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Chapter 144: Right Hand (Part 1)

"Bad news, Young Master Ling has gotten into an accident!"

Everyone hurriedly went outside and saw someone carrying Luo Ling in. Luo Ling's hands were filled with fresh blood that made one's eyes shocked, and astonished one's hearts.

"Older Brother Ling!" Luo Tan jumped in shock. She only saw Luo Ling being carried back and even though he had tried his best to resist the pain, his complexion was very pale. Even though it was a very cold day, large drops of sweat rolled down from his forehead.

"Imperial Physician Gao," Luo Xue Yan quickly said, "Would trouble you to take a look at Luo Ling."

Gao Yang had a helpless expression on his face. He had initially thought that now that Luo Tan was alive and kicking, his task was completed, and did not expect that another difficult to treat person again came. Could it be that they treated him as a doctor sitting in the medical hall? Even though he thought that in his heart, he did not revealed it on his face. Gao Yang said, "Carry him to the room. I will take a look at him."

After Luo Ling and Gao Yang entered the bed chambers, Luo Tan said angrily to the subordinate that carried Luo Ling back, "What exactly went on? Ling-er was perfectly fine. How did he get injured that seriously!"

The subordinate was almost in tears, "We received a tip-off that someone seemed to have seen the whereabouts of Young Lady Shen. Young Master Ling brought us to search for the person and someone send a note over, requesting the Young Master to come alone. Who knew it was a trap? Those people initially wanted to scheme against Young Master Qiu, but did not expect that the person who came was Young Master Ling. Young Master Ling fought with them and those people attacked and injured his right hand." The subordinate paused and had a look of concern, "Many years ago Young Master Ling hurt his right hand during training and it later healed, but the injury today was exactly on his old wound. Young Master Ling was already not in a good condition before the battle, and when the rest of us arrived, Young Master Ling was already like that.

The matter of Luo Ling's right hand injured before was something that Luo Xue Yan and Shen Xin did not know of. When they heard this they looked at Luo Tan and asked, "Ling-er was injured before?"

Luo Tan nodded her head, "During his childhood, he had accompanied Eldest Bo to hunt and was chased by the wild beast in the mountains, and fell down the mountains and was injured by the sharp stones. The injuries were serious and at that time all the doctors said that Older Brother Ling's hands could not be saved, but no one expected that Older Brother Ling would overcame this by himself."

Everyone was aware of the seriousness of the incident. If Luo Ling had suffered such a serious injury in the past, then with an injury on top of another, one fear that it would not be good at all. Shen Qiu said, "Who exactly is behind scheming? Did you see clearly the opponents at all?"

The subordinate shook his head and said. "Those people's martial arts skills were very good, and did not look like normal people. Their martial arts skills were well above Young Master Ling's."

"This matter is suspicious." Shen Xin said heavily, "First it was Jiao Jiao then it is Qiu-er. This is obviously targeting our Shen family. That motherf***er! If this old one did not find this person and skin him, this old one surname is not Shen!"

Luo Tan said, "The immediate priority now is the condition of Older Brother Ling's injury." Luo Tan was somewhat anxious, "The injuries were that serious…"

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense.

Until after the time in which an incense would burn, Gao Yang then came out from the bed chambers and closed the doors. Everyone looked at him impatiently and Luo Tan could not wait and asked, "Doctor Gao, how is Older Brother Ling?"

Gao Yang said, "I have already put the medication on him. It is a knife wound, the injuries are very deep and there was poison on it. Even though it was not fatal and I have detoxified it, but…"

"But what?" Shen Qiu asked.

"But Young Master Luo had injured his hands many years ago, and now it had triggered the old injuries. The injuries were not light. In the future when it heals, one fear that he will not be able to carry heavy stuff with his right hand."

Luo Tan took two steps back and looked at Gao Yang wildly, "Cannot carry heavy things… How about weapons?"

Gao Yang shook his head.

Luo Xue Yan's hands slipped and broke the cup. Shen Xin and Shen Qiu sucked in a breath of cold air at the same time.

Luo Ling was a child of a military family, so Luo Sui let him follow Shen Xin back to the capital to let him train in the Ding capital, so that in the future upon returning to the Xiao Chun city, it would be ideal for him to take over the Luo family's army. Luo Ling has practiced martial arts since young and to become one unable to use the right hand, was like making one talented in martial arts a cripple. This was considered a big blow for Luo Ling.

"It cannot be. It cannot be!" Luo Tan went up and grabbed onto Gao Yang's sleeves before saying in fright, "Previously when Older Brother Ling was injured, those doctors also said that Older Brother Ling would no longer be able to use his right hand, but after that, Older Brother Ling still recovered. Are not you the greatest doctor? When you saved me, those doctors also said that I could not be saved, but you were able to save me, so you will definitely be able to save my Older Brother Ling's right hand, correct?" Luo Tan's relationship with Luo Ling was very good and they grew up together, so naturally she was unable to accept the situation.

Gao Yang pulled his sleeves back and said patiently, "Young Lady Luo, it is not that this one is unwilling to save. It is that your esteemed Older Brother's injuries are just too serious." He said, "Saying something provoking to Young Lady, if one say that the person cannot be treated, then no one else under Heavens would be able to save him."

These words almost cut off everyone's last hope, as this meant that Luo Ling could never use his right hand to hold a sword again.

"How can this be?" Luo Xue Yan almost fainted, "How do I explain it to Eldest Brother and Eldest Sao?"

"Is Younger Biao Brother already aware of the condition of his injuries?" Shen Qiu asked.

Gao Yang nodded his head and said immediately, "Compared to Young Master Luo's injuries, these few days, one must monitor more on Young Master Luo's sentiments. Ordinarily for people who suffered drastic changes, they would inevitable suffer a trauma in their heart, especially since Young Master Luo is a proud person. This matter is tantamount to a catastrophic disaster for him. If no attempts are made to persuade him then one fear that it would attract unnecessary problems, and will not be conducive for the healing of his injuries."

Upon finishing, Gao Yang picked up the medicine box and said, "This one will take a trip back to the Palace first as one need to prescribe some medicinal herbs. Upon returning, one will then come to the residence again to apply acupuncture for Young Master Luo. Currently one cannot stay too long, thus one will take one's leave now."

These few days Gao Yang had been staying in the Shen mansion, and indeed had not returned to the Imperial Medical Institute for a long time. Luo Xue Yang nodded her head, "Imperial Physician Gao was troubled for these few days. Qiu-er, go and send Imperial Physician Gao off."

"I will go!" Luo Tan said and then grabbed Gao Yang's sleeves, and hauled him out of the residence.

Gao Yang stared at the somewhat deformed sleeved which was caused by Luo Tan. Luo Tan only stopped her footsteps when they were at the residence doors. Luo Tan looked at him and hesitated before asking, "Doctor Gao, my Older Brother Ling's right hand really cannot be saved anymore?"

Gao Yang said helplessly, "This one never lies."

Desperation appeared on Luo Tan's face and after a moment she said, "In that case, many thanks for helping me to cover up the matter of the residence of Prince Rui."

"Cover up?" Gao Yang looked at her astonished, "When did this one covered up for you?"

Luo Tan looked at him flabbergasted, "Did not you said in front of Youngest GuGu and GuFu a lie for me…"

"This one only took advantage of the situation for one's own benefit. In the future after thinking of the terms of the transaction, then one will have a discussion with Young Lady Luo." Gao Yang ignored Luo Tan's change of expression and looked outside, "Oh, the skies are too dark. One must step off first and will see Young Lady Luo on another day." He cupped his hands before leaving. After calling him so many times with 'Doctor Gao', Gao Yang would not be happy if Luo Tan did not suffer.

Just as he was thinking about it, he heard sound of teeth grinding behind him, "Leave well Doctor Gao."

Gao Yang almost fell down.

When Gao Yang's figure was no longer visible, Luo Tan then sighed and worriedly prepared to return back, when she saw a horse carriage drawn over. This carriage was overly extravagant and as the skies were somewhat dark, Luo Tan was unable to see clearly. She only saw that the horse carriage stopped at the doors of the Shen mansion and two persons came out of it.

Luo Tan rubbed her eyes and after determining that she was not mistaken, she screamed out with shock, "Youngest Biao Sister!"

Shen Miao was sent back by Princess Rong Xin's personal female official and when she reached the doors, the first thing she heard was Luo Tan's cries. Previously, one had heard from Xie Jing Xing that Luo Tan's injuries were very serious, and Shen Miao was very much worried but upon hearing her full-hearted cries, she finally felt reassured.

Luo Tan's cries had immediately alerted Shen Xin and entourage. Everyone came out in a hurry and was in disbelieve upon seeing Shen Miao.

Luo Xue Yan was stunned for two seconds, before stepping forward quickly grabbing Shen Miao in a hug as her warm tears flow down, "Jiao Jiao!"

Seemingly only reacting now, Shen Qiu also quickly ran over and shouted agitatedly, "Younger Sister, you have finally returned!"

Shen Xin also went forward and gave Shen Miao a glance around. As it was already late in the evening, and due to these few day's Shen Xin's all out searches they had made one's heart filled with anxiety, most of the commoners would not leave home at night, thus no one passed by the Shen mansion at this moment. Shen Miao said, "Let us return to the residence before speaking. Furthermore, one must not make this public."

Even though Shen Xin had doubts, he gave a look to Shen Qiu, which quickly went out to instruct the servants outside while everyone went into the residence first.

Upon arriving in the hall, Luo Tan asked, "Youngest Biao Sister, what is going on exactly? And this is…" She looked towards Lu Xi.

Lu Xi gave a bow to everyone. She was after all a female official by Princess Rong Xin's side, thus her every actions followed the etiquette and did not look like someone ordinary. She said, "This servant is a female officer by Her Highness's side. A day before, Her Princess Highness's guards saved Young Lady Shen from the evildoers. Her Princess Highness is afraid that Young Lady Shen is unable to explain herself, thus she let this servant send Young Lady Shen back. Now that the person is has arrived, this servant should return."

Two years ago during the lantern festival, Shen Miao was saved by Princess Rong Xin and two years later she was also rescued by Princess Rong Xin. Speaking of coincidences, this would make one think more. Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan had some doubts and wanted to speak more, but Shen Miao stood up and smiled to Lu Xi, "Many thanks to Lu Xi GuGu for the matters during these few days. Hope that Lu Xi GuGu would help this official's daughter to thank Her Princess Highness for the extended help. Her Princess Highness's lifesaving help is something that Shen Miao would keep in the heart and never dare to forget. One will definitely personally pay a visit to give thanks."

Lu Xi quickly turn to her side to avoid Shen Miao's bow and smiled, "One dare not deserve it. Since Young Lady is an old acquaintance of Her Princess Highness, then one do not need to stand on ceremony. This servant will go back first. May Young Lady Shen take care, tomorrow Her Princess Highness will clarify matters with the administrator of the capital."

Shen Miao thanked again before personally sending Lu Xi off. Everyone finally could not tolerate thus Shen Qiu asked, "Younger Sister, what is going on here?"

Everyone could see from the conversation between Shen Miao and Lu Xi just now, that Shen Miao had long had her own thoughts. Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan now understood Shen Miao's personality clearly. Shen Miao was a Young Lady who had strong views, and at this moment she already had some plans.

Shen Miao smiled, "It is nothing much. That day the people who kidnaped me thought that I was implicated in another matter, and kidnapped the wrong person. Afterwards when they planned to send me away, coincidently they met up with the people from the Princess' residence. The guards of the Princess' residence had seen me before, and felt that there was something wrong so they rescued without any trouble. Afterwards, I told Princess Rong Xin clearly about the matter, and Her Princess Highness decided to clarify the matter for me." For the time being she did not want to tell Shen Xin the truth of the matter, because this implicated Princess Ming An. The forces of the Ming Qi and the Qin country were in a complicated situation, and one err from Shen Xin would make it hard for him to get out. She had painstakingly managed to place the Shen family far away from all these chaotic power struggles, so how would she want to repeat the mistake of her past lifetime?

The most important thing was that this kind of excuse was what she and Xie Jing Xing have agreed upon. Even though one did not know what Xie Jing Xing would do at the end, Shen Miao believed that with Xie Jing Xing's means and methods, Princess Ming An and the Xie brothers would be bound to suffer a big loss. Since that was being the case, it would not be good for Shen Xin to intervene.

Shen Xin frowned, "Jiao Jiao, tell Father honestly. Does this matter involve Princess Ming An or not?"

Shen Miao's heart jumped.

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