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_To hys ryth trusty and hartyly belovyd broder, John Paston, abydyng at the Georg, at Powlys Qwharfe, in London, be this letter delyveryd._

[Sidenote: 1479 / JUNE 30]

Rygth worchypfull and hartyly belovyd broder, I recomaund me on to yow, desyeryng feythfoly to here of yowr prosperyte, qwhych God preserve, thankyng yow of dyverse letterys that yow sent me. In the last letter that yow sent to me, ye wryt that yow schold have wryt in the letter that yow sent by Master Brown, how that I schold send yow word what tyme that I schold procede, but ther was non such wrytyng in that letter. The letter is yet to schew, and yf yow come to Oxon, ye schal see the letter, and all the leterys that yow sent me sythynnys I came to Oxon.

And also Master Brown had that same tyme mysch mony in a bage, so that he durst nat bryng yt with hym, and that same letter was in that same bage, and he had for gete to take owt the letter, and he sent all to geder by London, so that yt was the next day after that I was maad Bachyler or than the letter cam, and so the fawt was not in me.

And yf ye wyl know what day I was maad Baschyler, I was maad on Fryday was sevynyth, and I mad my fest on the Munday after. I was promysyd venyson a geyn my fest of my Lady Harcort, and of a noder man to, but I was deseyvyd of both; but my gestes hewld them plesyd with such mete as they had, blyssyd be God, Hoo have yow in Hys kepyng. Amen.

Wretyn at Oxon, on the Wedenys day next after Seynt Peter.


[Footnote 13-1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] _See_ preliminary note to Letter 944, p. 11, note 2.]



[Sidenote: 1479 / JULY 7]

Bill witnessing the delivery of plate by Geoffrey Hunt on behalf of William Paston to John Davy and Alice, his wife, late wife of John Gygges of Burnham, 7 July, 19 Edw. IV. The parcels are:--'A round salt covered, parcel gilt at the borders, weighing 19 oz. 1 qr., and also 6 silver spoons, square sharp knoppys, weighing 5 oz. 3 qr. 1 dwt.'; which Davy and his wife engage to keep safely, and redeliver to William Paston or Geoffrey Hunt before the feast of St. Faith next coming.

[_Two seals._]

[Footnote 14-1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.]]




[Sidenote: 1479 / JULY 11]

Hears that he has felled wood and firs, etc. 'Also Jullis hath do made saw (?) zattes.' Desires him to 'find the means that the young spring may be saved, and the wood fenced... . . And also let me be answered both for the old payment and the new of wood sale.'

11 July.

_P.S._--'If Jullis have made a gate, it is the better for the spring,'


[The MS. is a very illegible note in William Paston's hand, written on a small scrap of paper, and endorsed 'A letter to Thomas Linsti[d], the ---- (_blank_) day of Julii, anno xix. E.


[Footnote 14-2: _Ibid._]



[Sidenote: 1479 / JULY 19]

Harry Waryns, I grete you well, and I thanke you for youre labour. And as for the tenauntez of Knapton, I understand by youre writing that they take non oder consideration to my sendyng but that I call so fast on my fee, for cause they thynke that I am aferd lest I shuld have it no longer; and as for that, I pray yow tell them for ther ungentilnes I woll have my fee of them, and in that maner and in non oder place; and ferthermor I shall fynd the mene that they shall paye it more hastely here after. And as for the money that they offyr to pay at the fest of Advincula Sancti Petri, receyve ye it off them and I shall assign one to receyve it azen of yow. As for the delivere of the catell, I fele be zowr wrytyng they will non sounar pay it thow ther catell shuld dye ffor ffawte off mete. Wer for, affor the money be paid I putt that in zour discresseon wheder ze will deliver them or nay; as ze do I hold me content.

Also as for Thomas Child, I understand be zour wrytyng he will not seale the indenture be cawse ther is no some of mony sertayne ne days of payment sett in the indentur; and as for that, I will neyther sett some nor days after his will; and if he will nat seale that, he shall never seale none for me; and at last I am sure he shall sell. I send zow azen the same indenture that ze sent me, that ze may kepe it still as long as Thomas Chyld abyde now at Paston, in aventure the casse may hap that he will sell yt herafter; and yff he be on departid, than send me both the indenture[s] to London be some massenger. As for Waryn Kynge, wer I understand be zour wrytyn that he seyth he delyver me all evydens, I understand not that; and as for rentall I am sure he deliver me none, and yff so be that he can make the rentall be hart, I wold he did make on [_one_], for it war necessare for me; for I understand be zow that ther was no rent gaderid this xv. ar xvj. zer for defallte off a rentall; and therfor yt is I had a call on the prior of Bromholm for the xxx. comb malt that ze toke hym. Wrytyn at Norton the xix. day of Jull'



Endorsed by the writer:--

'A letter to Harry Waryns the xix day of Jule, A^o xix E. iiij^ti by John Ancell off Paston.'

[Footnote 15-1: [Add. MS. 34,889, f. 133.] The year of this letter appears by the endorsement. The MS. is a draft, partly in a clerk's hand, corrected and continued in that of William Paston himself.]



[Sidenote: 1479 / AUG. 18]

In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego, Walterus Paston, clericus, in bona et sana memoria existens, condo testamentum meum apud Norwicum xviiij^o die mensis Augusti in hunc modum. Inprimis lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beatae Mariae et omnibus Sanctis, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia Sancti Petri de Hundegate, coram ymagine Sancti Johannis Baptistae. Item, lego summo altari praefatae ecclesiae, iij_s._ iiij_d._ Item, lego reparacioni ecclesiae supradictae, ij_s._ vj_d._ Item, Fratri Johanni Somerton, bachalaureo, v_s._ Item, lego Magistro Edmundo unam togam penulatam cum manicis de _mynkys_. Item, lego Roberto Wulff unam togam viridem ----[16-2] cum _chamelet_. Item, lego Roberto Holand, filio spirituali, togam meam curtam. Item, lego Magistro Roberto Hollar unam togam penulatam cum _gray_. Item, lego Johanni Parker mantellum meum rubeum. Item, lego Magistro Roberto Hollere unum pulvinar vocatum _le bolstar_. Item, lego Magistro Edmundo Alyard unum pulvinar. Item, lego Ricardo Richardson unam togam penulatam ad manus cum _menyver_.

Item, volo quod residuum bonorum meorum in Oxonia sit ad usum Magistri Edmundi Alyard, sic quod solvat ... .[17-1] Johanni Skelton et Thomae Coco. Item, volo quod oves meae, quas habet Willelmus Bataly senior in villa de Mawteby, dividantur equaliter inter fratrem meum Edmundum Paston, et sororem meam Annam Yelverton, et sororem meam Margeriam Paston, uxorem fratris mei Johannis Paston. Item, lego terras et tenementa manerij mei de Cressyngham, si possum dare, fratri meo Johanni Paston armigero, sibi et haeredibus suis, sub condicione ista, quod si contingat fratrem meum praedictum, Johannem Paston, esse haeredem patris mei, quod nullo modo habeat terras et tenementa praedicta, sed quod frater meus Edmundus Paston habeat terras et tenementa praedicta sibi et suis haeredibus. Residuum vero bonorum non legatorum lego et do disposicioni executorum meorum, ut et ipsi fideliter disponant pro anima mea.

Hujus autem testamenti mei executores condo per praesentes, fratrem meum Johannem Paston, armigerum, pro ista patria, et Magistrum Edmundum Alyard pro bonis meis remanentibus Oxoniae.

[Footnote 16-1: [From Paston MSS., B.M.] It will be seen by the next letter that Walter Paston was dead before the 21st August 1479. This will was probably drawn up on the very day he died, or just before.]

[Footnote 16-2: Blank in MS.]

[Footnote 17-1: Here occurs a short word, which is to me unintelligible. It seems to be written 'p^{i}uli.']

[[Sidenote: 1479 / AUG. 18 _printed as shown, but text of letter says "xviiij" (19)_]]


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