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Sir Edmond Hamden.

Sir John Seymour.

Sir William Bermoth.

Water Barrow.

Mr. William Henmar.

Mr. Feldyng.[104-2]

Hervy, recorder.[104-3]

Mr. Herry, capteyn of Brystowe.

Sir Roberte Whetyngham.


_Thes be men that were heveded._[104-4]

The Duke of Somerset.

The Lord of Sent Jones.[104-5]

Sir Jerveys Clyfton.

Humfrey Awdeley.

Lowes Miles.

Forey of Fraunce.

Sir John Delvys.[104-6]

Lord Foskew on lyffe.

Sir William Carre.

Sir Hew Courteney.

Sir Thomas Tressham.

Sir Herry Tressham.

Sir William Newbery.

Mr. Gower.[105-1]

Mr. Awdeley.[105-2]

Robert Clerke.

Lechefeld, mason of Westmynster.

Sir William Grymesby yet on lyffe.

_Thes be the Knyghtes that the Kyng mad in the Feld._

Lord Cobham.

Sir George Nevel.

Sir Philip Courtenay.

Sir Herry Bemonde.

Sir Moreys of Barkley.

Sir Richard Hastynges.

Sir Roberte Haryngton.

Sir Thomas Gray.

Sir James Terell.

Sir John Feres.

Sir Herry Feres.

Sir Herry Purpeynt.

Sir John Parre.

Sir John Downe.

Sir Roger Kyngstone.

Sir John Crokere.

Sir ---- Skerne.

Sir James Crowmere.

Sir William Sandalle.

Sir John Deverys.

Sir Herry Grey.

Sir Edward Wodehous.

Sir Richard Croft.

Sir John Pylkyngton.

Sir John Byngham.

Sir John Harley.

Sir John Boteler.

Sir Christofer Morysby.

Sir John Clay.

Sir Robert Wylleby.

Sir Robert Grene.

Sir Roger Ree.

Sir Richard Radclyffe.

Sir John Saundes.

Sir Thomas Strikelande.

Sir George Browne.

Sir William Motton.

Sir Tery Robsert.

Sir Thomas Cromewell.

Sir Robert Corbet.

Sir Nicholas Langford.

Sir John Seyntlowe.

Sir William Brandon.

[Footnote 104-1: [From MS. Phillipps 9735, No. 279.] This paper is in a contemporary handwriting, and undoubtedly refers to the battle of Tewkesbury.]

[Footnote 104-2: Sir William Fielding, according to Warkworth's Chronicle.]

[Footnote 104-3: These words, 'Hervy, recorder,' are written over 'Herry, capteyn,' as a correction; but the latter are not erased.

Warkworth mentions Sir Nicholas Hervy.]

[Footnote 104-4: Beheaded.]

[Footnote 104-5: Sir John Longstruther, Prior of St. John's.]

[Footnote 104-6: Originally written 'Mr. Delvys,' and corrected.]

[Footnote 105-1: James Gower, according to Warkworth.]

[Footnote 105-2: Sir Humphrey Audeley.]



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