing came to seek support from the Shen residence and claimed that she was unmarried. To speak about snatching another's wife, one feared that it was Cang Zai Qing who had stuck nto it. Shen Wan had always been clever and elegant and at the end one was not able to see Cang Zai Qing's real image and helped others raise their wife for so long that even grass was growing on the greet hat he was wearing.

As for that male's words, no one doubted it. The first reason was that the male had a marriage certificate in his hands and the white paper and black words indicated Cang Zai Qing's name with the official stamps. Secondly the young boy that was following along looked exactly like Cang Zai Qing but he looked quiet and overwhelmed.

Everyone was pointing and treated it as a joke that one had not seen for decades. It was said that big families had more scandals but one did not think that a Master would be that foolish. If it was previous, the matter could be suppressed and it would not be spread to the entire Ding capital like this. But this man's performance was sudden as he started the beat the drums and cry injustice early in the morning, making it difficult to suppress it down. Moreover the people working in the government office would also look at another's reputation. Currently Shen Wan and his entire family were imprisoned so no one cared about Shen Wan's reputation. They even joined with the crowd to watch the joke.

In the Chen residence, in a remote courtyard, Chen Rou Qiu was listening to the news that Shi Qing had brought from outside and laughed as she leaned forward.

She was currently more indolent these days and was even more unscrupulous. The more she was like this the more the Chen family did not want to see her. However she did not care about herself as the main goal of living was to pull the Chen family down on purpose and no doubt Chen Rou Qiu was doing that well.

Chen Rou Qiu indeed had done it. After being together with Shen Wan as husband and wife so many years, he knew the lifeline of Shen Wan. After adding all the bits and pieces together and in addition of bribing Shen Wan' subordinates, she delivered the evidence to Shen Wan's sworn enemy. After waiting for the news anxiously, finally the good news came.

The deeper Chen Rou Qiu's love with Shen Wan, the deeper the hate was. It was Shen Wan that put her in such miserable state then she would never let Cang Zai Qing and Shen Wan live well. When the entire Shen family was imprison, Chen Rou Qiu was pleased but she did not think that on the very next day the news about Cang Zai Qing having a husband and child would be revealed.

She had not thought that after being smart for her entire life, she would lose to a female who abandon her husband and child. Chen Rou Qiu was laughing manically and as she laughed she felt that there was bitterness on the corners of her lips. If she had investigated further then and was not that anxious, she would send someone to Liu Province to investigate and perhaps there would not be such an ending. Shen Wan was one who would not be able to tolerate a single sand in his eye thus with Cang Zai Qing's background, even without Chen Rou Qiu saying anything, he would have been disgusted with her.

However there was no turning back of an arrow that was release from the bow. No one was able to turn back after walking to this step.

"Furen, what should be done now?" Shi Qing asked carefully. Currently Chen Rou Qiu was not cared for by the Chen family at all and the matters of the Shen family had come to an end. To Chen Rou Qiu, it was not a way to go to continue like this.

"I was thinking." Chen Rou Qiu pressed her forehead with a bit of tiredness, "Since Yue-er is already settled down, I can do whatever I want. After a few more days, one would leave Ding capital and look for a small place to live out the rest of my life in peace." She laughed bitterly, "It is better than to stay in the Ding capital and laughed by everyone."

Shi Qing gave a sigh of relief as she felt that it was better if Chen Rou Qiu thought it that way. As long as there was hope, life would get better and better.

"But first I have to go and see Yue-er." Chen Rou Qiu's hands were on her chest, "Else I would not be at ease."

Just as she was speaking, she saw Hua Yi running over in a rush with a shocked and frightened look on her face, "Furen, it is not good. Something had happened."

Chen Rou Qiu stood up and frowned as she asked, "What happened?"

"Second Young Lady. Second Young Lady."

As soon as she heard it was Shen Yue, Chen Rou Qiu's heart suddenly jumped violently. She grabbed onto Hua Yi's hands and asked hurriedly, "What happen to Yue-er?"

Hua Yi was almost crying, "The matter of Second Young Lady in the residence of Prince Qin was discovered."

When Shen Yue was taken out of the residence of Prince Qin, HuangFu Hao did not stop it.

Despite Shen Yue's rains of tears and pleading as she grabbed onto his sleeves, HuangFu Hao only comforted her, "Nothing will happen. Just follow them." There was no trace of protection in his words and tone at all. Those officials were very clever and seeing HuangFu Hao's attitude, at the end they had no worries at all and headed out rather rudely with Shen Yue.

As HuangFu Hao looked at the entourage of people bringing Shen Yue away, he could not help but frowned and instructed the guards beside him, "Go and inquire what is actually going on in the Palaces of Ming Qi."

Early in the morning the officials came over to take away the Di daughter of the Shen family's Third household, Shen Yue. Ever since Shen Yue entered the residence of Prince Qin, no one outside knew of it. Everyone would also not expect that a Di daughter of an official would become the concubine of the Crown Prince of Qin. But how would the officials knew of the information and actually came to the residence of Prince Qin for her?

Just how much courtesy did Emperor Wen Hui leave him with? The reason for taking Shen Yue away was because SHen Yue was a member of the Shen family and thus was unable to escape but there was no mention of the exchanging of marriage between Shen Yue and Shen Dong Ling and most likely this was done to deliberately avoid it. However because of this, there was no need for Emperor Wen Hui to do it with such great fanfare. HuangFu Hao thought that there must be something queer with this.

Since the other party was prepared, then there was no need for HuangFu Hao to go against. Shen Yue was just a means for him to understand Shen Miao and it happened that she had some beauty to be played with. He did not really put Shen Yue in her heart and need not need to go against Emperor Wen Hui and made things ugly, thus he pushed the boat with the currents.

However as to what was going on in Ming Qi's Palaces, HuangFu Hao still did not know what had happened. It was because as such, he did not understand many things. After thinking for a moment, HuangFu Hao called a subordinate over, "Go to the residence of Prince Ding and pass a message."

These matters of the Shen family were enough to be a pot of mess. It was like a flat and fine silk surface suddenly had a thread pulled out and when the thread was pulled, all the embroidered patters instantly became a mess, making one unable to see the original pattern.

First it was Shen Wan who was set to prison after performing poorly then it was Cang Zai Qing's husband and child who knelt at the doors of the government offices beating the drums and crying injustice. And now, they actually found the Di born daughter of the Third household in the residence of the Qin Crown Prince as a concubine. From that the matter of the exchanging of marriage between the Di daughter of the Third household and the Shu daughter of the Second household was dug up and made everything sighed at the messy inner courtyards of the Shen residence. It also make one wonder if the Shen family had offended whichever god or ghost to be that misfortunate.

It was in the afternoon when Shen Miao pull the curtains down and planned to take a nap. The Shen family's matter had already gone accordingly to the steps that she wanted. Shen Miao could roughly guess what Emperor Wen Hui would do.

She just took off her cloak when she felt that smething was not right. When she turned around, she saw that in the shadows, Xie Jing Xing had come and she did not know when. He was leaning on her bed and was stroking a fluffy thing in his hands in a careless manner. That thing was arching itself and upon a closer look, it was the white tiger that Shen Miao saw before.

That tiger most likely had grown quite a lot that even its fur were shiny and exceptionally beautiful. However this did not enter Shen Miao eyes. She took a deep breath and said, "Who let you go up my bed?"

Xie Jing Xing really climbed all over her. She had gotten used to him flipping over windows to enter and now he dared to climb to her bed on broad daylight. Could it be that he would come in from the front doors opening in some days to drink tea and be welcomed by everyone in the residence?

It was just unreasonably reckless.

Xie Jing Xing said, "Specially came over to congratulate you. Why do you react like this?"

"Congratulate?" Shen Miao was stunned, "What to congratulate?"

"Then Shen family is in prison as you wished." Xie Jing Xing let go of his hands and the white tiger tumbled down and happily bounced around on Shen Miao's bed and even scrutinized the fine silk on Shen Miao's bed with its claws, making one feel pity. Xie Jing Xing stroked his chin, "Cang Zai Qing's reputation is ruined, Shen Wan is regretful, Chen Rou Qiu is implicated and Shen Yue also ended up imprisoned. All these are things that are worth congratulating." He blinked his eyes, "Are you not happy?"

To speak so straightforwardly about the result of scheming made Shen Miao a little uncomfortable. She took two steps forward and grabbed his sleeves to pull him out of the bed and said, "It is alright just to say one's congratulations. Prince Rui need not need to personally take a trip if gifts are prepared.

"Then how could this Prince express one's sincerity?" Shen Miao used a lot of strength but Xie Jing Xing did not move one bit. He swept a glance at Shen Miao and said with a smile but not a smile, "Moreover in this round, you even trapped Fu Xiu Yi. It is worthy of a celebration."

Shen Miao's heart jumped and her hands involuntary loosen. Xie Jing Xing's eyebrows raised and his hands reached for SHen Miao hands as it pulled her forward.

Shen Miao was unable to prevent it and due to the instability before, she fell straight into Xie Jing Xing's chest.

The eyes of that youth were smiling but his gaze was as sharp as a knife. His words were said as soft and warm like whispers to a lover but the words that were used were cold.

He said lowly, "To even implicate HuangFu Hao, that Old Emperor would not let Fu Xiu Yi off easily. This move of yours is wonderful but aren't you afraid that it would inviting the fire to yourself?"

Shen Miao looked up and towards Xie Jing Xing.

Two years ago the youth was romantically beautiful but was there was still some contempt. Perhaps it was a deliberate performance. Two years later, after exposing his true identity to everyone, it made one felt more unfathomable. A cynical tone of voice was used, as if all the matters of the world had become an indifferent smile but that ambition hidden under the handsome appearance was the most daunting to others.

'Asking a tiger for its' hide' appeared in Shen Miao's mind.

Yes. What Xie Jing Xing said was not wrong. The matters between Chen Rou Qiu and Shen Wan were just an opening act and Cang Zai Qing would also suffer punishment from her own abandonment. And everything was a camouflage, it was her final deflective move.

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