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Does not understand Paston's order for other 9 yards. Does he wish frieze, cotton or plain blanket?--London, St. Catherine's Even.

1086.--John Breton of Hadley to Master William Paston.--Desires him to be good master to the bearer, 'a poor kinsman of mine,' to whom my lord[186-3] has written sharply, that he may come before my lord for his answer.

1087.--Petyr Marham to his master, William Paston.--Desires his advice, as Robert Gaunley, sometime his 'prentice, has taken an action against him at the common law.

1088.--William Ocley to Master William Paston.--Has spoken with young Wyndam in Master Digby's presence. He was grateful to Paston for his loving mind towards him, and said he would receive 'the two riall' himself, and buy no new gear till he knew the King's pleasure touching his pardon.--London, 3 Sept.

[Footnote 186-2: [From Paston MSS., B.M.]]

[Footnote 186-3: The Earl of Oxford.]

NOTE TO NO. 1016.

As stated in the footnote at p. 101, since the above document was in type the Editor came upon a complete copy of this list of knights made at the battle of Stoke, which, being also more accurate than that in Leland's _Collectanea_, is here printed in full. It is apparently the original MS. of which No. 1016 is a mutilated copy, and is written on two flyleaves of the copy of Caxton's _Game and Play of Chess_ in the King's Library in the British Museum.

_The names of the banerettes made at the batell of Stooke by syde Newerke apon Trent, the xvj. day of June the ij^de yer of Harry the vij._

Sir Gilbert Talbott.

Sir John Cheny.

Sir William Stoner.

_Thes iij. wer made by fore the bataile, and after the bataile wer made the same day_:--

Sir John of Arundell.

Sir Thomas Cookesay.

Sir John Forteskew.

Sir Edmond Benyngfeld.

Sir James Blount.

Sir Ric' of Croffte.

Sir Humfrey Stanley.

Sir Ric' Delaber.

Sir John Mortymer.

Sir William Troutbeke.

_Knyghtys made at the same bataile_:--

Sir ----[187-1] Audeley, son and heyre of the Lord Audeley.

Sir Edward Norys.

Sir Robert Clyfford.

Sir George Hopton.

Sir Robert of Broughton.

Sir John Paston.

Sir Thomas Lovell.

Sir Humfrey Savage.

Sir Harry Wyloughby.

Sir John Sabacotys.

Sir William Vampage.

Sir Antony Browne.

Sir Ric' Poole.

Sir Thomas Terell.

Sir Ric' Lews.

Sir Thomas Grey.

Sir Nycholas Vaux.

Sir Edwarde of Borough.

Sir William Tyrwytt.

Sir Ameas Paullett.

Sir William Troutebeke.

Sir Raff Langforthe.

Sir James Haryngton.

Sir Harry Boulde.

Sir ----[187-2] Devenyshe.

Sir William Redmyll.

Sir Gregory Lovell.

Sir Thomas Blount.

Sir Robert Cheyny.

Sir William Carew.

Sir John Wyndam.

Sir Roger Belyngam.

Sir John a Mosgrave.

Sir George Nevyll the bas[tard] of the Tour.[187-3]

Sir Robert Ratcleff.

Sir James Parker.

Sir Edward Darell.

Sir Edward Pykeryng.

Sir Thomas of Wolton.

Sir William Sandys.

Sir Robert Brandon.

Sir Thomas a Poole.

Sir Morys Barkeley.

Sir Rauffe Shyrley.

Sir John Longvyll.

Sir William Litylton.

Sir William Norys of Lancas ...

Sir John Dygby.

Sir Thomas Hansard.

Sir Christofre Wroughton.

Sir Thomas Lyne.

Sir Morys a Barow.

[Footnote 187-1: Blank in MS. Leland supplies the name as Sir James.]

[Footnote 187-2: Blank in MS. 'John' in Leland.]

[Footnote 187-3: 'The bastard of the Tour' looks as if it had been added by the same hand at a later date.]

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